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Love is Beautiful
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Love is Beautiful
[viet name: DONG CUNG QUY PHI]
* reviewed by Nina

The Story

This series started out really funny, but got very serious towards the end. It was about two ugly girls who grew up together as best friends. Chu Chu has a huge birthmark on her face and is played by Marianne Chan. Ling Yun has freckles and is played by Anne Heung. Chu Chu is a mean girl who is very greedy she marries someone but thinks he is too poor so she does a ton of bad stuff so they would get rid of her. Ling Yun is the nice girl who makes horse shoes. They meet the king Eddie Cheung and Ling Yun saves him. Ling Yun is not really ugly but pretends to be to make Chu Chu happy. A lot of things happen and Eddie marries Ling Yun. Chu Chu killed someone and was about to escape but decides it would be better to just switch faces with Ling Yun. When Ling Yun wakes up she is confused and now wanted for murder while Chu Chu is about to go to the palace. Ling Yun suffers a lot because no one believes that she is Ling Yun. In jail an official believes her and sets her free. She meets Fung Lo Yen who keeps trying to sell her. They become friends and he helps her get to the palace. Eventually the king gets her back but her face could not be switched back. The king can't stand to look at her. The King's uncle is trying to overthrow him and save Chu Chu and gives her a new identity. Ling Yun does so much for the king but ends up getting her head cut off because he believes Chu Chu because she is prettier and not as well loved by the people. Both Chu Chu and Ling Yun have sons, I don't want to tell the whole story so I'll stop here.


The Comments

Marianne chan did a good job as both Chu Chu and Ling Yun. She is very good actress, its too bad she does not do any more series for TVB.

Anne Heung was not as good but was passable. I don't like her because her, Charmaine Sheh, and Kristy Yang have about three expressions: happiness, sadness/frustration, anger, and a blankness that I do not count as an expression. I don't think she is that pretty so I don't understand why she is always playing the most beautiful person.

Eddie Cheung was just the quiet king that was really into beauty.

Overall an enjoyable story. Sort of new except for the classic uncle trying to overthrow the King. It was a little slower towards the end and Ling Yun is frustrating because she always is so trusting, she learns eventually though after about the fifth time Chu Chu tries to trick her!



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