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Marco Ngai
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Marco Ngai Chun Kit (Wei Jun Jie)

Acting Skills: A-
As one of the most talk about supporting actors of TVB, Marco is simply the best. However, when you think about most of his small roles, they all villains, what is up with that? The roles we remember Marco the most is a gangster. But, whenever he plays the gangster, his role is really small, and small enough that you don't even recall... Of course, Marco also have some more important roles, for example, the one in Armed Reaction, that role is probably the one his fans talk about the most, because he has simply the best supporting role in that series...

Comedy Skills: B
If you think Armed Reaction series are funny, you are thinking about Bobby and Esther. Marco and Joyce are the couple, who don't get the funny parts. I like Marco playing devoted characters, the serious ones, he always gives unforgettable performances, which are really touching... As for the comedies, I like him the best in "Legendary of the Four Aces", pretty cute character

Crying Skills: A+
Yes, you got to give him thumbs up for the crying skills of his, if you don't recall watching him cry, go rent Armed Reaction again, especially the third one, where he lost his son, and almost lost his daughter, watch it, and you will agree with me. His crying skills are one of the most touching ones you will ever remember..

Smiling Skills: ??
Marco is cute when he looks serious, I don't know if you agree with me or not, but that is what I think. I loves his "cool" look, which he does not smile much...

Singing Skills: ??
I do not recall hear him singing! Do you? If you do, let me know, I will like to fill this part out...

Kissing Skills: ??
Hmm... I am trying my best to recall his kissing scenes, does he have one? If he does, it must be in Armed Reaction, with Joyce, perhaps? I don't know... help me out here!

Dressing Skills: B+
Marco has a big body if you ever noticed... At least, that is what I think, it's hard to find him a perfect outfit for either ancient or modern series... But, I personally loves his outfits in Armed Reaction the most, he looks so cool in there...

Improvement Skills: A
As TVB producers realized Marco is more and more popular as the supporting actor, his roles are getting better and better, and of course his performances have improved...

Best Breakthrough Performance
Armed Reaction series, I like him the most in Armed Reaction III


Best looking in Ancient Series

Legendary of the Four Aces

Best looking in Modern Series
Armed Reaction series

Best Hair Style
Hmmm... it has to be Armed Reaction series, I like his short and sexy hair!


Best Costar
The one and only Joyce Tang, no matter in Armed Reaction series or in real life, I just love to see them together! Their chemistry in Armed Reaction III is simply the best and the most touching... They just meant to be together ~.~

Best Ancient Series
Legendary of the Four Aces

Best Modern Series
Armed Reaction III

Best Leading Role
Does he have one????? I wish he does! Please do! I will love to see him as a lead!

Best Supporting Role
It has to be the one in Armed Reaction



Birthday: 10/20
Height: 180cm
Weight: 73kg