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Mr Winner
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Mr Winner (30 Episodes)
[ viet name: Cong Tu Trinh Tham ]

Reviewed by: Myphuong

Main Characters:
Dicky Cheung (Fong), Anita Yuen (Qian), Cheung Sin, Cheng Soi Xiao

What, when, where and who
Fong is a very rich troublemaker. In fact, his family owns a lot of banks. The problem is Fong has a very low IQ and his mom is the only one that can manage the family business. Fong meets Anita and they both had a bad impression of each other. Later, Fong and Anita both found out that they were engaged since birth. Of course they wern't happy about that , and so Fong decided that he was going to humilate Anita by marrying her and then giving her a divorce. Anita said that she wasn't going to marry him unless he becomes a good police officer and help the community, Fong agrees. During this whole time Fong has split personalities. Whenever he would catch a fever he would turn into a smart, hansome, talented Fong. Anita was in love with the Smart Fong and she was enemies with the troublemaker Fong at times.

So Fong and Anita faces many troubles together and Fong's best friend finally invented a pill that keeps the smart Fong for an additional 12 hours. Everyone loved the Smart Fong and thinks that troublemaker Fong is useless. The smart Fong however is always competing with this Mystery Manthat wears a mask. Smart Fong never wins him and his own personality is changing. He used to be in love with Anita but now he is leaving her behind and starts to have feelings for the mystery man's lover. Anita and Fongs's family realizes that the Smart Fong is worse and wants the troublemaker Fong back. They know that Troublemaker Fong is hard to handle sometimes but he would never hurt anyone. Smart Fong doesn't have the heart to care about what happens to his family and the people around him. For Example, he lost all his family's fortune just because he wanted to lure the mystery man out to see him. So when they finally got the troublemaker Fong out everyone looked at him in a whole different way. Anita started having feelings for him, and he became smarter by the day. The ending is quite confusing and I think it depends on how you look at it.



- Dislike Factor
Mystery Man's Lover
I didn't like her character at all. She betrays the Mystery Man and Smart Fong. Then in the end she falls in love with Smart Fong, I didn't really understand that. I also didn't like how she was sleeping with Qian's husband and thinking she can have him in the palm of her hands. Even though her character wasn't evil I still didn't like her, even to the very end.

- Love Factor
The Troublemaker Fong
He was so funny as the character. He made me laugh throughout the whole series. Especially when he yells at people, you will laugh so hard at the insults he makes up and says to people. In the end, he has a very loving, and caring side to him that shows you that he finally grew up.

Fong's Best Friend and Mysery Man's Lover's Sister
It was amazing how he cared for her even though he thought that she was a boy at first. She was mean to him but all he cared about was helping her with her injury. He slowly began to have an influence on her and he made her want to leave to leave the Mystery Man.

- Favorite Scene
Whenever you see Smart Fong and Troublemaker Fong together. Even though it takes place in their dreams they have conflicts with eachother, and its really funny.Also whenever you see troublemaker Fong say or do something stupid.

- Least Fave Scene
To keep it short, whenever you see Smart Fong and Mystery Man's lover together.

- Most Dramatic Scene
This is a hard choice. It would either be when Troublemaker Fong's Family was about to run away and they wanted to leave Qian behind because they didn't want to ruin her life. Qian didn't want to leave and in this dramatic scene she expressed her love for Troublemaker Fong. Another dramatic scene was when Troublemaker Fong's Family tied him all up and was going to pour water all over him so then Smart Fong could show up forever. Troublemaker Fong begged them to stop but nuthing could stop them. This scene was very dramatic.

Worth Watching..??
This is a good series and if you are a fan of Dicky or Anita you should definately watch this series.Dicky Cheung and Anita Yuen had perfect chemistry in this series and they both did really well. The only thing that was wrong with this series was that it was very confusing sometimes it was hard to keep up with things but other than that everything else is worth watching. The ending to me,
was too rushed.. they ended it by making Anita become mental..and in the end you don't even know which Fong is which. That was a dissppointment. I still strongly recommend this series..its really good.

P.S. The clothing in this series were so adorable.. Dicky's clothes looked so good on him..especially when he was Troublemaker Fong..Anitas clothes and most of the other cast's had a nice wardrobe too!

Rating (scale of 1-5, the higest is 5):4 - Good



Mr Winner
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