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Pity Death Scenes
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The Pitiful Death Scenes

Once an often, the TVB producers just like to make you cry, or make you feel bad by "killing" some cast of the show... have you ever wondered why? Is it because of the fact that most producers are "cold-blooded"? Well, no matter you hate or love the tragic death scenes, you still remember some of the "famous" or we can say the "most pitiful" death scenes, you remember those, deep down in your heart, because they are memorable... So, here I am, listing some of the most pitiful death scenes (and break them into different categories), which you will never forget...


The historical tragic, base on history
The producers have nothing to do with this category, because if they change it, they will basically change the history... However, there are not many nominees in this category as well, because there are not many series base on historical tragic, not until the recent
Series Name / Who
How Details

Perish in the Name of Love

Moses Chan

hanged under a tree he wasn't the worst King, but because of him, the Ming Dynasty is over. He dies with his country

Legend of Lady Yang

Anne Heung

hanged herslef She is responsible for the fall of Tang Dynasty, in order to save Kong Wah's country, she has to die!

Where the Legend Begins

Ada Choi

got poisoned by Moses Chan Moses thought Ada betrayed him,and thinking she still loves Steven Ma, so he gave her the poisoned drink. Ada dies hoping to clear Moses' doubts


The ones died in accidents
This is really common, and really stupid sometimes, how come someone got killed so easily, and so quick? I guess this is the quickest and the easiest way for a producer to kill off some casts...
Series Name / Who
How Details

Blood of Good and Evil

Lam Li

car accident he is my favorite supporting character of the series, I can not forget the way he calls help to his brother before his death, however he was so helpless because his brother was the one caused this tragical death

Criminal Investigations 2

Kenix Kwok

plane crush right after Kenix married to Felix Wong, they went to travel, but she died in the plane crush, only left Felix, who came back to Hong Kong alone...

Detective Investigation Files 2

Louisa So

car accident she has the evidence to prove someone is guilty, so she got killed by that person, who drives the car and intentionally killed her

Hard Fate

Niki Chow

car accident she was running after her father to get the baby back, but she wasn't careful about the traffic on the street; blame on the crazy driver who caused this death

Healing Hands 2

Ada Choi

fire accident Ada just had a very serious operation (at the end of Healing Hands), after she finally wake, she got killed during a fire accident while saving someone

Looking Back in Anger

Maggie Siu

train accident when Deric wanted to break up with Maggie, but she was already pregnant with his baby. However, Deric chooses money instead of love. They went to Malaysia together and he pushed her off from a running train

Secret of the Heart

Cathy Chow

car accident all she wanted is her sister's forgiveness, but just right before Amy Kwok (the sister) wants to forgive her, Cathy and her baby both got killed...


The ones killed themselves
The suicidal usually are the ones people pity the most, because the audiences watch through what he/she has to went trough... A lot of times, we will think how stupid they are, or what they should do instead of killing themselves... but it is hard to understand what they thinking when they choose to die, because it takes a lot of courage to end one's life
Series Name / Who
How Details

Burning Flame

Cheung Keng Kei

jumped from a tall building when his wife left him, his friends don't want to talk him, he got stuck between crimes and friendships, he choose to die

Cold Blood Warm Heart

Jessica Husan

she went to Gallen's place, and jumped down from the building she uses all her life to love a man, who is truly evil

Demi Gods Semi Devils 97

Felix Wong

stabbed himself Felix is torn between the Hans and the Ji Dans (his "race"). Felix was begging the Ji Dan king not to invade the Hans...

