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Florence Kwok
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Florence Kwok (Guo Shao Yun)

Acting Skills: A-
Florence is one my favorite supporting actress of TVB. Many of you who knows about her, must knows about her way of being EVIL... well, being a villain seems to fit Florence really well. For example, "Legend of Lady Yang", she did a really well in the series for being such a evil wife of the emperor. I hope TVB producers can promote Florence more, and perhaps give her more leading roles...

Comedy Skills: B+
Besides evil, Florence's comedy skills are great as well. I loved her role in "Colorful Life" and "As Sure As Fate", because the way she acts just so fun to watch. Especially in Colorful Life, she also shows the audience the dumb side of her

Crying Skills: B+
Most of Florence's characters are really tough, but sometimes, the characters have their soft side. In "Time Before Time", Florence did an excellent job of being a tough and a soft girl, it's great to see both sides of her, to feel the ways her characters changed from time to time. Florence did pretty good in all of her crying scenes, makes the audiences feel touching

Smiling Skills: A
Florence looks very pretty when she smiles, however you don't see her characters smile often, but I really like her smiles!

Singing Skills: ?
I have no idea about her singing skills, because I never heard her singing... oh, I think she actually did a little singing in "Seven Sisters", is that her real voice when she sings the opera song? If it is, then that's not bad at all!

Kissing Skills: ?
I can't remember any kissing scenes of Florence and her costar, hmm... maybe you have to remind me

Dressing Skills: A
I LOVE HER STYLE! I think no matter what she wears, she looks really fit into the cloths. She looks really pretty with ancient outfits, like the one in "Legend of Lady Yang" or "Colorful Life"

Improvement Skills: ??
I think Florence is good all the time. She has her different ways to act different characters, no matter if it is evil, or stupid, or mean, or cute. I enjoy every single performance of her, so I really can't judge on the improvements...

Best Breakthrough Performance
Legend of Lady Yang, I think this is the most evil role Florence ever takes a part in, but also the most memorable one!

Time Before Time, because the way her character changes, this happens a lot to her characters, but in Time Before Time, her performances were excellent, we get to see the supportive side of Florence ~.~


Best looking in Ancient Series
Legend of Lady Yang

Best looking in Modern Series
Not sure, because she looks great in all the outfits

Best Hair Style
Legend of Lady Yang


Best Costar
Gordon Lam in Time Before Time, I like the way she supports Gordon even though she knows Gordon likes someone else

Best Ancient Series
Legend of Lady Yang

Best Modern Series
As Sure As Fate

Best Leading Role
Can't say she has a leading role, but if you have to count, then Time Before Time is the one

Best Supporting Role
Legend of Lady Yang