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The White Flame
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The White Flame
*Reviewed by Tammy

Main Cast
Charmaine Sheh as Yuk Choi Ling aka Charlie
Sammul Chan as Yung Dak Gei aka Gei Gei
Lily Hong as Go Hiu Nam aka Crystal
Law Goon Lan as Charlie's Mom
Hui Chiu Hung as Charlie's Dad
Kingdom Yuen as Gu Mei Lan aka Gu Gu
Chan Hoi Yi as Lo Bo Bo
Claire Yiu as Fung Siu Mei aka Ah Lang
Ling Zi Heen as Chan Kar Lok
Gregory Lee as Mun Geen Fai aka Brother Fai
Chan Kar Yi as Chan Yerk Si (Crystal's Mom)
Ngo Kar Nien as Frankie (Crystal's brother)

Maggie Siu as Mang An Sung aka Anson
Raymond Cho as Heung Jung Yan

I do not like the English title because it has nothing to do with the Chinese one. But since when did TVB titles made sense anyway?

Charlie is a young, carefree young woman who loves kids, especially babies. She signs up for nursing school and hopes that when she graduates, she will have the chance to work in the maternity department in the hospital. What she's in for is new friends, a new relationship with a guy, a period of ups and downs and most important of them all--birth and death.

At the nursing school, she befriends the following people. Bo Bo is a very shy girl and is almost scared of anything you can name. Ah Lang wants to go into nursing school so she can meet handsome doctors and marry one. Chan Kar Lok (not Adam Cheng!) is a hilarious guy and everyone calls him Jung Toy Ju?(leader of Red Flower Society). She and Yung Dak Gei aka Gei Gei are enemies turned friends and the same for Crystal. Gei Gei tries to pursue Crystal but she doesn't like him. She's afraid to tell him, feeling that she might hurt him if she did so. So she asks Charlie to help her and whenever Gei Gei makes rice porridge for Crystal, Charlie would take it and make up an excuse for Crystal, hoping that she would not hurt Gei Gei in any way. Crystal soon decides to tell him that she cannot accept him. He gets over it but when he finds out that Charlie was the one who ate all the rice porridge for Crystal, he became angry with Charlie for lying to him. And time soon passes, he realizes that he loves Charlie (more about this later!).

At the school, their teacher and principal is Miss Leung (played by Lui San). Charlie is the worst student out of the whole class and Miss Leung thinks that she's not suitable to become a nurse. But all that changes when they practice in the hospital. Charlie's mentor is a very funny nurse, and not to mention, smart. She is Gu Mei Lan aka Gu Gu. She teaches both Charlie and Crystal how to become good nurses.

However, Crystal doesn't really appreciate Gu Gu's help because her goal is to become a doctor, not a nurse. Her family is always busy since most of them are doctors. She feels very neglected and wants to become a doctor so that she can fit in with the rest of the family.

During their years at nursing school, the seven friends (Charlie, Gei Gei, Crystal, Ah Lang, Kar Lok, Bo Bo and Brother Fai) go through everything together and although some decided to leave, it was Charlie who persuaded them to stay. But she herself, wanted to leave after an incident occurred. She always thought that the delivery room was the best place to be in until a baby that she took care of died and she witnessed the death. She was scared that another baby that she took care of would die. That's why she decided to leave. Everyone tried to persuade her to stay. Although Gei Gei liked her, he told Brother Fai to persuade her to stay since he knew that Brother Fai liked Charlie. Unfortunately, Brother Fai couldn't persuade her to stay. He told Gei Gei to do it himself since he knew that Gei Gei secretly liked Charlie.

Charlie finally decided to stay. Not only because Gei Gei's persuading but because she thought that doctors wouldn't be so successful without the help of nurses. She was influenced by Gu Gu's words too. During the time she wanted to leave school, Gu Gu was having a divorce and Charlie admired her for still doing her job in the middle of a divorce. She decided to become a good nurse just like Gu Gu.

After this incident, Gei Gei and Charlie got together secretly but Crystal knew. She felt kind of awkward maybe because she found herself liking Gei Gei now. She also developed kidney failure (I'm not sure!) and needed a transplant. During the time she was sick, Gei Gei was by her side, supporting her. And because of her, Gei Gei had to lie to Charlie TWICE so that she would not misunderstand. However, Charlie found out he was lying and did misunderstand him. She was also mad at him because during the time she needed him the most, he was with Crystal (Her father was hospitalized at the time and she was having a hard time). They separated. Crystal's family, who have always neglected her, found out that she had kidney failure and decided to help out. Her mother decided to donate one of her kidneys to her. Her father and two brothers would do the operation for them since they were doctors.

Gei Gei tried to make Charlie understand and after a couple encounters, he was successful. Together, they would support Crystal on her operation. Towards the end of the series, both Crystal and her mother had successful operations. The ending took place at the school where they were graduating from nursing school. Crystal decided to become a nurse because during the time she was sick, nurses took care of her and she found out that without the nurses, doctors wouldn't be successful. Her relationship with her family became close. She also apologized to Charlie for making Gei Gei stay with her during the time she was sick. So she, Charlie and Gei Gei became close friends. Kar Lok and Bo Bo became a couple. Ah Lang finally found a doctor - a veterinarian. At the end, the class graduated from nursing school.

Artist Comments:

Charmaine Sheh - Congratulations to Charmaine for improving in her acting and making this series enjoyable. It was her that made this series very enjoyable to watch. I liked the ways she tried to ignore her friends when they wanted to persuade her to stay at the school. Although her character was too stubborn sometimes, she was very good.

Sammul Chan - A little bit of improvement since "Reaching Out". His surprised expressions suck though. I strongly recommend him to work on that. But despite all that, his performance was much better than last time.

Lily Hong - I hope she gets promoted more because she can act. Although it's average acting that she has, she certainly can do better than Charmaine sometimes. I think this is her first series, am I correct?

Kingdom Yuen - Thanks to "Gods of Honor", she is being promoted more now. I think she was excellent at being a nurse and god, do I love her crying scenes! She cries very emotionally and it looks so real to me.

Others :
Chan Hoi Yi was okay - I don't like her voice though.
Claire Yiu was average - The last time I saw her was when she was still with ATV. Ling Zi Heen is familiar name but anyway he was better than worst
Gregory Lee, Lee Kar Ding's son, was average?

Overall, this series was just 'average' but a couple of scenes made me teary eyed. Do watch the scenes where the baby died...Charmaine was crying and that's why it got me teary eyed too.


The theme song is sung by Miriam Yeung. I don't remember what the lyrics were but I think it has something to do with medical stuff. It was a good choice having Miriam sing because from what I've heard, she used to be a nurse. ^_^

Also, there was this english song that played when Gei Gei confessed his love for Charlie...err...I need that song!

Tammy's Rating: * * * * (Scale of 5)



The White Flame
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