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Lofty Waters Verdant Bow
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Lofty Waters Verdant Bow (20 Episodes)
* reviewed by TVB Square

Main Characters:
Gam Sai Wai -- Raymond Lam Fung
Lai Shing Nam -- Michelle Ye Suen
Kuk Chi Wah -- Rain Li Choi Wah
Lee Sum Mui -- Mimi Lo Man Chong
Kong Nam -- Chan Kwok Bong
Meng Shen Tung -- Ko Hung

What, when, where and who
Raymond Lam was poisoned in the beginning of the story, that's why he came to seek for Rain Li's master's help. As his journey begins, he was encountered the affairs in the martial world and meets the two women who loved him most deeply.

Rain Li is the quiet, nice girl; Michelle is the cruel, selfish but very lovely character, because she loves Raymond so very much that she dies because of him. As for Raymond, he loves Rain Li at first, because she is the nice one. But, at the same time, he build a great relationship with Michelle, but he did not realized he loves her until the moment she dies...


Series Links
Episode summary and character intros from TVB official site


- Dislike Factor
Rain Li's Kuk Chi Wah
I don't think she can act, her acting skills were not very good at all. Also, in the novel, this girl suppose to be a very strong character, but Rain Li made the character so weak, which was very disappointing. Plus, she has no chemistry with Raymond at all, they might look good as a real couple, but on screen, it was not good. Maybe because of Michelle's character, her character has so much more chemistry with Raymond...

Evil Meng Shen Tung
He is evil, he is selfish, he kills too many people, he wants to rich the top, he is Rain's father. Basically, you will hate him

The hair style
Ok, the story sets in the Qing Dynasty, but how come some of the characters' hair looks like it was Song Dynasty? Also, Raymond's hair is too long, it got to go!

- Love Factor
Michelle Yip
You might think her character is very selfish, well, she loves Raymond way too much, and she did not want Raymond to leave her and be with Rain, so she will do anything or say anything to keep him, you can't blame her on that, in fact, you will totally support her. You also might think she is cruel, yeah, at the beginning, she does lots of cruel things, but ever since she falling love with Raymond, she did nothing against him, in fact, she does everything to protect him including dying for him! This is the character you will love and remember for a while...

The chemistry between Michelle and Raymond
If you saw Eternal Happiness, you will think Raymond and Michelle together on screen was good. After you saw this series, you will think their chemistry was perfect. Even though, in this series, Raymond may not love Michelle until the very last moment in the very last episode, but their chemistry still rocks the entire series and make the story a lot less boring. The reason is that Michelle loves Raymond too much, you will totally touched by her character, totally support her love for Raymond

Mimi Lo's Lee Sum Mui and Chan Kwok Bong's Kong Nam
Here comes the funny characters of the series, this couple makes the whole series very fun to watch. Everytime you see them together, or Mimi Lo by herself or Chan Kwok Bong by himself, you just want to laugh so bad.

- Pity Factor
Michelle Yip's Lai Shing Nam and the Ending ==> get ready your tissues
Basically, she died in her wedding day to prove her love to Raymond... OK, if you did not see the ending yet, I do not recommend you to read this paragraph... Well, in episode 19, Michelle's true identity was revealed, and Raymond finally realized she is a killer, of course he was mad, and he slaps her, and she is like, "you will regret this for the rest of your life!". In episode 20, Michelle's boss wants Michelle to kill Raymond, and she agrees. She disrupts the wedding of Mimi Lo and Chan Kwok Bong, and poisoned Rain Li, she told Raymond, the only way he wants to save Rain is to marry Michelle! OK, in their wedding, Michelle was wearing white dress, and Raymond realized Michelle was dying... Michelle told him, that she will never do anything to against him. She takes the risk to kill her boss, but was injured deeply, before she died, she just wants to be Raymond's wife, that is her only wish, that's why she poisoned Rain and that was the only way Raymond can marry her... Raymond felt so sad, and he finally realized he loves Michelle very deeply and willing to spent his life with her...

- How Come Factor
The Title
This is called "Lofty Waters Verdant Bow", so you will assume there must be something to do with the verdant bow. However, you only get to see the verdant bow once, and about five minutes, that is when Raymond uses the verdant bow to go through the traps and get the kung fu book. It was short, and I don't think that part was a key element to the story, so why uses the verdant bow as the title? What is that has to deal with the story?

Best Scenes
1. Some of the fighting scenes, those special effects were pretty cool. Also, there are lots of flying going on, hehe...
2. Whenever Raymond and Michelle together, especially the time they spent together in the island
3. Raymond and Michelle's weddings, they have two. The first time, it was fake, Raymond keeps telling Michelle, "it's fake, don't get real" while they getting married. The second time, it was for real, Michelle forces Raymond to marry her, way to go, girl! But, she dies in her wedding day, that is when Raymond finally realized how much he loves her...
4. Whenever Mimi Lo and Chan Kwok Bong together, they are so cute and so funny as individual and as a couple.
5. There is a guy, who likes Mimi at the beginning, but he is way too "knowledgeable", everytime you see him, he is making poems, it was really funny to watch this guy and his attitudes...
6. Fiona Yuen's Kam Yee and her chemistry with that Hiu Fung. Those two might not look so "fit" on screen, but you will appreciate how Hiu Fung won Kam Yee's heart.


- The Performances
This award totally belongs to Michelle Yip, ever since Eternal Happiness, she is just getting better and better, and you will just like her more and more. She even improves on her crying skills, check her character's dying scene in episode 20, you will know what I am talking about... As for Raymond, it is just the same old Raymond you saw in Eternal Happiness, at the beginning, he is dumb, later, he gets smarter, but he got stuck in between two girls who love him the most... As for Rain Li, she still needs improvement, I didn't like her character, her acting, and her chemistry with Raymond... The supporting roles, Mimi Lo and Chan Kwok Bong both did a great job, you might see this two more often, I think TVB should promote them more... Also, Fiona Yuen's performances were great as well... As for the villains, none of them were great, so no words on that

- The Storyline
I didn't really expect this story to be pretty fun to watch. The storyline was simple, but it was good, it has it's sad moments, and also has lots of funny scenes. However, there were some little parts, where you just did not care at all, for example, whenever Raymond and Rain together

- Worth Watching?
If you are a Michelle or a Raymond fan, this is the series you have to see! Even though if you are not a fan of theirs, you still want to give this series a try, and you might became a fan of theirs...



Lofty Waters Verdant Bow
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