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Country Spirit
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Country Spirit (42 Episode)
[viet name: Huong Ruou Tinh Nong]
* reviewed by TVB Square


Gordon Lam Ka Tong, Charmaine Sheh, Yuen Wah


What, When & Where

Like Plain Love II, the story occurs in a small village in China during 1920s-1930. This series is about people who do wine business. The whole story is about love, power and family issues.



To read the episode summaries of the story, please check out here.




Hate Factor

Well, there are lots of characters you will hate throughout the entire story. Towards the end, they redeemed themselves, and you will accept them. Also, you will sometimes find the love story of Gordon and Charmaine very annoying. (I will explain this below)


There is another character I hate, he is the one plays Charmaine's brother, he is such a bad character who can not act at all!


Love Factor

In the Gu family:

1. The second brother who is played by Chun Pei. He is such a wonderful actor, he plays a very strong character, but he is too strict on everything. Towards the end, he starts to learn the power of forgiveness.

2. I also like the third sister; she has a very strong character as also. She is the one who will always bring peace to the family.

Other characters:

1. Charmaine Sheh's character, because her character development is very well showed.

2. Sometimes, you will love Yuen Wah's character, because he is so funny!


Pity Factor

Sometimes, I felt sorry for Joe Ma, I mean, you see all the things he did for Charmaine, but in return, he gets nothing. Oh, well, lucky enough, there is another girl always by his side. A good ending for both of them.


How Come Factor

Why does TVB like to change the evil character into good all of the sudden? Maybe, it will be reasonable if one or two of the evil guys might realize their false, and redeem themselves. For some reason, TVB just like to change them all!


How come Charmaine and Gordon's love story gets so boring all of the sudden? At the beginning, Gordon helps Charmaine go through all of her problems, you get to see their relationship develop from episode to episode. Up to the point they tell each other their true feelings towards one another, everything is great, but later it all gets so boring.


How come Gordon wants to marry the third sister so bad, but all the sudden he realizes he is in love with Charmaine and escapes the wedding?




Chun Pei, as I explained above, he performs really well in the story.



The third sister of course, whenever there are problems occurs in the family or in the business; she is always there and stands out to fix the problems.



Perhaps the couple who makes you laughs the most: Yuen Wah and the third sister. I found them very entertaining especially towards the end.



Plenty scenes involves with Gordon and Charmaine before episode 26.

Whenever you see Yuen Wah and the third sister together.

There are lots of beautiful Chinese landscape scenes in the story, dont miss them!



Least Favorites


Charmaine's brother of course, as I said, he can not act!



1. The big brother's son, because he is spoiled.

2. Gordon's character sometimes, because his character never gets develop.



About 40% of the time, Gordon and Charmaine, as I explained above, their love story gets boring later on



I guess the scene when the people in the village try to drown Gordon and Charmaine. TVB tries to make is as classic as in Plain Love II, but the result is not that good.


The ending, because the scriptwriter totally forget to explain why Gordon did not die.



Most Dramatic Scene

When Gordon escapes his wedding and tells Charmaine that he loves her.



Worth Watching?

This is a good story, but you will find it boring sometimes, but it will pick up towards the end. Later, you will totally into the characters and feel the same way they do.



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