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Witness to A Prosecution II
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Witness to A Prosecution II (22 Episodes)
[viet title: Buc Man Bi Mat]
* reviewed by TVB Square

Main Characters:
Sung Chi -- Bobby Au Yeung
Ah Choong -- Stephen Au
Kit Siu -- Ellesmere Choi
Yun Yuk Zhu - Charmaine Sheh
Sen Fung - Joyce Tang Lai Ming

What, when, where and who
As the follow up from the first Witness to A Prosecution, Bobby acts as Sung Chi, who is the only cast from the original Witness series, his two wives (Jessica and Mariane) were both died in the very first five minute of the Witness II series.. Bobby was certain that he caused the death of his two wives, when he was really disappointing and wishing to end his life, he met Charmaine and Stephen. Charmaine is also a girl with lots of bad luck, Stephen is a very lazy guy, who has a nick name "lazy warm", he actually changed because he learned so much from Bobby. Bobby also accept Stephen as his student, at the same time, Bobby and Charmaine has feelings toward each other, but Bobby afraid he will curse Charmaine, so he hides his feelings.. Joyce is Charmaine's best friend, who is in love with Stephen.

The story goes on as many cases happened one after another, Stephen and Bobby work together to solve each cases until the very last case, where Stephen changed to a completely different person in order to save Charmaine and Bobby...

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- Hate Factor
Halina Tam Siu Wan
Not only the fact that her character is very bad! Halina's performance is even worse! I hated how she uses Stephen to accomplish her goals! She truly deserves her ending!

- Love Factor
Stephen Au
I really like this guy! Ever since Burning Flame II, I begin to notice his performances, he is truly great! In this series, you get to see the many changes come out from him, from a lazy guy to a very educational person, and even evil towards the end. But, you can't blame him, he just pretends to be evil to save Bobby and Charmaine! What a great character!

- The Chemistry
Bobby and Charmaine has the worst chemistry you can ever imagine! I guess it is the age thing, they just don't seem to fit on screen. How come the tvb producers pair them up together? Their love story also kind of sucked...

The chemistry between the Bobby and Stephen
As the master and the student, Bobby and Stephen are great! You will love all the parts they share together, examining bodies together!

- How Come Factor
How did Bobby recover so quick after his two wives were both died? It seems like nothing has happened!

I still have trouble understanding the last case, where Stephen pretends to be bad to save Bobby and Charmaine. When did Bobby actually know Stephen is pretending to be bad? I didn't get it!

Best Scenes
Here comes the list:
1. Everytime, Bobby uses Stephen as his "lab tool", really funny!
2. All the cases, because it is interesting and educating
3. Everytime Bobby finally accept Stephen as his student


- The Performances
Stephen Au is the best, you got to see his performance no matter what! His character is very enjoyable, and also hard to predict. He is the one has the most interesting outcomes than the others. Bobby was just as normal, but not as funny as the other series he was in. Charmaine is still the same, nothing worse, nothing better. Joyce was pretty good as well, I loved the chemistry between her and Stephen

- The Storyline
Sometimes, the story gets really stupid and the it seems like the characters has nothing else to do. But, sometimes, the story gets really interesting as the cases are being examined. The good thing is that the producers mix the stupid and the exciting parts together, so you will feel average, or pretty good about the series. It's kind of balancing out really well...

- Worth Renting?
Whiteness II has it's unique way of presenting all the cases, thanks to the tvb script writers, who did an awesome job for writing the cases, they keep the cases sample, short but interesting. Unlike DIF series, or some other police drama, the cases are very long, and dragging you from here to there then from there to here... Witness II cover about one or two cases per episode, I guess you can say it is a good length for a case. Plus, all of them are educational... If you are into solving cases, or learn something about dead bodies, you must see it!

Overall, it was not a bad series, especially towards the end when you could not tell which side is Stephen actually on... it also feels really short because everything happens so fast... However, compare to the first Witness series, I like the first one a lot more better, because the first one has much better love story going on...



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