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Tony Leung
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Tony Leung Chiu Wai (Liang Chao Wei)

Acting Skills: A+
Tony is my favorite Hong Kong movie star of all time, I saw almost all of his movies, and I enjoyed every single one of them! I remembered the first time I see him, that was in the TVB series, "Heavenly Sword & Dragon Saber", and from that moment on, I began to obsess with him. I saw many of his early works, and his current works, I have to say that I love the older version of Tony better. His younger version is very cute, so his roles are very playful. His older version is a lot more mature, so his roles are mostly depressing. And, you know me, I always love the sentimental guys...

Comedy Skills: A+
When you look back and watch Tony's earlier TV series and movies, his roles are most likely to be comedy roles. For example, Duke of Mount Deer, he plays the classic, and the best Wei Xiao Bao. His comedy skills were brilliant, that no one else can do a better job than him... Also, in "Two Most Honorable Knights", and many others, Tony gave unforgettable performances...

Crying Skills: A+
If you can not recall his crying scenes, go rent the most current movie of his, "Hero". You will be convinced that Tony sure can cry! Since, most of his current works are depressing, Tony needs to be the best at this skill, which he did... His tears will make you hear break!

Smiling Skills: A+
Tony looks the cutest when he smiles! Every time he smiles, he just takes my breath away! Hehe... you see how obsessed I am? It was his smile, makes me a big fan of his... Even thought, he has lots of depressing roles right now, he still has some smiling scenes once an often, which makes me going totally crazy for him!

Singing Skills: A-
When you listen to his Cantonese songs and Mandarin songs, you will feel that his voice is a little different. When you listen to his older songs and newer songs, you can also tell how different his voice is. I seem to like his newer songs, don't know why. I think he has a good voice, and his Mandarin is a lot more better than I thought...

Kissing Skills: __
I refuse to recall any of his kissing scenes! So, here is the blank for you to think about.. hehe...

Dressing Skills: A
Tony looks great in ancient and modern outfits. He also dress really nice in real life. All the pictures he took for the magazine, he has pretty good sense of dressing himself.

Improvement Skills: ??
I think Tony is always good, at least, this is what I think of him, he is the greatest, everything he does, he is the greatest!

Best Breakthrough Performance
Duke of the Mount Deer


Although his smiles take my breath away, his eyes can basically kill me! Tony's eyes are so powerful, which can make people going crazy... No matter what types of movie or series he is in, no matter what type of roles he is playing, no matter what types of outfits he is wearing, his eyes are magic weapon...
Best looking in Ancient Series

Duke of the Mount Deer (TVB), Hero (2002 movie)

Best looking in Modern Series
Perhaps the movie "In the Mood for Love", I liked his Shanghai outfits!

Best Hair Style
Well, I think the hair in "Hero" looks pretty cool! I really liked his character, his outfits in that movie.


Best Costar
Maggie Cheung Mak Yu, they look the best on screen! I mean, they just fit so well, everytime you see them together, their chemistry just shines all the way!

Best Ancient Series
Duke of the Mount Deer, this is the best version ever made, the most classic version. Great casts, great storyline (closest to the novel). Tony was amazing in this series!

Best Modern Series
Police Cadet 84, one of the best TVB series ever made in 1980's.

Best Leading Role
The Duke Wei Xiao Bao in "Duke of Mount Deer"

Best Supporting Role
The seventh son of the Yangs in "Yang's Saga"



Birthday: 06/27
Height: 175cm
Weight: 66kg