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Joyce Tang
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Joyce Tang Lai Ming (Teng Li Ming)

Acting Skills: A-
Joyce is one of the most successful supporting actress of TVB, one of the well knows as well. The reasons: she can act, she can cry, and she is pretty. However, Joyce always get the "third-factor role", which makes me insane! I am hoping TVB can promote her more, and let her have many leading roles soon in the future. Anyway, Joyce became famous after the Armed Reaction series, where she earns her best recommendations as well. I love her role as the police, it fits her really well.. hmm.. did you know her previous occupation is Police communicator? No wonder she does her job so effectively...

Comedy Skills: A
Hmm... her roles in Armed Reaction are tragic roles, not comedy roles.. don't get confused! If you are thinking comedy skills of Joyce, go watch "As Sure As Fate", she actually is the lead in that series, her character is very lovely, very cute, and very funny

Crying Skills: A
Believe me or not, Joyce is the best crier as a supporting actress... If you don't recall one crying scene of her, you are in trouble, and you have to watch (or rewatch) Armed Reaction series, any of those, because she experienced many tragical events... Pretty emotional stuff there... great tears, and great efforts, which will make you cry as well...

Smiling Skills: A+
Yes, Joyce has the best smiles! She looks so pretty with her smiles on her face. She needs to smile more often, which means she will like to have some good roles, and happy roles, so, dear TVB producers, please help her smile more...

Singing Skills: B+
Joyce has sang a couple of times... In fact she came into tvb as a singer, in the same batch as Eason Chan and Miriam Yeung. Thereafter, she sang some children songs before she made the switch to acting. She also sings at the Astro event...

Kissing Skills: B
As for kissing scenes... she has quite a no... mostly with Marco. You can see that all the way from Armed Reaction 1 to 3, and I believe she'll continou to have kissing scenes with marco in the upcoming Armed Reaction 4. The most passionate kiss she had was with Marco in Armed Reaction I.

Dressing Skills: B
Hmm... I like her in modern outfits a lot more... don't know if she fits into ancient outfits or not...

Improvement Skills: A
She is getting very very tiny little role, to little role and to little bigger role as she getting more and more better. Usually, a lot of her roles are the third factors, who never gets the main lead's love, sometimes you will be little tired of those. Then, she gets super in Armed Reactions, even though she is playing the same role, but in each Armed Reaction, she gives something different, which will makes you feel pity for the character, or may be likes the character even more...

Best Breakthrough Performance
Armed Reaction II, perhaps


Best looking in Ancient Series

Heavenly Sword Dragon Saber 2000, she is probably the only reason you might want to see that series...

Best looking in Modern Series
Armed Reaction series

Best Hair Style
If you like the "boyish" look of her, you will like her hair in the first Armed Reaction and As Sure As Fate. She also looks good with her long hair, like the hair in Ups and Downs in the Sea of Love.


Best Costar
Macro Ngai, not only because they are real life couple, it is also because their chemistry and what they had to went through in Armed Reaction series

Best Ancient Series
A Step Into the Past, but her role is too small, and she didn't get to be Louis' wife!!!!

Best Modern Series
Armed Reaction of course! If I have to pick one out of the entire series, I will say the second one.

Best Leading Role
I guess she only has one, As Sure As Fate

Best Supporting Role
Armed Reaction, no questions asked!



Birthday: 01/20
Height: 170cm
Weight: 48kg