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Legendary of the Four Aces
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Legendary of the Four Aces (40 Episodes)
[viet name: Tu Dai Thien Tai]
* reviewed by Nina

The Characters
  • Nick Cheung as Tong Bak Fu,
  • Bobby Au Yeung as Chook Chi San,
  • Gordon Lam as Mun Jing Ming,
  • Marco Ngai as Chow Mun Bun,
  • Esther Kwan as Chow Heung/Chow Yuet,
  • Yvonne Yung as Sek Lau,
  • Nadia Chan as Chu Ping Ting,
  • Annie Man as Chook Hiu Leen,
  • Ellesmere Choy as The Emperor,
  • Anne Heung as Lee Fung Jie,
  • Lo Hoi Pang as Wah Tai Sze


Who and What:
Four scholarly people who find love. There is the smart and dashing Tang Bo Hu played by Nick Cheung. Greedy Chu Tse San (Bobby), noble and honest Wen Jing Ming (Gordon), and the guy who goes a long Chow Wen Bing (Macro).

The Characters:

Tang Bo Hu - Has no problems at all to begin with, girls are after him, he is smart, handsome, rich, and no real family problems, except his dad won't let him be a government official because of a curse put on their family years ago. He has a love story with a girl who he met at the brothal Chiu Yreh (Esther Kwan), he was about to marry her but ended up not. Later he meets another girl who looks like her Chiu Xiang and ends up being her twin. He falls for that girl. Chiu Yreh finds out and gets very upsetí­ Nick did alright in this role.

Chu Tse San
- Greedy man with eyesight problems and loves to eat. He has a sister Xiao Lien (Annie Man) that he lives with. He loved a girl a long time ago and has never forgotten her, later he realizes it was a mistake because she was a***** that tried to use him. He later on marries Su Liu (Weng Hong) the best chef in the world. He does not love her at first but later realizes that he does when it was too late. He fit this role very well.

Wen Jing Ming
- He was the most proper out of them all. He wanted to work for the people. He falls in love with a princess (Nadia Chan). And they have a problem because of their different classes. He was funny in the role.

Chow Wen Bing - He was very interesting when he first showed up. He started out the other three's enemy. Eventually they became friends. He like Xiao Lien who like Tang Bo Hu and is sort of married to him.

There is also a king who likes Anne Heung that ends in tragedy.


- Character
Ester Kwan as Chiu Yreh, she was good in this role, strong, and I felt bad for her because Nick did marry her first.

The Princess played by Nadia Chan she was funny as the princess.

Su Liu she was funny especially when she held a stick.

For the guys it would be Chow Wen Bing because he was interesting before he became good.

- Couple
Nick Cheung and Ester Kwan's Chiu Yreh
she was so mean to him in the beginning it was sweet, and she really liked him.


- Character
Hua Tai Se, I hated him he was so annoying, he was always talking and so messed up in always thinking he was right.


I really liked this series. It was really funny at times and was sad too. The actors all did a really good job.



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