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2002 Review
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2002: The Year in Review
* reviewer: TVB Square

People keeps telling me to write a review for the year, so here I am, squeezing my brain and trying to come up with something that is worth reading... oh well, I have to give you a reminder before you read the rest of this: please do not take anything personally, if I hurt your feelings by listing your favorite series or stars into my least favorite series or stars, don't get mad... Give me a break, if you don't like it, go write a review of your own!


The following ones are the series I saw this year, I have to tell you the truth, I break my own records by watching the most series per year! Congrats to me, now I have to get my eyes checked out...

Name: A Case of Misadventure
Starring: William So, Flora Chan, Stephen Au, Cheung Chi Kwong, Wong Lam
One of the most fun story that dealing with solving murder cases, and finally catched Flora as the leading actress once again! It was fun to watch the entire series
Thumbs up: The scripts are pretty exciting and fun, plus the chemistry between William, Flora and Chi Kwong was great! Those three are so fun to watch
Thumbs Down: Wong Lam's character was not so fun to watch, she is way to spoilt and bratty

Name: A Herbalist Affair
Starring: Roger Kwok, Charmaine Sheh, Melissa Ng
A guy with two girls, basically, they are not happy. This love triangle gets tough as Roger didn't feel good enough for Charmaine, then he abandoned her, then had a relationship with Melissa, then gets messed up when he knows Charmaine got a disease. What can a guy do in that point?
Thumbs up: Roger's acting skills and his chemistry with Charmaine at the beginning
Thumbs Down: The Charmaine Sheh with disease, oh my god, please don't let me see that again!

Name: Battle Against Evil
Starring: Auguste Kwan, Mimi Law, Michael Tong
After you saw this series, you will be amazed by how much TVB's sepcial effects have improved throughout the year. However, this series has a very boring storyline, which you might fall asleep while watching it...

Thumbs up: Special effects, and Michael Tony's villain role, he looks interesting with that monster outfit
Thumbs Down: The boring storyline plus the poor performances of Auguste Kwan

Name: Burning Flame II
Starring: Wong He, Alex Fong, Maggie Cheung, Yoyo Mung, Stephen Au, Annie Man, Flora Chan
As a sequel to the big hit "Burning Flame", sure, it was the most expecting series of the year. However, I enjoyed the first Buring Flame whole lot better, because the first one has a much better storyline. Burning Flame II has whole lots stories mix together, that feels like jumps from one to another
Thumbs up: Wong He's death scene, Jenny Shing's amazing performances, plus Annie Man and Stephen Au's chemistry, these key elements made this series worth watching
Thumbs Down: The first one is whole lot better, of course, that's my favorite series of all time, can't get enough of that. Throughout the whole series, I was thinking how the first one did better in this and that... oh my god, please don't make the third one!

Name: Doomed to Oblivion
Starring: Wong He, Nadia Chan, Gigi Lai
I think everyone should give this series a try, this is one of the must see of the year, you will appreciate Nadia's amazing performances, and the emotional story telling base on a true legend
Thumbs up: Nadia is the best, and she still looks as pretty as 10 years ago... The chemistry between her and Wong He totally rocks, that's why you will still remember her death scene, maybe the most memoriable dead scene of the year!
Thumbs Down: Gigi as the villain, who misunderstood Wong He and took revenge on him! Come on, girl, don't be so unreasonable! Also, I do not like Wong He and Gigi as a couple, they have no chemistry what-so-ever!

Name: Eternal Happiness
Starring: Michelle Yip, Raymond Lam, Myolie Wu, Rain Lau
I think this is the most creative, and the most fun series of the year, a very entertaining piece, and you will enjoy the smart Michelle plus the dumb Raymond as a couple, they do have a great chemistry together
Thumbs up: A fun series base on a true legend, the most enjoyable series of the year. You also get to see the improvements of Michelle's performances, and the great chemistry between her and Raymond... you will no longer refuse to see Michelle's series after watching this one...
Thumbs Down: This series did not get as much attention as others did, I am wondering why. I thought it was a great storyline, and a great fun to watch this series, but it was under-promoted

Name: Family Man
Starring: Chun Pei, Flora Chan, Moses Chan, Sonija Kwok, Michale Tong
This is a great comedy, a great family story, which I enjoyed very much. TVB doesn't do this type of comedy too often, so you will feel that it was unique. Overall, this is a very entertaining series
Thumbs up: Two thumbs up for Moses Chan, his character is very fun to watch, and the chemistry between him and Flora just totally rocks! Very enjoyable character, everyone's dream soul-mate...
Thumbs Down: Moses with Sonija, blames on Sonija, who can not act very well, I hate to see them together!

Name: Golden Faith
Starring: Gallen Lo, Jessica Hsuan, Deric Wan, Raymond Lam, Michelle Yip
As the big promotion piece TVB put out this year, it sure did not disappoint me, the storyline is great, the performances are even better. I guess I am still not tired of Gallen yet... hehe...
Thumbs up: The whole series gets more and more exciting, much better and better right after the first episode. The performances are enjoyable to watch, a good come-back of Deric Wan as well
Thumbs Down: The beginning of the series totally sucks! I don't like the way Gallen and Jessica met, and begin to have feelings toward each other all of the sudden. Also, the stupid ending, which made me mad! Why can't TVB think a better ending, why a good series always ends with a bad ending?!

