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Gods of Honor
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Gods of Honor (40 Episodes)
[viet name: Bang Phong Than]
* reviewed by TVB Square


Benny Chan Ho Man

Chin Kar Lok Yeung Jin        

Lei Ka Sing                       

Yuen Keng Dan                 

Yuen Wah                        

Angela Tong Ying Ying        

Irene Wan Pik Har              

Rain Lau Yoke Chui            

Michelle Yip Shuen             

Cheng Chi Seng                 

Yu Tzi Ming                      



What, When & Where

Shang Dynasty, around 1766 BC - 1027 BC during the reign of the last and the most tyrannical Emperor of the dynasty that was once thought to be a myth but exists, King Zhao.





Hate Factor

Shu Dan Ji, the woman who destroyed the entire kingdom! Liu Pi Pa for destroying Li Jing and Shi Niangs relationship, also for killing Shi Niang!


Love Factor

Na Zha, I have to say, because you can see big changes come out from him. He was so high temper, uncare, and unrespectful kids. Towards the end, he becomes really respectful and honor. You will hate the way he was before episode 13, but you will start to love him after that until the end! Very loving character!


Pity Factor

It got to be Shi Niang, she is such a loving mother and wife. But her husband and son rejected her. But she never give up, she always has her positive attitude towards everything. The good thing is that her son and her husband learn to love her, but the sad thing is that she had to die after the emotional family reunion!


How Come Factor

How come Yueng Jin misses his wife so much, but he never borrowed Na Zhas fire wheels to see her?


How come the fighting scenes are so horrible?


How come there is Lian Hua in the story? I don't see the point of having her.





Benny Chan for playing the love factor Na Zha. He did a wonderful job here; in fact, I like him the best in this show! You can see big changes of Na Zha because of Benny's wonderful performance.



As I said above, Na Zha. I really like this character. I also like Jiang Zi Ya a lot, he is a very talented old man.



The mother and son relationship between Na Zha and Shi Niang! Their relationship grows stronger every episode. It's interesting you see how Na Zha hated his mother at first, but later loves her the most. Everytime the two of them together just bring you laughter, or maybe emotional cry.



Two scenes:

When Na Zha and Shi Niang beg Li Jing not to kill himself. They told him that they are a family, and they really need each other. Very very emotional scene!


When Na Zha misses his mother and speaking of her in front of Big Ear and Big Eye brothers. He told them that he was a horrible child, but his mother never gave up on him. Very touching one.


Least Favorites


Michelle Yip, the actress who can not act.



Pi Pa, Dan Ji and Lian Hua. Pi Pa and Dan Ji are evil characters who everyone will hate. Lian Hua is such a weak girl, and also was played by Michelle Yip, no need to explain more.



Pi Pa and Li Jing, Pi Pa always controls Li Jing, she also destroyed his relationship with Shi Niang. I hated the way Li Jing loves her; the good thing is he finally realized he was wrong towards the end.



Everytime you see Lian Hua, she can not cry, so it is really weird to see her cry. I have hard time to understand why is this character even needed?



Most Dramatic Scene

Everytime you see Shi Niang and Na Zha together facing difficulties and happiness. I love to see the two of them. Especially when they together save Li Jings life.


The other classic scene is after Na Zha killed the third Dragon prince, Shi Niang was beat the hell out of him and its very emotional scene.



Worth Watching?

YES, if you like fantasy. No, if you like fighting or romance shows. I will recommend all Benny fans to watch it; you will like the way he performs.



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