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Steven Ma
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Steven Ma (Ma Jun Wei)
* special thankx to BaByishAzGurl for writing most of the profile ~.~

Acting Skills: A
Steven is a very very good actor. Especially when his character is like a babyish kind. He always acts the only child of the family or the youngest. Steven also plays the serious type of character, such as the one in "Where the Legend Begins" and in "Duke of the Mount Deer", where he plays a young king. He also kind of playful in the series but kinda serious too

Comedy Skills: A-
After watch Better Halves, I totally think Steven is really good at comedy roles, which totally surprised me, he looks really cute when he is in the comedy look. I really hope to see him more and more in the comedy roles.

Crying Skills: A-
He is getting better and better in crying scenes, especially in "Where the Legend Begins", get a closer attention to his tears, they are REAL!

Smiling Skills: A
Great smile. He have a baby face and his cheeks lit up whenever he smile. It look very cute when he make a little smirk on his face too. He do smile a lot when acting hihihi... I think he's a happy boy hahaha lol

Singing Skills: A+
Steven has the most amazing voice as an actor! I love his songs, especially the themesong for Where the Legend Begins, and Perish in the Name of Love, and many others! 

Kissing Skills: B+
He kisses Nadia in (In The Realm Of success). I think in one of the interview she said that he have a very wet mouth! Woo, watch out, girls! Hmm.. also there is one with Charmaine in Moonlight, that kissing scene is so memoriable, that they had that scene in the themevideo!

Dressing Skills: A+
His outfit in modern clothes are really nice. I like it a lot he wear clothes like a teenager boy even though he's in his early thirties. (such as On The Track Or Off). He also look very professional In the Realm Of Success with the suits (cute business man in other words). In Ancient he still look very adorable in those clothes, especially the one in Where the Legend Begins, Perish in the Name of Love and Better Halves

Improvement Skills: A+
I think his acting improves a lot since I start seeing other seires of him. His character doesn't change much though he always play the role of like the baby of the household. I think that suit him more since he does look like one hehehe.. ya know. Now, he is getting more into the dramatic, emtional and ancient type of series, such as "Where the Legend Begins", his character gets more emotional. He also totally suprised me in "Better Halves", because that character is completely different than all the other Steven's roles.

Best Breakthrough Performance
Where the Legend Begins


Best looking in Ancient Series
Perish in the Name of Love, that wedding outfit is so awesome, I want to have it! Also, in Better Halves, he looks really cute... Hmm.. it seems like Steven likes wedding scenes a lot, he has wedding scenes in Where the Legend Begins, Perish in the Name of Love and Better Halves, all look great! haha.. he looks great in red! hehe...

Best looking in Modern Series
Moonlight or Healing Hands

Best Hair Style
Healing Hands, He usually have the same hair style in all his series (buzz cut) but in healing hands it wasn't a buzz cut it was a little longer making is seem different from all the other and due to the fact that I'm not a fan of buzz cut too hihi...  For ancient hair, I love the hair he has in Better Halves, looks really cute and finally!


Best Costar
It has to be Ada, they have the best chemistry together! It's just fun to watch the two of them acting together and I also think they would be a great couple too since I watched On The Track or Off. Also, in Better Halves, Steven has really good chemistry with Maggie Cheung. Steven also works with Charmaine twice, in Moonlight and Perish in the Name of Love, they also have great chemistry together

Best Ancient Series
Where the Legend Begins

Best Modern Series

Best Leading Role
The one in Where the Legend Begins, because I begin to love him after that series!

Best Supporting Role
I will say the one in Moonlight, even thought I disliked his character, but he had a good performance as a new comer back then



Birthday: 10/26
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 65 kg