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Seven Sisters
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Seven Sisters
* reviewed by emma

Main Characters:
Gallen Lo, Charmaine Sheh, Anne Heung, Kong Wah, Florence Kwok, Annie Man, Ellesmere Choi, Kingdom Yuen, Akina Hong

What, when, where and who
The whole story begins with Anne Heung and Kong Wah. Anne is from a wealthy family, and Kong Wah writes for operas. Anne's family refuses to let the two be together, wanting Anne to marry another man who could help save the family business. After separation, Anne escapes from her wedding and commits suicide, as she planned with Kong Wah. But Kong Wah chickened out, and turned mentally ill from shame. Later, he gets amnesia from an accident, and meets Florence Kwok, another girl from a wealthy family, who helped him afterwards. The two marry, but alas, Anne is now a ghost, still waiting for her lover.

Years later, Charmaine Sheh (Florence's niece) and Gallen Lo meet by destiny, and the two of them are led to Anne, who begs them to help her find Kong Wah. After hearing Anne's tragic tale, the two fit together missing pieces of the past with the present and discover that her lover is Charmaine's uncle, and that he no longers remember the past. A devastated Anne agrees to reincarnate for the
best, but finds out that she can't since it's not the right time. And not being able to fight her heart's temptation, she goes to see Kong Wah, and is attacked by Florence and her "ghostbusters". Florence desperately tries to get rid of Anne, so that she won't lose her husband to a ghost, but Kong Wah has nothing against Anne and even wishes to know more of his past life from her.

Gallen and Charmaine eventually fall in love, but with many obstacles int heir relationship. Anne and Kong Wah, Charmaine and Gallen, both couples learn to go through the phase of moving on with life, even if things aren't as planned.

- Best Performance
Kong Wah
Not only did he keep the chemistry he had with Anne from The Legend of Lady Yang, he also formed new chemistry with Florence Kwok, which is a rare talent for actors in love triangles. His character is also one of the most difficult to portray, since he has to do some singing, and I must add, this guy is multi-talented. He definitely deserves more promotion from TVB!!

- Favorite Character
Charmaine Sheh

I don't ususally fall for Miss Sheh's whiny, spoiled characters, but she did a fantastic job playing this role, especially near the end, when she finds out about her life-threatening disease. It's good to finally see some real characters in TVB now, those who don't smile and say "Oh, this is fate." when they discover that they have cancer. Charmaine throws an incredible fit, and she is an unbelievably good cryer!

- Least Favorite Character
Anne Heung
Playing the part of a ghost is ususally fun, but Anne Heung just made the series draggy. She's an excellent actress when she finds the right roles, but I guess this wasn't one of them. It's obvious that she's trying very hard, but some things just aren't meant to be...

Most Memorable Scenes
- When Charmaine soaks herself in a tub of ice to make herself sick, just to distract her grandfather from arresting Gallen (since Charmaine gave him money to start his own restaraunt)
- When Gallen finds Charmaine at the train station crying, they embrace. It was a huge "awwww" moment
- Like I mentioned above, Charmaine's big fuss. While it makes you a little pissed off at her spoiled personality, it's heartbreaking when you actually put yourself in her place. I started to cry when she talked of how many tiny holes were in her body from all the needles...=(
- Near the end, when they play the theme song, and show how Gallen & Charmaine met and everything they went through, like a mini music video


The "I-don't-get-it..." Part
At the end, Gallen goes from the top of a building, to some magical place with waterfalls and trees and birds...what was that supposed to mean?!

The Disappointment
Gallen & Charmaine's relationship - In the beginning, I kinda grossed out at the thought of the two together due to their age difference, but as the series went along,I started to see what a cute couple they made...and in the end, it turns out to be a disappointment (not giving it away...). All in all, their relationship had so many obstacles that you'd think they'd be together in the end, but no, in the end, you can't even consider a relationship with such sacrifices and cruelty to be LOVE.


Worth Watching?
Yes. Although many people put this series down, I personally enjoyed it, and it made me a Gallen & Charmaine fan. Parts of the plot are typical TVB ones, but I found that the strong cast made up for it, and it's still one of my favourite TVB series.



Seven Sisters
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