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Period Dramas
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Period Dramas

Period Drama, or you can call it custom drama, which occurs in between the ancient and the modern society, this is the period where the society is facing the big changes, and the characters' background, social standings are shaping dramatically... This type of series are not common, but very memorable because of those dramatic changes within the society and the characters themselves.


The City Shanghai or Guangdong
For some reason, Shanghai and Guangdong are the popular place to allow the characters fight against each other, these are the cities where revenge, gamble, gangsters takes place...
Series Name / Casts / Details
Title : The Bund
Casts : Chow Yun Fat, Ray Lui, Gigi Chiu
Details : this is a famous story, also one of the most classical shanghai story ever known. Chow Yun Fat was poor, but gets richer with Gigi's father's help, however, her father is evil, Chow Yun Fat end up killing him, and Gigi end up marrying Ray, who is Chow Yun Fat's best friend
Title : Once Upon a Time in Shanghai
Casts : Adam Cheung, Sunny Chan, Nadia Chan, Gordom Lam, Dodo Cheung
Details : this is the remake of the Bund, Sunny takes Chow Yun Fat's role, Nadia takes Gigi's role, Gordon takes Ray's role... this one also adds a lot more characters, and make the storyline more complicated, but it was also really awesome series!
Title : Hero from Shanghai
Casts : Maggie Siu, Gallen Lo, Eddie Cheung
Details : this story happens in the 30's, where Maggie plays a theft, she wants to steel a sword and met Gallen...
  Title : The Shell Game
Casts : Lisa Wong, Patrick Tse, Simon Yam
Details : this happens in Guangdong (the 30's) Patrick Tse is the reputed owner of several casinos and is also acclaimed as the "God Eyes of the South", Lisa plays an opera star


The Country Side
This type of the story has a lot to deal with a female cast, who struggles to maintain her family and surviving the changes in the society. It also has a lot to deal with rich family issues, land, and lots of problems with the money, or perhaps a war
Series Name / Casts / Details
Title : Plain Love
Casts : Gallen Lo, Cathy Chow
Details : Cathy is the girl, who got marry to Gallen, the two went through so many difficulties together. Gallen once lost his memory, and wanted to get rid of Cathy, but Cathy still waited and waited for her husband to come back...
Title : Plain Love 2
Casts : Gordom Lam, Maggie Cheung
Details : this is my favorite period drama of all time! It is not a sequel of Plain Love, this is a completely different story, which deals a lot about a rich family, a marriage, a love affair and an amazing friendship... Gordom and Maggie's chemistry was perfect!
Title : Country Spirit
Casts : Gordom Lam, Charmaine Sheh
Details : this is not a sequel of Plain Love 2, again, it is completely different. Plain Love 2 is about tea, this series is about wine. It deals with a rich family who makes wine. Charmaine was forced to married to the "dead" son of that rich family, who built an affair with Gordom...
  Title : Legend of Master So
Casts : Chow Yun Fat, Andy Lau
Details : I have no where else to categorize this series, so I am just going to put it here, because Chow Yun Fat grew up in this strict village... anyways, this is about a son of a famous kung fu master (Chow Yun Fat), I believe it is a true story base on the legend of Beggar So


The Ghost Stories
Pretty much all the ghost stories are set in the period dramas, I guess this is the best time period to present ghost stories... basically a lot of people during this period believe in ghosts
Series Name / Casts / Details

Title : Time Before Time
Casts : Gordom Lam, Cathy Chow, Florence Kwok
Details : this is perhaps the most classical ghost story, which was an instant hit. If you like the ghost story, this is a must see series! Cathy plays the ghost in this series, who wants to find her lover in the previous life, which happen to be Gordom, their chemistry is tragical, but great!

Title : A Loving Spirit
Casts : Lawrenece Ng, Esther Kwan
Details : the story is set in a theater, Lawrenence become a ghost at the very end. The main ghost in this series in the supporting actress Yuen Keng Dan, who helps Lawrenence and Esther all the time... I personally really hate the ending, and dislike the storyline, comparing to Time Before Time, this one was only ok... The only factor I like is Yuen Keng Dan
Title : Seven Sisters
Casts : Gallen Lo, Charmaine Sheh, Kong Wah, Anne Heung
Details : Anne plays the ghost, who wants to find his lover Kong Wah, who suppose to suicide with her many years ago... Gallen and Charmaine are a couple, who loved each other very much, but has to separated due to Charmaine's deadly disease. If you saw Time Before Time, you will find lots of similarities between the two series

The Love Stories
The love stories are sometimes the best in the period dramas, because the main characters went through so many changes... it is torture!
Series Name / Casts / Details

Title : Song Bird
Casts : Nadia Chan, Leon Lai, Eddie Kwan, Aaron Kwok
Details : this is a tragic love story based on a true story, it is about a girl who became a singing star, and her tragic love and life story

Title : Remembrance
Casts : Chilam Cheung, Kenix Kwok
Details : this is another favorite period drama of mine, because of the perfect chemistry Chilam and Kenix have together... Their love relationship is very difficult, because Chilam accidentally killed Kenix's father. He also was forced to marry another girl who he didn't love...

Title : Yesterday's Glitter
Casts : Damian Lau, Lisa Wong
Details : this story is dealing with fall of a rich family, Damian's character changes from super rich to super poor, but it was Lisa, who always support him, but he had to divorce her due to some misunderstanding... The couple did not end up together because Damian was dying with cancer, but Lisa finally forgives him before he died...


The Very Beginning
The beginning of the period, this is the time when the society is facing some political changes, or some major events. It is either end of some major events, or start of a new era, which builds major impacts on the characters...
Series Name / Casts / Details

Title : Down Memory Lane
Casts : Alex Man, Frankie Lam, Kenix Kwok
Details : this one deals with a family, which facing dramatic changes... this is about the only details I know, have not get the chance to see it yet

Title : A Stage of Turbulence
Casts : Vivian Chow, Sunny Chan, Fiona Leung
Details : the raise of the Opera