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As Sure As Fate
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As Sure As Fate (20 Episodes)
* reviewed by TVB Square

Main Characters:
Joyce Tang, Hacken Lee, Mui Siu Wai, Joey Leung, Florence Kwok, Yuen Siu Cheung

What, when, where and who
This is one the funniest modern series I ever seen!

To begin, let's start with the Mu Rong family, there is the big brother Yuen Siu Cheung, and his very "spicy" wife Florence Kwok, who always likes to "control" her husband and leaves him no freedom. There is the second sister, Mui Siu Wai, who does not look pretty, but has a warm heart, according to her, she went through 100+ relationships, but never find the right one until Joey Leung comes to her life. There is the younger sister, the youngest one of the family, Joyce Tang, her ex-boyfriend Michael Tse is a real jerk, who tricks all Joyce's money and ran away with Hacken Lee's girlfriend Yao Ying Ying.

Throughout the story, Hacken and Joyce team up together to break Michale and Yao apart, but their mission failed as the two has feelings toward each other. Yuen and Florence has a tough relationship after they married, because Florence can't get along with the Mu Rong family, and she has been over-controlled her husband. That caused their marriage to fail, but Florence learned her way to be nicer and supportive to the Mu Rong family. As for Siu Wai, after all the heartbreaks she went through, she gets stronger and smarter, who also found a great job as Joey's coworker in photography...


- Hate Factor
Michale Tse's character
This guy is all about tricks girls and gets their money and runs away... I have to admit Michale did a great job for acting such a jerk, but it just feels mad to see him!

- Love Factor
Joyce Tang
Finally, Joyce takes the leading role, hehe... I really like her, and it feels great to see her most of the time throughout the series ~.~ Plus, her character in this series is SO CUTE! Especially with that dumb glasses or with that big bear Hacken gave to her... she looks so cute!

Joey Leung
I totally love this guy ever since I saw Detective Investigation Files 1, 2 and 3. I guess it is the way he looks and the funny ways he act. And, his eyes, everytime his eyes "flashes", it just makes me laugh so hard!

Best Scenes
Here comes the list:
1. Everytime Hacken and Joey "hey" each other, it's so funny!
2. Everytime Joey yells at his coworkers, it shows how professional he is ~.~
3. Everytime Joyce and Hacken together, I think their chemistry rocks!
4. Everytime Joyce wears that dumb glasses


- The Performances
Everyone did a great job in this series, especially for Joyce and Hacken, I totally enjoys their chemistry, and the way they support each other. I love Joey and Siu Wai together as well, they fit together well, because they both looks funny, they both have hard times on relationships. Joey is so fun to watch, I totally loves him!

- The Storyline
This comedy has its moments, where you will break down and cry... haha.. just kidding! But, it is emotional challenged, because you will laugh your tears out! hehe...

- Worth Renting?
YES! This is the most fun you will ever get! You will laugh every single moments! For the Joyce fans, Hacken fans, you have to watch it!



As Sure As Fate
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