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The Perfect Chemistry
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The Perfect Chemistry

Everyone knows Hydrogen plus Oxygen equals water, it is the concept of chemistry. But, take it into the TVB world, we have to analyze what type of Hydrogen and Oxygen makes the perfect water. You can imaging the actors being Hydrogen and the actress being Oxygen, and the water, of course will be the final chemistry result. Don't just assume the perfect chemistry is the perfect love story, we do need to examining many other types of chemistry, for example, a father and daughter relationship, a friendship, even sometimes a enemy relation. Of course, there are other types of chemistry, which we are NOT normally think about, so I am going to omit those and focus on the following aspects.


The Love Story
The love story or sometimes called the "best fit" on screen. It is the most talkable chemistry when writers writing reviews for the tv series. What makes it a perfect love chemistry? It's difficult to explain, and you will find people strongly agree or disagree with you. So, please don't get mad at me if I list your least favorite couple as my favorite couple in the following list.

The Love Story
TV Series: Detective Investigation Files IV
Love Story Style: not meant to be together
Who and Who: Louis Koo and Jessica Hsuan
Comment: I think Louis and Jessica are the couple on screen! Their chemistry in DIF IV is the greatest! They went through misunderstanding, understanding, and misunderstanding and finally breaking up throughout the entire story. It was very emotional to find out that they can not be together at the end...
TV Series: Whatever It Takes
Love Story Style: cute on screen
Who and Who: Benny Chan and Annie Man
Comment: Annie is cute, Benny is cute, and they look perfect on screen as the cutest couple! It's fun to see them together! However, TVB writers only gave them one chance to be together, which is in Whatever It Takes, I wish they can appear on screen more often
TV Series: State of Divinity
Love Story Style: meant to be together
Who and Who: Jackie Liu and Fiona Leung

Comment: One of the best ancient love story, also my favorite. Their love story did not start until half of the series is over, but their chemistry gets better and better towards the end.
TV Series: Plain Love II
Love Story Style: classic love story
Who and Who: Gordon Lam and Maggie Cheung

Comment: One of the most classic love story in one of the most emotional series. Their love story is somewhat tragic as they struggle with the people, and the environment surrounding them

TV Series: To Catch the Uncatchable
Love Story Style: cute on screen
Who and Who: Dayo Wong and Ada Choi

Comment: This is my favorite couple of 2004, it is a pity that this couple did not end up together, but their chemistry was so perfect that I will never forget

TV Series: Triumph in the Skies
Love Story Style: big age differences
Who and Who: Francis Ng and Myolie Wu

Comment: I think Francis is about 12~18 years older than Myolie, but the big age differences doesn't reduce any chemistry for this perfect couple. I love the scenes where they fight for Myolie's disease together
TV Series: Square Pegs
Love Story Style: to cute to be true
Who and Who: Roger Kwok and Jessica Hsuan

Comment: The most perfect chemistry of 2003, also the most unforgetable chemistry of all time. Roger and Jessica are so cute and so fun to watch
TV Series: Armed Reaction I - IV
Love Story Style: real love story
Who and Who: Marco Ngai and Joyce Tang

Comment: It is not a surprise that Marco and Joyce are real life couples as well. No matter on screen or off screen, this two has the most perfect chemistry, also emotional


The Family Relationships
This is the chemistry that is pretty important in a story, but usually gets ignored because people seems to focus on the love relations more than everything else. It's obvious that a family relation can be a mother-son relation, a father-daughter relation, a brother-sister relation, etc. It's almost impossible to name all the good ones, because there are way too many! I am only going to mention (what I think is) the best family relations below.

The Family Relations
TV Series: Gods of Honor
Family Relation Style: mother and son
Who and Who: Yuen Keng Dan and Benny Chan
Comment: Their relationship is very emtional. At the first, Benny hated his mother because she abandoned him when he was three. Yuen Keng Dan never gives up on Benny, she keeps helping Benny, and wanted him to be good. Benny later learned his way of being a good guy, and builds stronger relationship with his mother
TV Series: Family Man
Family Relation Style: father and daughters
Who and Who: Chun Pei, Jay Lau, Flora Chan, Sonija Kwok, Myolie Wu

Comment: I really enjoy this relationship between the father and four daughters, Chun PEI is the one always there to help solving the four daughters' problems. He is a very supportive and responsible man
TV Series: Burning Flame II
Family Relation Style: father and daughter
Who and Who: Wong He and Jenny Shing

Comment: Jenny is a very talented kid, who works really well with Wong He. Wong He takes the responsibility for taking care of Jenny after his wife died. It was a great chemistry as the two taking care of each other...
TV Series: Triumph in the Skies
Family Relation Style: brothers
Who and Who: Francis Ng and Ron Ng
Comment: At the beginning, Ron plays the "uncle", Francis plays the "nephew", it was so fun to see how their chemistry were developed. Later, they learned the fact that they are two brothers, and their chemistry just gets better and better


The Friendships or The Enemies
We can't really say the friendships or the enemies are the important chemistry, and it is hard to find a perfect friendship or enemy chemistry, especially between actor and actress, because they will turn a friendship or enemy relationship into a love relation, most of the time. So, in here, I am only going to mention the friendships or enemies between one gender.

The Friendships or The Enemies
TV Series: Burning Flame
Friendship Style: best friends
Who and Who: Wong He, Chin Ka Lok, Joe Cheung
Comment: This is what I think is the best friendship you will ever know! Wong He, kA Lok and Joe were growing up together, and all becoming the firemen, who learned their successes and failures throughout the story. It was really sad that Wong He and kA Lok lost their best friend as Joe died at the end...

TV Series: Journey to the West
Friendship Style: master and disciples
Who and Who: Kong Wah, Dicky Cheung, Lai Yiu Leung, Mak Cheung Ching
Comment: Journey to the West is the best example of the master-disciples relationship, the story is about how the master and his three disciples fighting against many struggles to achieve their goal as well as learning accepting each other

TV Series: War and Beauty
Enemy Relation Style: we are the concubines
Who and Who: Charmaine Sheh, Gigi Lai and Maggie Cheung
Comment: They fight against each other from the first moment they see each other to the last moment of good-bye. They have the same propose: to be the Emperor's favorite concubine
TV Series: Detective Investigation Files I-III
Friendship Style: partnership
Who and Who: Michael Tao and Joey Leung
Comment: As partners, Michael and Joey have the best chemistry. They worked really well in all of the three detective investigation files series. I love everytime they were together solving cases. Michael is the smart, challenging guy, and Joey is the reserved, patient investigator, their chemistry is perfect
TV Series: The Condor Heroes Return
Friendship Style: best friends to enemies
Who and Who: Ekin Cheung and Macro Ngai
Comment: One of the many friendship turns to enemies type. Ekin and Macro are the best friends who struggle with their lovers, their status, their mission, and all sorts of things that finally break them apart. But, they did manage those well towards the end

TV Series: Twin of Brothers
Friendship Style: best friends
Who and Who: Raymond Lam and Ron Ng
Comment: They are not twins, they are not brothers, but they are the best friends who have the best chemistry in Twin of Brothers. They have different ambitions, but they always work together to fight the evil