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Anne Heung
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Anne Heung Hoi Lan (Xiang Hai LAN)

Acting Skills: C+
Maybe because of the fact that Anne didn't get the good roles, her performances are not that promising, and 90% of the time, her characters are easy to hate or forget or didn't care for... For example, her character in "Detective Investigation Files IV", she is the one is responsible for the break up of Jessica and Louis... Probably one of the most hateful love triangle you will ever expect.

Comedy Skills: ??
Don't think if I will ever see him in a comedy series, because I don't think she can fit into the funny parts. The only comedy series that she is starring in is "Legend of Four Aces", and her role is so small, that you might not even remember...

Crying Skills: D
Anne has lots of crying scenes in her series, but none of them is consider "worth watching", the reason why: 1) don't see her tears, even you do, you know they look fake 2) the way she cries, looks like she is trying very hard to squeeze her tears, but wasn't working. Anyways, you can basically say this is the worst skill she has, and she probably can not do anything about it

Smiling Skills: B
She is miss Hong Kong, so base on the common sense, she is pretty. I think she looks nice when she is serious, I don't know about her smiling

Singing Skills: ????
ok, I never heard her sing, did u? if you did, let me know!

Kissing Skills: B
The only kissing scene I remember was in Seven Sisters, it was her and Kong Wah, and it was a very short scene, which I didn't like it very much

Dressing Skills: A-
She gets her highest score on this category, because I think she looks pretty good in almost all her series, other than Legend of Four Aces. She looks very good in ancient outfits, like the one in Legend of Lady Yeung, awesome outfits, I loved it!

Improvement Skills: stays the same
All these years, I was expecting something different from her whenever I saw a different series of hers, but I felt disappointed because she did not prove to me that she can improve on her acting skills.

Best Breakthrough Performance
Perhaps Legend of Lady Yeung because that character is not easy to forget, and she does pretty good job of being a tragic character.


Best looking in Ancient Series

Legend of Lady Yeung, actually all the outfits in that series are very awesome.

Best looking in Modern Series
Golden Faith perhaps, but don't get to see her too often

Best Hair Style
I like her short hair, sort of like a student style, you get to see that in Seven Sisters, I like her hair like that, makes her look cute


Best Costar
Kong Wah, because they played as couples in two different series, both are pretty tragical, and memorable.

Best Ancient Series
Legend of Lady Yeung

Best Modern Series
Detective Investigation Files IV, but I love that series is not because of her

Best Leading Role
Legend of Lady Yeung, very tragical character and very sad ending

Best Supporting Role
Golden Faith, you will appreciate her love for Gallen



Birthday: 02/10
Height: 5'6.5
Weight: 111 lbs