Name: In the Realm of Fancy
Starring: Kong Wah, Shirley Yeung, Terry Fan, Marco Ngai
Perhaps the worst ancient story of the year! I do not get any point out of this series.. it was a little bit of disappointing
Thumbs up: Other than Terry Fan's performances, I really can't think of any others
Thumbs Down: As Shirley's debut, you can say it was horrible, she just can't act... Also, the storyline was horrible, boring and nothing interesting...

Name: Journey to the West III
Starring: Dicky Cheung and whole lot others
Basically, this is my least favorite series of the year, I don't know about what you think, but I hate this storyline from the beginning to the end! It is totally messed up!

Thumbs up: Dicky Cheung's monkey king is still funny, classic and good
Thumbs Down: Everything other than Dicky Cheung

Name: Let's Face It
Starring: Joe Ma, Maggie Cheung, Lisa Wong, Chin Ka Lok
This modern comedy is just way so cute, and mix with the most important lesson of human-kind: how to face exams
Thumbs up: Joe Ma as the leading actor, and the chemistry with Maggie, those two are great. Also, big thumbs up to Lisa for playing two different types of characters. Thanks to TVB producers' editing skills, who made two different Lisa talk to each other, this special effect looks so real, that can challenge the Hollywood movies... way to go!
Thumbs Down: This is the series easy to forget, I mean, you will laugh, you will feel entertained, you might enjoyed it very much, but you will also forget what it is about after half a year later...

Name: Network Love Story
Starring: Lu Yi, Jiang Hong, Michelle Yip, Benny Chan
As technology improves, people can meet their love ones through internet. However in their real life, the two just can't get along... sounds familiar? This is just a typical network love story base on any other network love stories... not so unique, but what the heck, Benny is in it!
Thumbs up: The chemistry between Lu Yi and Jiang Hong totally rocks, I enjoy their time together
Thumbs Down: This series reminds me too much of other network love stories, such as You've Got Mail (starring Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks). Also, Benny and Michelle didn't "click" as they did in other series. You know what I mean?

Name: Slim Chances
Starring: Lydia Shum, Fennie Yuen, Annie Man, Rain Lau, Cheung Chung Kei, Keven Cheung
The most fun series of the year that you will ever expecting, plus the "face your job" theme directly attached to the storyline, which makes the series whole lot worth watching... am I start to sound like the Hollywood reviewers? Just kidding...
Thumbs up: The love chemistries, the entertaining storyline, this is the most enjoyable series of the year, you just can't miss it
Thumbs Down: Once again, this is a series easy to forget, maybe you had too much fun at one point, but moments later, you will be like "what's that series about?"

Name: Trust of A Life Time
Starring: Roger Kwok, Amy Kwok, Chun Pei, Karen Tong
This is the most interesting detective type of the story I have not seen for years! All the cases are base on love affairs, family affairs, those were unique, and totally surprising
Thumbs up: Roger and Amy, great chemistry, great investigators as they work together to solve the cases. The cases are suprising good and memoriable! I am expecting a sequel if the TVB producers realized how good that series was
Thumbs Down: Blame on Karen Tong's poor performances as Roger's ex-girlfriend, this girl can't act!

Name: Whatever It Takes
Starring: Benny Chan, Annie Man
For all the Benny fans out there, this must be your most expecting series of the year, oh well, it did not disappoint me, as a Benny fan, I really enjoyed his performances. However, I think the storyline was not so interesting...
Thumbs up: Benny's improvements, you will appreciate his efforts. Also, the great chemistry between Benny and Annie, they look way so cute together!
Thumbs Down: Blame on the storyline... Blame on Emperor Wu...

Name: Where the Legend Begins
Starring: Ada Choi, Steven Ma, Moses Chan, Sonija Kwok
For those of you who enjoys tragedies (like me), will love this series as much as I did. For those of you hate tragedies, will hate this series, and list this on the worst-series-of-the-year list. But, anyhow, you should watch it to decide whether you enjoy it or not
Thumbs up: You will truly become a Steven Ma fan if you haven't be, thanks to his great performances, which made the series so memoriable. This is the must see of the year no matter if you will like it or not
Thumbs Down: Ten thumbs down for Sonija's performances, sorry to the Sonija fans, I have to say she can not act, especially act as a villain, please DO NOT LET ME SEE HER IN THE VILLAIN ROLE ANYMORE, it was disappointing!

Name: Witness to A Prosecution II
Starring: Bobby Au Yeung, Charmaine Sheh, Stephen Au, Joyce Tang
Comparing it to the first Witness, I enjoyed the first one much better, because the love story totally rocks in the first one, but totally sucked in the second one!
Thumbs up: The unique ways, and new ways of presenting murder cases, which I liked. Also, Stephen Au did a great job in this one, his character is the most interesting one!
Thumbs Down: The chemistry between Charmaine and Bobby, oh my god, why did the TVB producers even put them together?!