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King of Yesterday and Tomorrow
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King of Yesterday and Tomorrow (20 Episodes)
* review by TVB Square

Main Characters:
Yung Ching (Yong Zheng) / Lee Dai Ha -- Kwong Wah
Lui Sei Leung -- Maggie Cheung Ho Yee
Shum Yat Ngoi -- Melissa Ng Mei Hang
Shum Siu Hong -- Paul Chun Pui
Shum Yat Lai -- Gilbert Lam Wai Sun
Heung Yeung -- Lau Ka Fai

What, when, where and who
Maggie (the assassin) and Kong Wah (Emperor Yung Ching) traveled from the Qing Dynasty to the modern society... As they tried to fit into the different society as well as encountering different people, they build strong relationship between each other...

Meanwhile, Kong Wah met Melissa, and becoming great friends. He also getting closer and closer to the Shum family as he helping Chun Pui (Shum Siu Hong) with his business. Kong Wah uses his skills and knowledge helping Chun Pui's business getting better and better.

Chun Pui has three wives, three sons and one daughter (Melissa). The three sons always against each other, because they want to earn their father's biggest trust. Gilbert is the third son, who pretends to be very nice, however, deep down inside of him, he is truly evil. When Kong Wah realized the true side of Gilbert, he decides to help Melissa instead...

As Kong Wah and Melissa building better relationship, Maggie also falling in love with Kong Wah, but Kong Wah is not in the ancient time anymore, he can only choose one...


Series Links
(1) Episode summary and character intros from TVB official site (Chinese)
(2) Episode summary by Em (English)



- Dislike Factor
From Episode 13 - 20
OK, the first half of the series is totally fun, totally cute, and totally enjoyable. Right after the story getting more and more into the business affairs (around episode 13), it just gets less and less interesting, and sometimes, pretty boring...

Melissa Ng
She is not a bad actress, because I really liked her in "Legend of Lady Yangs", she was really good in there, however, she is just not as good in this series. Also, I don't like the way she dresses, she looks so much better in ancient series...

- Love Factor
Maggie Cheung
Maggie does really well in comedy series, especially this one. Because of the fact that she is from ancient society, so she acts so weird and funny in the modern society. Especially at the beginning, when she tries to learn everything. She is a very cute character, the best factor for the entire series

Kong Wah
In the comedy series, Kong Wah always use the same way of acting. However, in this one, he did much better job, plus his skills and knowledge really shines the entire show

The Supporting Ones
From Chun Pui (the modern Emperor Yung Ching) to Halina Tam (the mean wife of the oldest son) to Joseph Cheung King Kei (the honest friend of Kong Wah), every supporting characters did great jobs. There are ones you will hate, there are ones you will like... TVB producer choose great casts for all the supporting roles, thumbs up on that!

Gilbert Lam
He is born for playing villain role! The way he acts just makes people hate him... Especially when you realized he is pretending to be good in the beginning, you will just feel so bad for him... Again, my point is, he did a great job for a villain

- Pity Factor
skip this part

- How Come Factor
From the beginning to the end
This series is so enjoyable at the beginning, why all the sudden, it turns boring? The storyline is not bad, sometimes, it is rather interesting, however, it just feels like dragging after half of the series is over...

Best Scenes
1. When Maggie tries to learn the new stuff... Especially this scene when she is in the elevator, because she was afraid of taking elevator. Kong Wah advised her to sing when she is in it. So, she begins to sing, and there was Chun Pui beside her. At the beginning, she makes no noise, then, she begins to sing louder and louder, and even begin to act a little, that scene is so funny, that you will laugh your tears out!
2. Everytime Kong Wah and Maggie together, at the beginning, they are fighting with other, later, they are arguing with each other, towards the end, they are loving each other
3. Everytime, Kong Wah used his skills and knowledge to help Chun Pui's business, also help Chun Pui realized how bad his son is... Another words, he is very smart


- The Performances
Other than Melissa Ng, everyone did great jobs, like I said, TVB producers choose great casts for this series... Melissa was the only one sort of disappointing...

- The Storyline
If you don't want to get bored with the business affairs, you can just rent the first half, you will have great laughs and will enjoy it very much... Don't expect too much things from the second half, the storyline is not too bad, but it is not as interesting...

- Worth Watching?
If any of your favorite star is in this series, you can try it. Especially if you are a Maggie, Kong Wah or Gilbert fan, this is the series you want to watch! As for those of you wants to have great laughs, just see the first half...



King of Yesterday and Tomorrow
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