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Network Love Story
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Network Love Story
[viet title: Chuyen Tinh Tren Mang]
* taking from by tienkiet

Lu Yi - Dao Khoan
Jiang Hong - Lieu Thuy Van
Benny Chan - Ha Gia Lam
Michelle Ye - Duong Hue Man
Zhang Heng - Tran Hoa
Kevin Cheng - Luc tien sing

To begin, I would like to let you all know that NLS is one of my favorite serie so far. There has not been any serie lately that has a good plot as well as good acting. There are many factors that make this serie great, more in the storyline, but there are some obvious flaws also.

The Storyline:
It is one of the best. Watching the serie make me think of other movies/series like Message in the Bottle, or You've Got Mail... etc. However, there are more parts and sub plots in NLS.

Jiang Hong and Lu Yi (Dao Khoan and Thuy Van) (DK and TV)
both of them are internet addicts (not exactly but that get online a lot). When use ICQ, DK's nick is Truong Phong Dai Hiep and TV's nick is Dau Dau. Because of their personality, they get along extremely well and they basically fall in love with one another. However, outside, its totally different. In the beginning, DK thinks that he lost some internet contest to TV because she cheated. DK works at an IT company that is the same as TV's real estate company. As time progresses, from rivalry, they become friend because again, they both share a lot of belief in common. Online, they always chat about what love is and things like that. Outside, TV always give DK ideas about how to design the website.

Benny and Michelle (Gia Lam n Hue Man) GL n HM
Gia Lam is an ambitious person who always dream of having his own company. After leaving his brother's company, he decided with the help of Hue Man to set up an IT company (an online store with the url Hue Man is the daughter of a rich business man who owns the real estate company that Thuy Van works for. However, Hue Man does not get along with her father very well because she blame him for her mother's death; he had an affair with a loyal employee at his company. Hue Man since a long time ago has feeling for Gia Lam; GL knows but he does not want to admit anything because he is afraid that if something happen, he will lose a close friend. So their relationship is basically at a stalemate.

The whole serie basically revolves around these 4 characters and the people around them. Another interesting couple is between Trieu Quai and Tran Hoa. TQ works as an assistant to Dao Khoan in Gia Lam's company and Tran Hoa works of Hue Man's father's real estate company. TQ is a young, energetic who doesn't really know what love is just yet and TH is a conservative, traditional lady; basically TQ is immature for his age and TH is old for her age. Again, since the beginning, they dont exactly get along but however, over time TQ falls for TH because she is different from all the other girls. However, TH is the mistress of Hue Man's father. So when Trieu Quai tells her his feeling, she was caught by surprise and decide to go to France.

Thats the 3 main stories of the serie. Its a happy ending with Tran Hoa comes back from France to be with Trieu Quai. Hue Man and Gia Lam admits their love. Dao Khoan and Thuy Van agree to meet rather than just chatting online.

What's Good
1. the love stories are the best. they are the basic love stories that TVB uses all the time but they are different in certain sense. Especially Trieu Quai and Tran Hoa, this reminds me of the Maggie Sui and Raymond Cho in Healing Hands 2. TQ is just hilarious when he tries to go after Tran Hoa. Benny and Michelle dont have that much time together, especially Benny. He is not even involve in any of the other character's stories. Michelle is Dao Khoan's best friend and sometime, i thought they would make a great couple. They get along so well that Benny become jealous at point.

2. The acting is good. I've never seen Jian Hong and Lu Yi before they are not so bad. Michelle is much better her than in GOds of Honor. Benny is just his normal self. The rest of the supporting cast are ok also

3. The songs in there are very nice even the background selection. The opening song and the song play at part in the serie with Jian Hong are by the group Tension (I'll be with You, Our Story). The ending song and another song in the serie are sung by Jian Hong which are also nice. The instrumental selections are nicely composed that suit the serie extremely well.

What's Bad
Most of the screen time are reserved for Jian Hong Doa Khoan's character. They are the main leads of the serie rather than Michelle and Benny. Benny's part is even tinier than Michelle as he is there just to set up the main plot (the IT company) and nothing else. That was quite dissappointing, Michelle and Benny didn't get much time to be together.

The story about some poeple hijack an Indian airplane was not necessary at all. I know they are trying to create the ending starting at that point but there should something different.

What's the deal with Jian Hong's character receive trust funds from every body? she just suddenly given an important role in the real estate company. In the end, it seems like she is a great great business woman. This contradicts the serie's point of having her as an innocent character.

The annoying part between the character of Luc tien Sing and Jian Hong. He keeps stalking her that after a while, it becomes very annoying watching him.

Final Verdict
GO rent it, its a great serie if u like good love stories and no big storyline about stock market or somthing like that.



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