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Time Before Time
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Time Before Time (20 Episodes)
* reviewed by TVB Square

Main Characters:
Gordon Lam, Cathy Chow, Florence Kwok

What, when, where and who
In the previous life, Gordon was a rich guy, who is deeply in love with Cathy, however, Gordon's big brother caused their death. Cathy's ghost was stuck into a umbrella for 25 years, Gordon, in the other hand, was reborn, and have a current life as a poor guy, who has a girlfriend - Florence. Gordon accidentally released Cathy's ghost, and helps her to find her lover. They ending up realized Gordon's previous life is Cathy's lover.

Gordon and Cathy began to have crush on each other when Gordon began to remember the stuff he did in the previous life! Gordon slowly remembers who killed his previous life, at the same time, Florence was jealous about him and Cathy being together for two lives...


- Cast
Gordon Lam
Gordon did an excellent job for playing many different personalities.. For the previous life, he is smart, romantic, kind and wealthy. For the current life, he is lazy, crazy, poor, a little stupid, but he gets better.. Also, when he was insane... the part when he only has the IQ of a little boy, he was really funny, he really acts like a little boy! I enjoyed his performances very much... great job!

- Character
Cathy's character, perhaps
For some reason, I like her character, because she is way so kind, but she ending up death... it was kind of sad to hear her story

- Couple
Gordon and Florence
Eventhough Gordon and Cathy are the couple who is meant to be together, I still enjoyed Gordon and Florence together more... I think they made a good couple.. At the beginning, Florence was jealous about Gordon's obsession with Cathy, but she slowly understood. When Gordon was in trouble, Florence was the one tries to help...

- Scene
Here comes the list:
1. When Cathy's ghost first encountered Gordon
2. When Cathy talks about her story in the radio station
3. When Gordon was playing the piano, Cathy and him both realized his previous life is Ah Long
4. All the interesting stuff about ghosts, how their world is like, their traditions and rules
5. When Gordon slowly discovered his big brother killed his previous life
6. When everybody together fighting with the evil guy

This is the BEST ghost story I ever seen so far! It is a true classic ghost story with an excellent storyline which links to the previous, the current and the next life of the main characters. It is very interesting, funny, and somewhat emotional... I will recommand to ALL of you who are interested in ghost stories. This series was also a major hit in Hong Kong, which makes Gordon Lam popular, so if you are a Gordon fan, you can't miss this one!



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