On the Track of Off

Frankie Lam

jumped from a tall building when his true love never loved him, when his friends doesn't forgive him, when he has too much debt


The most unreasonable
Sometimes, the producers can't think of any other ways to kill off the casts, or they have to kill off some casts to make the story a lot more memorable, those most likely to result under this category, where the deaths are so unreasonable, which makes you so mad
Series Name / Who
How Details

At the Threshold of An Era

Kenix Kwok

shot by gun she didn't kill Sunny Chan, but she was sent to prison. Gallen Lo wanted to save her so bad, and tells her to escape. She got shot while escaping

Detective Investigation Files 3

Monica Chan

murdered she is so in love with Michael Tao, who never ever loved her. She got murdered by Michael Tao's boss, who committed a crime

Duke of Mount Deer 2000

Ruby Lin

killed by a villain Ruby's character is not suppose to die, she suppose to live happily ever after with Dicky... but, in this version, the character died, no unreasonable

File of Justice 5

Flora Chen

got bomb in a boat Bowie Lam bombs the entire boat, only Flora died

Healing Hands 2

Fion Yuen

murdered Blame on Lawrenence, who didn't save a gang member's life, another gangster takes revenge and thinking Fion is Lawrence's girlfriend, so killed her

Looking Back in Anger

Yammie Lam

died in prison she is innocent!

Secret of the Heart

Jessica Husan

murdered her love lives totally messed up, the man she loves (Sunny Chan) doesn't love her, the man wants her (Nick Cheung) killed her by throwing her into the sea

To Catch the Uncatchable

Dayo Wong

there is something wrong with his brain his death is the least expecting moment of the entire series, also the most unreasonable ending of 2004

Untraceable Evidence 2

Lee San San

murdered she finally married to the man she loves, but his brother is insane, he thought she betrayed his brother and murdered her, it is totally misunderstandings


The ones died during their wedding
Usually this is when the producers wants to kill of the female casts in the most tragic way, during their wedding! How cruel, how sad...
Series Name / Who
How Details

Burning Flame

Jade Leung

stuck in mud she got stuck between the two brothers, one is Louis Koo, the other is evil. The evil one raped her, Louis didn't trust her...

Detective Investigation Files 4

Lee San San

murdered, got stabbed in the stomach before it was Charmaine Sheh, who is in between of her and Sunny Chan, now it is Sunny's crazy sister Maggie Siu, who killed her


Nadia Chan

got burned??? (correct me if I am wrong) Ekin held their wedding in the hospital and tried to put the ring onto Nadia's finger , but she already died...

Lofty Waters Verdant Bow

Michelle Yip

her arteries and vines break apart she is a killer, but she loves Raymond so deeply. She uses the deadly kung fu skills to kill her boss, who might harm Raymond... it wasn't until the time she died, Raymond finally realized he loved her


The ones died to protect others
We usually remember these characters deep down inside, because of what they did and how they did it... so honorable...
Series Name / Who
How Details

Breaking Point

Maggie Siu

she got shot by Deric Wan she was there to protect the man who she loved so deeply, but he doesn't love her any more...

Burning Flame II

Wong He

died as a fireman he was there to save a thief, but he got stuck in fire and died

Doomed to Oblivion

Nadia Chan

died with an unborn child she injured so bad while trying to save Wong He, she was also pregnant. She tries so hard to keep the baby but failed

On the Edge

Francis Ng

sentenced to death (hanging) he and Deric Wan are innocent, but the judge didn't believe them. The only way to save Deric is to carry everything onto Francis himself...

Secret of the Heart

Ada Choi

murdered by Nick Cheung she wants to get close to Nick and get enough evidence to prove her true love Sunny is innocent

Whatever It Takes

Tavia Yeung

killed by a monster she loves Benny so bad, and she died because of saving him...


The ones died with disease
This may be the most reasonable way to kill off a cast, perhaps it is also the hardest way, because the audiences have to watch how the characters fighting their disease, but finally failed...
Series Name / Who
How Details

Burning Flame

Wong He's mother

brain cancer she raises Wong He all by herself, the two has great chemistry. However, when she found Ah He's dad, she also found out she has brain cancer

Greed of Man

Vivian Chow

heart disease she waited and waited for Sean Lau seven years, finally, Sean asked to marry her, only finds out she is near death

Healing Hands 2

Sheren Tang

cancer she was too poor to do a operation for her cancer, Lawrenence helped her, but it was not successful...

Seven Sisters

Charmaine Sheh

hepatitis she loves Gallen and Gallen loves her, it was hepatitis took her away from him