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Chor Lau Heung
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Chor Lau Heung 2001
[viet name: Tan So Luu Huong]
* reviewed by Nina

This series has one of the best casts I have ever seen, it's cast is like Ocean's 11 in America. The main lead Richie Ren was not cute but had a cheerful feel to him. The girls in the story were all gorgeous except for a few. The fighting scenes were very tastefully done, at least I think so. It did look a little like an animae, but it was pretty cool still. The story is split into a bunch of mini stories that all have girls falling for him. Everyone gets about 5 or 6 episodes of screen time other then the main lead and his tag a long friends. The story started out great, it was funny and had a little mystery in it. Everything started going downhill after Richie Ren decides to become a monk because everyone who is close to him dies. My favorite stories were the one with Soong Xi Hu (Anita Yuen) and her two brothers. Su Rong Rong (Gigi Lai) going with him to the ice palace to prove they were in love. They going to Vietnam and finding out about Chor Lau Heung's past, he meet the Princess(Joey Meng) and Shi Feng Huang (Angie Cheung). All of these stories were sad in its own way for different reason's. They were also my favorite characters.
Gigi Lai, Su Rong Rong
 - Loud, obnoxious, and not exactly the smartest character. She looked great though, and I thought she played her role well especially when she yells at people. I really liked this character, it was the first series I saw with her, her acting did not impress me, but I just really liked her. She had some of the best outfits and she had a cute hairstyle. Her character changed at the middle/end but that made her more interesting.
Anita Yuen, Soong Xi Hu
 - Quiet, intelligent, with a sad past. She was a strong character that was not easy to mess with. She was the type who believed in fate and let it take her where it did. She was a tragic character that was stuck between what she believed was right and the family. She definitely had the most impact on Chor Lau Heung's life. Anita did a great job as Xi Hu she fit the role perfect.
Joey Meng, Menh Lo
 - Rude, snobby, loud princess who liked to get her way. She yelled a lot and was very funny especially when she tried to do voodoo. Her story was sad because she had to marry someone she did not know. She had a cute servant hairstyle, her princess clothes were very elegant too. She played the role well, a lot of character development.
Angie Cheung, Shi Feng Huang
 - Beautiful, vicious and powerful. I loved this character she was a queen that hated to lose. She did whatever it took to get what she wanted. She had a soft spot for her family though. Angie did a perfect job with this character. Her clothes were perfect for her too, I really liked it.
Kristy Yang, Shi Ke Ren
 - Witty, frank, and great swordplay. She left her home at a very young age so she could practice swordplay. She has like the most potential for kung fu, but she has no inner strength. She was a very good character, in terms of her lines, but I did not like Kristy's portrayal of her though, it bothered me how she pauses after every sentence for so long. Her clothes and hair were alright.
Hung Xiu
 - Smart, kind, and great with disguises. She is like a sister to Chor Lau Heung. She has a relationship with an assassin is very romantic and sweet. The assassin was a very cool person too. Tien-er another close friend of Chor Lau Heung is good at medicine.
Hu Die Hua
 - Chor Lau Heung's best friend, he loves to drink. He is very funny. And all his relationships fail.
Monica Chan, Feng Nan Yan
 - Nice person, very giving, and sweet. She grew up in the ice palace and is destined to be the next Princess. Her and Chor Lau Heung do not have a real love story it is sort of one-sided.
Ruby Lin, Si-Kong ching-er
 - Cute, clever, and understanding person. She is a funny character given a great role. I don't know why but I did not like her too much either. She was an extra-side kick that did not do much to the story. Her story with Shi Yi Yen was interesting though.
Si-Kong Jau Sing
 - Funny, I love this guy first time I've seen him in a series. I cannot understand a word he says because everything he says sound murmered or muffled.
Kelly Lin, Ming-Zhu
 - I missed the parts with her in it the parts I saw though were alright. She seemed smart and a little messed up.
Ekin Cheng, Li Xin Haun
 -Vey cool, powerful character. He fit his role and did well on it even though he was only in the first 2 or 3 episodes.
Shi Yi Yen as the number one swordsmen was very calm and mature. The assassin that is the fastest swordsman was a cold character and played really well on being emotionless.
Dicky Cheung did well as Ru Chen. He played being evil yet funny very well. He really fit the role. After seeing this I think Dicky Cheung is better for villain roles.
Eric Suen as Wu Ching was very good the clothes and hair fit him too. Eric was a sad character with an interesting past.
There are a few more characters, but I either don't like them or do not feel like writing more.
Favorites and Least Favorites
Favorite Couple- Richie Ren and Gigi Lai, Hung Xiu and assassin
Most compatible-Richie Ren and Anita Yuen
Most dislike character- shui ling lung, this girl that likes Richie in the beginning
Favorite character- Su Rong Rong and Shi Feng Huang
Most disliked couple-Richie Ren and Kristy Yang
Best outfit: Angie Cheung, Gigi Lai, Joey Meng
Bad points:
The series started great but went downhill after he tried to become a monk and because everyone in this movie died, even the people who never die in most series or movies. It was hard to feel sorry for a character because they usually died before you can become attached. The end was really rushed too, how they beat the assassin leader sucked, it was too lame. It also got me mad who he ended up with because he had just met her.
Watch this series if you want pure entertainment for about 22 episodes or so, the other 10 are alright. Don't if you want a story that all goes together and that will make an impact on your mind. State of Divinity made by Taiwan is more to your taste if you want 1 story, that is not just a bunch of stories stuck together.



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