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Colorful Life
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Colorful Life
[viet name: DUYEN TINH MUON SAC]
* reviewed by Nina

Funny entertaining series. If you want to see a family sit at a table and bicker this is the series for you. It is about a family that owns a cloth business. There is the usual trying to overthrow the king too.

The main character is Annie Man, she grew up as a bandit, and marries Frankie Lam. Frankie Lam is the scholar type that she hates. She wants to marry someone who can fight better than her, and he does not fight at all. They always disagree and she even tries to foist him onto this one girl Meng Si who he really likes because she is like him. Frankie Lam's second and third brother always try to be better than each other. The third brother is lazy and his wife is hilarious, especially with her voice, she is so loud and funny, she is always trying to get her husband to try to look like he is working hard. The second brother is annoying, he always tries to act smart when he is not, his wife is very petty, his mother is annoying she is the classic stepmother to all her stepchildren; her daughter played by Myolie is the classic quiet lady who is being forced by her mother to be the classic lady. There is a oldest brother that has a mind of a child.

This series was funny and definitely recommended for a comedy. There is a little bit of action because of Annie, drama at the end, comedy at the beginning, love, misunderstandings, jealousy, and a baby swap.

Favorite couple: Annie Man and Frankie Lam, Third wife and husband.
Most disliked character: Third brother and his mom.
Favorite character: Annie Man and third wife.



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