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Reaching Out
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REACHING OUT (50 Episodes)
[viet name: Song Gio Cuoc Doi]
* reviewed by TVB Square


Gordon Lam, Benny Chan, Nicola Cheung, Kenix Kwok, Ha Yur, Mei Suert, Michelle Yip



What, When & Where

This is a modern story occurs in the normal city of Hong Kong. This touching story revolves around three orphans Fook Sung, Yi Sok, and Gow Mui and the people around them.




Fook Sung is an orphan whose father died while trying to save some kids from a burning house. Fook Sung works as an electrician and is hard-working and a good person. He delivers breakfast to the homeless under a bridge every morning on his bike rides And whenever anyone has a problem that needs to be solved, call on Fook Sung for help! He will get the job done. He calls himself a match, which burns itself to lighten others.


Yi Sok also grew up in the orphanage and grew up hating his father for never coming to see him and for 20 years. What Yi Sok does not know is that his father was in the triads in Philippines and took the blame for one of his bosss crimes, so he had to hide away. Yi Sok is the epitome of a useless person. He's had so many jobs since he graduated because he always gets fired. He is lazy, likes to sleep, and do as little work as possible.


Gow Mui was more fortunate than Fook Sung and Yi Sok. Even though she was an orphan, she was adopted into a doctors wealthy family. She works at a TV station as an investigative reporter. She's a pretty good person too.




Hate Factor

It got to be Jess because of two reasons. First of all, Michelle Yip is a horrible actress, she can not act, can not cry. Second of all, the character Jess is even worse. She dumped Fook Sung after he did so many things for her. She only sees Fook Sung as a safety guard. Horrible person!


Love Factor

Surprise, I chose Yi Sok because he is such a funny character! Everytime he appears, he just bring you lots of laughter. Very cute personality, you can also see his dramatic changes throughout the story.


Pity Factor

I could say none, because this is a very beautiful story.


How Come Factor

How come Fook Sung is such a Mr. Nice guy no matter what happened around him. For example, when Jess left him, he did not say one world to ask her stay, he did not even blame on her leaving. The other example, the spider-girl was so harsh to him, but he let her get along everytime, hard to believe.


How come Jess left Fook Sung for someone she just met, Ken? I mean, after all Fook Sung did for Jess, is that how she pays him back by leaving him? Dont get it!




Gordon Lam did a wonderful job of playing Fook Sung, I mean Gordon looks like a very nice and easy going guy after all. Also, Benny Chan did really good here, too. Yi Sok's lazy style and funny attitude was well showed by Benny. 



Not Yi Sok, because he is too lazy. Fook Sung is my favorite character here, because of his match-guy style, burning himself to lighten others. I love that sentence, it might be my goal someday! Fook Sung is such a nice person, he helps others all the time, but thinking about himself very little. He does not like to fly high like Jess, he does not like to show off, he just want to be a very normal guy who helps the others. Very interesting character, and also very touching.



Fook Sung and spider-girl, I think. Because those two went through many things together, such as fighting, revenging, and all that. But, at the end, they found each other can not live without the other. Very touching couple especially the last episode.



The last episode, when Xiao Jun found out that Fook Sung gave her with his body part, she was freak out and also worries about him, she rushes to Fook Sung's room, he was still in critical condition. She asks him to wake up and be with her. Very touching scene, ready for your tissues!


The other scene, when Yi Sok realized his father took blame for him and sent to jail, he rides his bike in the heavy rain and traces the police car just to catch his father and say how sorry he was, very touching scene.



Least Favorites


Michelle Yip, as I said above, she can not act at all!



Three of them: Jess, Ken and Ken's mother.  No need to explain why. Jess because you just read about her above. Well, the character Ken was such a spoil person, because he was raised with a horrible mother!



Jess and Ken of course! I hate to see those two together since the first moment they met. Jess also left Fook Sung for Ken, which makes me hate the couple even worse!



Everytime you see Jess and Ken together!



Most Dramatic Scene

So many of them! Everytime you see Fook Sung helping someone with their troubles, and everytime the main character themselves struggle with troubles. Such as: Lau Lik and Yi Sok's father-and-son relationship improvement. Gow Mui forgave her stepfather for accidentally killed her real parents. Xiao Ya's death. Xiao Jun realized she has the same disease as Xiao Ya, so she agrees with Jess to give Fook Sung back to her.



Worth Watching?

YES! This is the story you CAN NOT miss! No matter how you don't like some of the casts (such as Michelle Yip), no matter how you don't like crying scenes, you still need to see it! This is such a beautiful story which will attracts you from episode one!


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