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Gallen Lo
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Gallen Lo (Lou Jia Liang)

Acting Skills: A
Gallen Lo's characters are well known as three different types: evil, funny and stuck-in-between. Let's begin with the evil type. As we all know, he always play villains in lots of his early work, such as "Cold Blood Warm Heart", "Ambition" and many others. Later, people start to recognize his funny size, and all the sudden, he made lots of comedy series, such as "Old Time Buddy", also at the same time, the TVB producers realized Gallen is the best at playing the characters who are stuck in between good and evil, like the one in "ATE" and "Golden Faith". Oh, well, no matter what, I love the evil Gallen the most, because he is good at it!

Comedy Skills: B-
I don't think I like Gallen's funny side, his comedy series are not as good as his serious series. Maybe I don't like the way he smiles... oh well, I told you, I like the evil Gallen, his face is so serious when he plays evil characters.

Crying Skills: B+
If you pay close attention to his sad moments, you might see his tears falling... But, you will not get too many chances to see Gallen cry, because his facial expression does everything, don't really need tears...

Smiling Skills: B-
I don't know about how you feel about Gallen's smiling, but I did not like his smiles too much, maybe because of his mouth, he does not look as cute

Singing Skills: B+
I love most of Gallen's themesongs, especially the one for "Secret of the Heart", it was amazing. However, his personal album was OK, I can only enjoy two or three songs out of the whole album. What is up with that? I think Gallen has a good voice, he just needs to pick good songs to sing

Kissing Skills: B+
Gallen shared lots of kissing scenes with pretty much all his costars. The ones I remember the most is Gallen with Amy in "Secret of the Heart", also with Charmaine in "Seven Sisters" (this kissing scene was not so promising). Maybe because of the fact that Gallen kissed way to many costars, it is hard to judge his kissing skills...

Dressing Skills: B-
Sometimes, I hated his outfits, such as "Hope for Sale", I really hate the way he dresses! But, sometimes, he looks pretty good, but that is only in a few cases, when he wears tuxedo, I think he looks great in it

Improvement Skills: B+
Ok, Gallen was great when he ALWAYS play the villain characters, but I did not like Gallen's comedy roles, I thought his performances in the comedy series were not so promising. Since Gallen is in SO MANY series, sometimes you will feel tired of him, because he always play the three roles I talked above. Right now, he does not play villain anymore, what's up with that? I want the evil Gallen back! It seems like TVB wants Gallen to play more stuck-in-between type of characters, I guess he is the only one who can does a really good job

Best Breakthrough Performance
"Cold Blood Warm Heart", you will hate him to the cell in your blood! That series also made me begin to notice Gallen's performing skills


Best looking in Ancient Series
Maybe Condor Heroes

Best looking in Modern Series
Perhaps Golden Faith, even thought Gallen looks older, but I thought he looks better, too

Best Hair Style
Not the one in Seven Sisters, Hope for Sale. I didn't like Gallen's hair like that. I do like Gallen's hair in ATE, it looked good


Best Costar
Since Gallen has SO MANY costars, but I enjoy watching him with Jessica Hsuan the most, don't know why. I just think their chemistry was great in "Cold Blood Warm Heart" even thought Gallen killed Jessica! Also, I like Gallen with Amy Kwok in "Secrets of the Heart"

Best Ancient Series
The Legend of the Condor Heroes 96

Best Modern Series
Cold Blood Warm Heart

Best Leading Role
I am looking for his "Golden Faith", but for now, I enjoyed his character in "ATE" for some reason...

Best Supporting Role
Xu Jia Li in "Cold Blood Warm Heart", because the way he was so evil!



Birthday: 12/16
Height: 181cm
Weight: 72kg