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The Stamp of Love
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The Stamp of Love
[viet name: Tinh Da Voi Bay]
* taking from by tienkiet

Anne Heung, Kong Wah, Lydia Shum, Marco Lo

Anne heung is not so good in here, you can see all her flaws when she tries to be angry or mad. All she does when she gets mad, like the scenes where the neighbor comes in with all the bothering question or fighting with lydia shum, is roll her eyes left right then up down; move her lips a little; or role her hands from place to place. she is the same in Love is Beautiful, less in Seven Sisters since that serie never require her to jump up and down

Kong wah is not so much the main characters in here, his character doesn't require much either. However, the two sons, one is Marco Lo and the other i dont know his name is much more the main male leads. They are so evil, the way they treat everybody is terrible, they both deserve the title best male actors in here since they did a good job making me hate them.

Lydia shum is alright, u can see her in Recipe of The Heart as Esther's mother. The girl who got pregnant with one of the son is also good. The best actress (or rather supporting) is the owner of the house, the sister of Anne's supposedly dead husband.

Storeline Analysis

Not really a complicated plot, very simple indeed. Anne comes to HK to marry an old guy for money, who dies so she has to go back to filli. however, she meets Kong Wah and helps him when he was going through the brain surgery that cause him his sight. For that, he decides to marry her (fake) so she can stay in HK.

On the other side, lydia is the stepmon of the 2 evil sons who always want their's father soy sauce business. They try and try to kill the father, unsuccesfully so they try to kill Lydia herself. To see how they did it, watch the serie and see

The Plot is somewhat dull and predictable; not the ending though. The ending is much more better than the beggining. Most of the middle tapes are very boring with Anne + Kong Wah relationship and the nosy neighbor. The ending is especially good, very satisfying.

More Comments

Most annoying character has to be Anne's. Both her acting and character annoying the heck out of me. First of all, she doesn't know anything about Lydia's family and she's always into their business. It is mostly due to her fault that the lady died.

The other is the nosy neighbor who always getting into other people business. True that he suspects Anne kills her husband, but what is he doing in her house all the time?? TVB has no better explaination rather than showing us that he's in the house just to borrow some salts or sugar....

Final Word

Well, this is a typical TVB serie where some part is interesting while other is not. Watch it if you have free time. If you get tire of it in the first few tapes, then skip the mid part, go on to the last few tapes, they are much better as the sons getting their plot together to kill their step mother.



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