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Heavenly Sword Dragon Sabre 2000
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Heavenly Sword Dragon Sabre 2000 (42 Episodes)
[viet name: Y THIEN DO LONG KY]

* reviewed by Nina

Main Characters:
Lawrence Ng as Cheung Mor Gei (Zhang Wuji)
Gigi Lai Che as Chiu Man (Zhao Min) - the Mongolian Princess
Charmain Sheh as Chu Chi Nhuoc (Zhou Zhi Nou)


The Review and the comments:

I love this story. I believe it has so much potential I don't think one has been made that fufilled its potential though.

I have only seen th 86' and 00' version made by tvb. I liked both. The 00' version had more of the mongolian princess whose character I really like. She caught all of them and could have killed them all if she had really wanted to. That was cool.

In the 00' version she is a little meaner and not as young and playeful as kitty. Gigi was more princessish, she had great outfits and the cutest hairstyles too. Her relationship with her brother was different and I did not like the change. This version is centered more around love and you could totally tell who he liked best.

In the 86' version I could not tell who he would end up with until after the wedding, all the relationships were about equal. The main scharactr was too old but I began to like him after a while. I hated charmaine sheh she was so annoying, and her voice!!! I wanted to put it on mute when she talked. She was always jealous. I don't like how she looked either, especially her nose. Her clothes were all right she looked better after the marriage though. Her voice was not strong enough to be evil. The purple eyes really went with her though.

I actually like chow chi yuerk character in the 86' I felt bad for her at the end too. I hated how most of the characters were reused from the 86' version as different people i mean, the lion in this version was the messenger guy in the 86'! The parents were too old but they were interesting. Michelle Mei was really pretty especialy her hairstyles. Spider girl was really cute and funny. Siu chiu was alright I like her better in the other version. The story about yang siu was a lot better. I really liked his character and in this series, so much charisma. I've only seen Eddie cheung in Love is beautiful and I did not like his character that much in series. Gigi was made to be a little too smart, she seemed like a fortune teller after a while. All of the Wu Dang people were too old. They made a joke out of the doctor. I don't like that about newer versions they try so hard to make the series funny. I laughed so hard when the wuji's dad gets attacked by the polar bear and the end of the series where the scenery was like wall paper and how there was this narrator who told what happened to everyone.

Its ok for series like 4 aces where it goes a long but this is a wuxia. This series was enjoyable for me, I like comparing the versions. It is a good series if you don't mind details like bad scenery and fake colorful fighting. The actors were pretty good except for a few exceptions like the lion's master who tried to hard to act evil and laugh and voice were so annoying on par with charmaine's. Sorry to who ever like charmaine this is the only series i have seen with her unless you count love is beautiful. And I hater her is this series, maybe it was the script.

Series Links
1. TVB Website (Chinese)

2. Series review from SPCNET (English)



- Pity Factor
Yen Su Su (Michelle Mei)
When she tells her husband everything and that it was her fault. After her would be Yang Siu because I thought he deserved a better ending (I have favortism when it comes to characters I like).


- Cast
Mongolian Princess Chau Mei played by Gigi
I loved how she first made her appearance.

Yang Siu because I liked his first apppearance too, and he had so much charisma.

- Couple
Mongolian Princess and Zhang Wuji
They were cute together. She was the brains and he was the brawns


- Cast
Charmaine Sheh

- Character
Chow Chi Yuerk and Zhang Wuji, like I said she annoyed me, and she had too much screen time. Especially when she tried to sound pitiful or evil I wanted to laugh. And all she did to convey anger was raise a eyebrow



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