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Chilam Cheung
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Julian Cheung Chilam (Zhang Zhi Lin)

Acting Skills: A-
Here is how I describe my obsession towards Chilam: "love at the first sight". The first time I saw his performances was back in 1994, in a TVB series "Remembrance", starring Kenix Kwok. That instantly became my favorite love story of all time, and of course, I began to have a crush on Chilam ever since then... Then, I saw "Cold Blood Warm Heart" few years later, and that series make me totally went crazy on Chilam... Chilam fits the police role very much, like the one in CBWH or in "Take My Word for It", he has the police style that is really heart touching... Speaking of heart touching, he has the most touching performances in "Moonlight" as a mute

Comedy Skills: B+
If you saw "Take My Word for It", you will actually get to see the funny side of Chilam, he is actually really good for the comedy roles.. I wish he can have more comedy roles in the future.

Crying Skills: A
If you don't recall any, go rent "Moonlight", you will get to have a chance to see him cry. It will make you heart break and feel pity for that character from the beginning to the end

Smiling Skills: A
Chilam has a deep dimple on the right side of his face... and everytime he smiles or cries, or does something to his face, that dimple shows up, it is really cute!

Singing Skills: A+
Chilam has an awesome voice and sings awesome songs! I love pretty much all his songs, from the old ones to the most recent ones from "Take My Word for It", all of them are awesome!

Kissing Skills: A
I think he has kissing scenes with every single female co-star of his in every single series of his... Correct me if I am wrong, but I can list whole lot of kissing scenes of him and some other female costar I think Chilam does really job in kissing scenes, make me heart break, haha...

Dressing Skills: B+
Chilam looks perfect in a police uniform! He looks so cute, and serious with those uniforms... As for the ancient outfits, sometimes he looks good, sometimes he looks weird... Anyways, I like him the best in modern outfits

Improvement Skills: B+
As long as he stays in TVB, he can do much better, and improve much more. For some reason, I don't like his Taiwanese shows as much, maybe because of the storylines, they are not as good as the TVB stories... Oh well, now Chilam is back to TVB, and hopefully we get to see more series of his

Best Breakthrough Performance
For his early career, it has to be "Remembrance", because I begin to like him because of that series. His character was so awesome, which you will remember forever and ever! As for the most amazing breakthrough performance, it has to be "Cold Blood Warm Heart", everything about that series and his character is perfect! As for the best of the best breakthrough performance, it is the one and only "Moonlight", where he plays a mute, and he had to learn sign language, it was amazing!


Best looking in Ancient Series

If you count Remembrance as ancient series, that will be the one. If you don't, then consider Legend of Condor Hero

Best looking in Modern Series
Cold Blood Warm Heart

Best Hair Style
Thinking of a sexy look of Chilam, that was in Remembrance, his hair was short, and has little more hair towards the left side of his hair, he looks really hot!


Best Costar
Chilam and Kenix Kwok in Remembrance, they had the most perfect love story. As with Nadia Chan, they look the greatest together in Cold Blood Warm Heart. As with Athena Chu, they has the best chemistry together in Legend of Condor Heros. As with Charmaine Sheh in Moonlight, they were the most lovely and pity couple. It is really hard to select one to be his best costar, I think Chilam is great with anyone!

Best Ancient Series
Legend of Condor Heroes, or Remembrance if you count that in this category

Best Modern Series
I will choose between Cold Blood Warm Heart and Moonlight

Best Leading Role
As a major lead, it is in Moonlight, there are way too many casts in Cold Blood, sometimes it is hard to tell if he is the main lead or not. I love his mute character in Moonlight, because that character has a very difficult life and he had to let go of his true love... what a pity!

Best Supporting Role
Hmm.... because of the fact that Cold Blood Warm Heart has too many casts, and I guess you can consider his character in there as a supporting one... so, if that is the case, that character is the best supporting role Chilam ever had!



Birthday: 08/27
Height: 180cm
Weight: 62kg