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Plain Love II
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PLAIN LOVE II (32 Episodes)
[viet name: Huong Ruou Tinh Nong]
* reviewed by TVB Square


Gordon Lam Ka Tong          

Maggie Cheung Hor Yee      

Mak Cheung Ching             

So Yoke Wah                    

Yuen Wah                        

Lee Ka Sing                      


What, When & Where

The story occurs in a small village in China during 1920s-1930s I think. The whole premise of this serials is about mens passion for Chinese Tea and the relationship with land and whilst in the pursuit of refining their tea making skills, theres bitter rivalry, jealousy, hatred, love, lost loves, heart break, pain, betrayal, trust and ultimately, friendship and love by forgiveness.




Hate Factor

Lee Ka Sing's character Shi Yong Chun (Shu Chun), this man is very aggressive and very greedy. All he wants is to be popular and rich, so he does anything possible to be the way he wanted to be. He influenced Daniu to break up the friendship with Youwei. He also frames Youwei and Daniu to get to the top level.


Love Factor

Fong Youwei is a very loving character, eventhought he is weak minded, but he changed towards the end. He is very kind and very respectful, maybe too kind. Oh, well, sometimes I found this character hard to believe, but it is lovely.


Pity Factor

Maybe Shuang Hua, she is the only child of the Song family, so she was forced to dress like a man while she grew up. After her felt in love with Daniu, she wants to dress back to a girl, so that she can show to Daniu. Unfortunately, Daniu was in love with Meiya, but Meiya rejected him because of Youwei. Daniu then married to Shuang Hua just to climb to the higher level. Shuang Hua was hurt when she knew Daniu was not in love with her, but she forgave him and gave him so many chances to take care of the family business. The good thing is that Daniu finally realized Shuang Hua is such a sweet person, and she is the one who cares about him the most. At the end, Daniu felt in love with her and wins her back. I guess a happy ending for a pity factor is pretty cool, huh?


How Come Factor

Shi Chun is such a hating factor from the first moment I see him until the very last episode, but how come such a character like this can suddenly change to good at the very end? This guy needs to be shot or stay in jail forever, but he was released!


Home come Daniu believes everything Shi Chun said about Youwei, I mean, Daniu and Youwei were the best friends, they should know each other by heart, eventhough they broke up, but Daniu still should know what kind person Youwei is. How come he suddenly felt Youwei is the worst person in the world?





It has to be Lam Ka Tong, he is such a gifted actor, and he did a wonderful job here for playing a weak person. I love the way he looks at different people, and the way he cried. Very touching performance.



Not Fong Youwei, eventhough he is my love factor. Not Meiya either, because sometimes I don't like her way of expressing feelings. My favorite character will be Daniu, haha, is that surprised you a lot? Oh, well, I think this character is very touching, especially towards the end, he found himself fall in love with Shuang Hua, and misunderstood his best friend. You can see lots of development in this character that's why I like him the most.



Not Youwei and Meiya, because their love story is weired. My favorite couple will be Daniu and Shuang Hua. Those two are very match.



There are lots of them, my favorite one is probally when Youwei is almost dead from the disease. Meiya and Daniu were beside him and asking him to wake up. Meiya told him if he dies, she will die with him! Very touching scene.



Least Favorites


All the casts in this story is very wonderful, even the bad characters, they did good job of playing evil.



Shi Chun, as I wrote above, he is my hate factor in the story, no need to explain more, I think. The other character Yao Zu, who is really spoiled and evil.



Shi Chun and Ji Xiang. They are having afairs behind Shi Chuns wifes back. They also frame Mak for faving affairs.



Can't thinking about any.



Most Dramatic Scene

When Daniu was drowned, this is a very classic scene. Youwei tried his best to beg Shuang Hua not to kill Daniu, but it was too late, Youwei rushed into the river and cried for him. All the hatred, misunderstandings between the two was suddenly gone. Daniu also realized Youwei is his only best friend. Very touching scene!



Worth Watching?

YES! This is one of my favorite drama! Very touching story, you will fell for each character as you watch along. If you like touching stories, this is a must see!



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