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Legal Entanglement
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Legal Entanglement
[viet title: Thuc Thi Phap Luat]
* reviewed by TVB Square

Main Characters:
Kenix Kwok, Hacken Lee, Michael Tse, Stephen Au, Patricia Lui

What, when, where and who
This is a very good and emotional story about the lawyers.
Kenix's husband was unfaithful to her, so she fired a divorce, but her son was taken away from her because she was emotionally disturbed by the fact that her husband is being unfaithful. The lawyer who helped her husband was Hacken, so Kenix hated him, and promised to herself that one day she will be a successful lawyer and fight the way to get her son back. During five years, Kenix had a great friend Stephen Au, who helped her went through many problems from time to time. Kenix was studying law as well as taking a part time job at a firm as an assistant for the lawyers. In the firm, Kenix met Michael, who was really hilarious with his teeth problem, and also Elaine Ng, who later becomes Michael's girlfriend. At the beginning, they didn't work out well together, when Hacken gets into their firm, it even got worse. But, they learn to understand each other and winning many cases. Kenix also begin to have feelings towards Hacken when he and Patricia are dating. Later, Hacken realized he is in love with Kenix, and helping Kenix to get her son back. At the same time, Stephen is in love with Patricia...

There are lots of things going on in this story, and every character has its unique and touching background:
For Kenix, her story is the most emotional one, because her son was separated from her since he was one month old... With all the pain about divorce and loosing her son, she still fights back and finally got her son back.
For Hacken, his father and mother were divorced, and he takes all the blame on his lawyer teacher CT Kwan. Because CT and his mother were in love while his father and mother were going through divorce. With all these years, Hacken was really mad at CT and refuses to accept him, until the end, when he realized the real reason his father and mother were divorced
For Michale, who has horrible teeth, but he can still be a successful lawyer because of his skills. But, he never thought pretty girls like Elaine will ever falling love with him because of his teeth. He has low self-esteem and Elaine was a very social girl, but the two falling love with each other and learn to accept each other's life style
For Patricia, she had a unpleasant past, she was a mistress of a rich guy because she needed the money to help her mom recover her disease. Hacken and her were dating for only a while, they started quick and ending up quick as well, when she was breaking up with Hacken, Stephen becomes her best friend. Stephen at the beginning was trying to digging out Patricia's past, but he soon realized Patricia is a very nice girl, and falling love with her.


- Love Factor
Kenix Kwok
As usual, Kenix is really good in the series. Her performances are very promising and touching, especially when her character has a sad background. Her character is also really strong, who went through lots of problems, but she learned her way to be more and more stronger througout the entire story

Michael Tse
Two thumbs up for Michael's performances, everytime I see him, I just want to laugh, his character is kind of dumb, but very funny. I loved his fake teeth, and the way he tries to talk with those teeth!

Best Scenes
Here comes the list:
1. Everytime you see Michael by himself, or with others
2. Kenix's final speech to fight to get her son back, very emotional scene, get ready your tissues!
3. When Kenix and Hacken are in love, they are great couple!
4. When Patricia asked Stephen why did he protects her all the time, and they hug ~.~


- The Performances
Great performances by every single character is the story, especially for Kenix and Hacken, who are a great pair by the way. I totally loved their chemistry as they went through so many problems.

As Stephen's first TVB show after he left ATV, he had a small role in this series, not as promising as in Burning Flame II's role. But, I still enjoyed his performance.

- The Storyline
I think this series is more about each character's lives and the people surrounding them. It's not only about the lawyers and their cases, in fact, I didn't pay too much attention to the cases, I was more moved by each character's background...

- Worth Renting?
Yes for everyone who likes drama, and emotional stories. If you are expecting some interesting cases, then no. For all the Kenix, Hacken fans, this is a must see!



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