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The Villain Theory
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The Villain Theory

The Introduction
I always enjoyed the role of villain, because I believe it is the important part of a good story. People seems not to give the villains a good credit because villains are hateful, which is true. But they are made to be hateful, it's their destiny, so get use to it! The villains are the ones make all the other people miserable, messing up other characters' lives, but they also make the story more challenging and hopefully more interesting depending on who is playing the villain...

The stars who are playing the role of villain had either of the two paths: 1) becomes really popular due to the role, for example Louis Koo after ATE II, Nick Cheung after Secret of the Heart, Gallen Lo after Cold Blood Warn Heart; 2) totally get ignored, and was stereotyped into the villain family, so that everytime we see that actor again, we will be like, "ok, yeah, he ALWAYS plays the bad guy".

However, to be popular only base on the villain role is very hard, unless you get really lucky like Gallen Lo. Most of the stars are likely to get ignored because people just don't like villains...

Oh well, maybe that also explains why there are lesser female villains than the male villains. Female stars most not likely to risk their popularity luck on the villain role. The male stars might have more luck with the villain role, maybe that is just a guy thing?


The Types of Villain
Good changes to bad
This is the most common type of the TVB villains! People also seems to enjoy this type of villain more, and the stars who played this type of villain has about over 90% of success. So, basically, if you want to be popular and you like to be a villain, this is the way to go... TVB producers enjoyed making villain this way, because they want to make the audiences like the character at the beginning, and slowly changes audiences' views about the character and ending up hating it. Woo! You see how the TVB producers want you to get through?! Take an example: Nick Cheung in Secret of the Heart. His character was really cute and nice at the beginning, but ending up really cruel and evil. You get to see every single step he took to walk on the path of evil, and yet you will feel pity for him... I believe the most challenging role to play is this type of character, because you have to be so good at the first, and become so bad at the end, no wonder people seems to remember this type more often... I told you, this is your way to be popular!

Bad changes to good
I do not meant a murderer in this case, because it is hard to make people believe those really evil people can turn back to good unless may be in the ancient series, when you got obsessed withkung fu, you got insane and killing everybody... but the original you are not bad, so it will be believeable that you changed to good. (for example, Louis Koo in Against the Blade of Honor) By "bad", I meant a disrespectful type of character, like Benny Chan's Na Zha (Benny is NOT a villain, he is just being BAD) in Gods of Honor, who is totally unreasonable, you will feel mad when he is againsting his mother. But, he changes to be a very respectful and honorable character at the end.

Evil all the way
This is the type we usually ignore, the stars who played this type of villain may has only 5-10% of success. Why? Simple, because this type of character is totally annoying, and you will not feel any pity for them, you just don't care what they did to other people...


The Typical TVB Villains
It is impossible to list all the villains here, here are the ones I like to special mention about... How would you like to rate each one of the villains? Hated to the skin, bone or cells to your blood? By the way, the top five are my favorite ~.~

Actor: Louis Koo
Honorable Mention: ATE II

Type: good turned to evil
His character turned bad because of revenging. He misunderstood everything and took the wrong way

We hate him for causing Ada to suicide serval times...

Actor: Nick Cheung
Honorable Mention: Secret of the Heart

Type: good turned to evil
His character turned bad because of the change of his social class

We hate him for killing Jessica and Ada

Name: Gallen Lo
Honorable Mention: Cold Blood Warm Heart & Legend of Condor Heroes 94

Type: good turned to evil
His character turned bad because of the fact that he likes himself more than anything else

We hate him for causing Jessica's death

Name: Deric Wan
Honorable Mention: Looking Back in Anger

Name: Kenneth Tsang
Honorable Mention: Blood of Good and Evil

Type: evil all the time
He is the most successful villain who is bad from the beginning to the end. He is also the most successful stepfather who drives away his family members one by one...

Name: Maggie Cheung
Honorable Mention: One Turn Deserves Another

We don't hate her, we pity her...

Name: Raymond Lam
Honorable Mention: Golden Faith & A Step Into the Past

We hate him for being very unresonable

Name: Florence Kwok
Honorable Mention: Legend of Lady Yang

Name: Joe Ma
Honorable Mention: ATE and ATE II

Name: Damian Lau
Honorable Mention: Hard Fate

He is the villain who can hide his secrets very well. He is also willing to do anything to keep his secrets safe. We call him the wolf with the lamb's skin

Name: Gordon Lam
Honorable Mention: Once Upcon a Time in Shanghai
Name: Derek Kwok
Honorable Mention: Greed of Man
Name: Frankie Lam
Honorable Mention: Witness to A Persecution

Name: Irene Wan
Honorable Mention: Gods of Honor

Name: Lei Ka Sing
Honorable Mention: Plain Love II & Once Upon a Time in Shanghai
Name: Pan Zhi Wen
Honorable Mention: Once Upon a Time in Shanghai
Name: Charmaine Sheh
Honorable Mention: Heavenly Sword and Dragon Sabre 2000
Name: Anne Heung
Honorable Mention: Love Is Beautiful

Name: Sonija Kwok
Honorable Mention: Where the Legend Begins

We hate her to the cells in our blood because she caused so many people's death

Name: Angela Tong
Honorable Mention: Gods of Honor
Name: Lee Zhi Hung
Honorable Mention: Cold Blood Warm Heart & Burning Flame

Name: Cheng Zhi Sing
Honorable Mention: Burning Flame

Name: Zhang Song Zhi
Honorable Mention: Plain Love II

We hate both of the actors because they ALWAYS play the role of villain!