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Let's Face It
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Let's Face It (20 Episodes)
[viet title: Thu Thach]
* reviewed by TVB Square

Main Characters:
Joe Ma, Maggie Cheung, Chin Ka Lok, Liza Wong

What, when, where and who
This is NOT a sequal to "An Awakening Story" eventhough it got over 80% of original casts from the Awakening series. In fact, it is completely different type of series. Awakening Story was emotional and dramatic, but "Let's Face It" is funny and cute. "Let's Face It" is base on the theme "exams", which I know all of you face exams and challenges every single day. The story goes really well with the exam theme, because each characters are facing their own exams while trying to develop their family, friend and love relationship.

Joe Ma, Maggie Cheung and Chin Ka Lok had a funny love triangle. At the beginning, Maggie and Joe always fight, they hated each other! At the same time, Ka Lok loves Maggie, but Maggie did not like him at all. Later, Maggie and Joe realized they misunderstood each other and begin to build strong relationship (meaning, falling in love).

Liza Wong is pretty good as playing two completely different character, one is the dummy mother, a typical house wife, who gave up her dream (to be a dancer) to support her family, but she enjoys it really well. The other character is the bigger sister, who is a famous musician, she has a much stronger and independent personality.

Series Links
Episode summaries from TVB official website (Chinese)


- Hate Factor
This story has no hate factor, because everybody is cute

- Love Factor
Maggie Cheung
Maggie is really cute in this story, her character is very strong, who always want to be a winner, so she works really hard to be a successer.

Joe Ma
Joe is the best in this series! He is one of the most successful supporting actor who changes to a leading actor, and he does the leading job really well!

Lisa Wong and Guo Feng
They are the cutest married couple! I love it when Guo Feng is making his funny faces, very cute!

- How Come Factor
I was just wondering how TVB producers like to make the couples HATED each other at the beginning. I guess it is cute, which is true in this series. But, it feels like too common. I mean, everytime you see two characters are fighting with each other at the beginning, you might have a idea that they will ending up together towards the end... Like I said, feels too common! This is not like a real-life love story, I don't think...


- Cast
Joe Ma and Maggie Cheung
If you like them in "An Awakening Story", you will like them more in this series!

Chin Ka Lok
I like his character because of the way he likes Maggie! He is really stupid because he couldn't tell if Maggie likes him or not, he always thought they are in love. I like his dummy ways to get Maggie's attention.

- Character
Joe Ma's character
He is the second son of the Tan Family, he is a very caring son comparing to the other two, he always help his family and other people. He always think about others, and trying to do things for others. What a nice guy! I like his character the most, also this is my favorite Joe Ma's character, it is even cuter than the character in "An Awakening Story"

Liza as the bigger sister
She is always there to solve everyone's conflicts. I like this character much more than the younger sister...

- Couple
Joe and Maggie
Two thumbs up for this couple! They paired once again after "An Awakening Story", they do look cute together! In this series, they were the cutest! You will laugh everytime when they are fighting with each other. And, you will love to see them spent time together, see they falling love with each other... their love story is really cute ~.~

- Scene
Here comes the list:
1. When Maggie and Joe ALWAYS fight with each other in the beginning episodes
2. When Lisa as the bigger sister came to Lisa's family and tried to changed everything, it was a funny part. Everybody hated her at the first, but later loved her the most
3. When Maggie realized Joe saved her life, she knew she was in love with Joe. It was really cute and sweet...
4. You just LOVE to see all the scenes with Joe and Maggie together!


If you are in the comedy mood, or if you want to see cute story, or if you are a Maggie or Joe man, this is the one for you.



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