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Square Pegs
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Square Pegs (20 Episodes)
* reviewed by TVB Square


Main Characters:
Roger Kwok Chun On, Jessica Hsuan Huen, Raymond Cho Wing Lim. Winnie Yeung Yuen Yee, Yuen Wah, Tong Ling, Hui Siu Hung, Lo Yuen Yan, Rebecca Chan Sau Chu, Lee Shing Cheung

What, when, where and who
Roger is the rich man Yuen Wah's real son, his mother was sent away before he was born due to some misunderstandings... Roger grew up, he is very smart, and also engaged to Winnie Yeung. However, when Yuen Wah wants to find his son back, Roger's mother was murdered, and he was beat up by someone. Roger survived, but he lost his memory, and becomes the "dumb" guy. Lee Shing Cheung is an evil man, who wants his uncle's (Yuen Wah) money, so it was him, who hired people to kill Roger and his mother, in the other hand, he found a poor orphan Raymond Cho to be Yuen Wah's son...

Whn Roger lost his memory, he becomes the stupid, dumb guy, who only has an IQ of a eight year old child. Roger ended up in the Woo Lung Village and is accepted by Lo Yuen Yan as her long lost son. Due to some mistaken, Jessica got married to Roger and Tong Ling got married to Raymond.

At the beginning, Jessica hated to take care of the dumb husband, but after they spent so much happy times together, Jessica slowly falling love with him... However, while their relationship is growing stronger and stronger, Winnie came in between them, she investigates on the whole matter, and wishes to find out what happened to Roger... Meanwhile, Raymond learned the fact that he is not Yuen Wah's real son, he was afraid that his will lost everything when Yuen Wah knows his identity, so he almost did the biggest mistake of his life...


Series Links
Episode summary and character intros from TVB official site (Chinese)



- Dislike Factor
Winnie Yeung
She is the only person, who did not do a good job in this series, the main reason: she can not act. The second reason, I hate her character... Winnie is the only disappointment, but the good thing is that, you won't see her too often, I guess that helps a lot! I don't know why they pick Winnie to be this character, I can think of so many other people that can do a much better job than her!

- Love Factor
The one and only Roger Kwok
It does not matter whether or not you are a Roger fan, the matter is, after you saw this series, you will be a Roger fan for sure! Roger's character is dumb, stupid, cute, funny, lovely, responsible, sweet, and the most important factor, he loves Jessica so very much, and you will appreciate every single thing he did for Jessica, which shows how much he cares about her... Roger's performances are the best in this series, the way he talks, walks and acts will crack you up, but also will make you falling in love with him... It is simply the best!

Roger and Jessica together
You can not imaging how good their chemistry was! I remember the first time I saw them together was in Rural Hero, where they played brother and sister, it was good chemistry as well. But, this time, they playing husband and wife, their chemistry is so much better. It feels fun to see them together, they just too cute! There are too many great moments when they spent time together, that you will wish to see it more often...

Roger and Yuen Wah
They are father and son, and they don't know they are father and son until the 19th episode, but their chemistry together as "friends" were so great and so fun. Roger calls Yuen Wah "Bao Bao", and I felt that was really cute, everytime he calls him, I just want to laugh so bad! Yuen Wah is the rich guy, he didn't really care about anyone, until he met Roger, they spent a lot time together cooking tea, playing with each other, it was a really cute chemistry


- How Come Factor
Why Winnie, Why?
Without Winnie, this series will get a 99 from me (sorry, I didn't like the ending too much). It just feel disappointed everytime I see her! I really don't understand how they pick this character! I really think tvb producers need to work on the casting issues... this is important!

The way Roger recovers his memory... how come that is so fast! All the sudden, he remembers everything... hmm... interesting...


Best Scenes
1. All the scenes involving Roger and Jessica, too many scenes, too many favorites! I especially love the part, when Roger and Jessica had a fun day out, and Jessica was tired, so he carried her home, so sweet...
2. When Roger and Yuen Wah together, they look like father and son, haha... great chemistry!


- The Performances
I guess I need to repeat it again, Roger is the best! His performances in this series proved too many skills of his... and you basically will love his performances, it is the performance you will never forget! As for Jessica, her role is not bad, and her performances are pretty good as well, I just didn't like how she treated Roger at the beginning, all she think about is how to get divorce... but, later, she slowly falling in love with Roger, of course she is, everyone will slowly love Roger because of every single thing he did... As for Tong Ling, she showed a lot of improvements actually, not bad, keep working hard. As for Raymond Cho, he is still needs some more improvements, I really didn't like the way he cries, he needs to practice a little bit more... Yuen Wah did really good as well, his character is also really fun. I mean, all the characters are pretty good except Winnie's, she is got to go!

- The Storyline
It is actually really interesting, with lots of laughs and twists. It is not only a comedy, it is also really cute, really sweet, really interesting... There are lots of good ideas about how to make someone you love really happy, thanks to Roger, I will use some of your crazy ideas! There are lots of lines which makes you laugh so hard, there are some scenes which is really sweet and touching...

- Worth Watching?
You are going to see this series no matter what! I mean, it is the must see of the year! To all the Roger fans, you guys must be so happy right now, since Roger finally got promoted a lot more, which he deserved it! To all the Jessica fans, this must be your favorite series of the year... To all the comedy fans, get ready to have great laughs, don't let your tears drop, hehe...



Square Pegs
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