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In the Realm of Fancy
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In the Realm of Fancy (20 Episodes)
* reviewed by TVB Square

Main Characters:
Kong Wah, Shirley Yeung, Terry Fan, Marco Ngai, Mark Kwok

What, when, where and who
After watching the series, I did not have a single clue what is the series truly about, because there are so many little parts that mix together...

Kong Wah is the man who doesn't believe in any magic at the beginning, because of a magic book "Yuen Ting Ging", he begins to believe in magic, then practices it. Terry Fan is Kong Wah's servant, who also is his best friend. Shirley and Kong Wah have an arranged marriage engagement, however Kong Wah practiced magic, and became a fairy, he left Shirley for seven years...

During the seven years, Kong Wah learned the true meaning of love, Shirley and Terry had true feelings toward each other as they support each other for these seven years. But, Shirley's father wants Shirley to marry Marco instead...

The story basically has three main parts, in the first part, it's about how Kong Wah slowly believes in magic as he helps Mark Kwok and his dead wife reunion. In the second part, we met an very old woman, who uses magic to keep her younger look, so that she can get other men's attention. In this part, Shirley realized Kong Wah and her are not meant to be together, because their don't have same thoughts, or according to her, the "same heart". In the third part, that's when Kong Wah became a fairy, he wants to experience what the true love is. During his time as a fairy, he helped three couples to be together, and later when he finally wants to go back to Shirley, seven years already past... Within that seven years, Shirley and Terry had feelings with each other, Kong Wah realized he and Shirley are not meant to be together, so he helps Terry and Shirley to be together...


- Hate Factor
Shirley Yeung's performances
As a debut, she truly sucked, sorry to all the Shirley fans, I really don't want to upset you, but I really hate the way she acts, especially her facial expressions, or when she cries, or when she yells, or even when she smiles, none of her facial expressions were good

The outfits
One of the worst ancient outfits I ever see for years, maybe because of the time period this series is in. The men outfits are too dumb, especially Marco's outfits, I really hate it, he looks weird in that outfits. The women outfits are too simple, too bad. Especially Shirley's outfits, she is short, but her outfits are way too big for her! She looks really dumb with that outfits...

- The Better Factors
I guess that story about Mark Kwok and Winnie Yeung
My favorite kind of love story with some tragic moments! This is the part I enjoyed the most, because it was sort of emotional

Terry Fan
Maybe he is too dumb, but I like the way he acts, very good man. He is very supportive, pretty good character


- The Performances
Kong Wah is just the normal Kong Wah all these years, there are no much differences, but you get to hear the themesong sang by him, it was ok la... Shirley Yeung is a big disappointment, I am not sure if there is anything she can improve on, because she just don't have the talent. Tarry is the best one here, I guess, even though I am not a fan of his. Marco looks too weird, but you will appreciate his love towards Shirley, sort of...

- The Storyline
It was a OK story, sometimes, it was interesting, you want to know what is going to happen next so bad. But, most of the time, the story just dragged too much, they keep repeating some unnecessary parts! There are too many elements mix together, that's why I really not sure what is the main theme for the series... It's more about true love, or about magic, it's for you to decide...

- Worth Renting?
If you have nothing else to see, you might give this series a try. To Kong Wah fans, you might expecting the same performances of him. To Shirley fans, please get the fact that she can not act. To Terry fans, if there are any, this might be a ok one to watch. To the Marco fans, you will not see him very often, also you will hate his outfits, for real!



In the Realm of Fancy
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