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Journey to the West III
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Journey to the West III (40 Episodes)
[viet name: Tay Du Ky III]
* reviewed by TVB Square

Main Characters:
Dicky Cheung: The Monkey King
Edmond Leung: The Master
Eric Got: The Pig
Sam Lee: The Sand Monk

Guest Appearances & their time of appearances:
Kristy Yeung: The White Skeleton; about 5-7 episodes
Charlene Choi (Twins): Zi Lan; about 7 or 8 episodes
Gillian Chung (Twins): Zi Wei; about 5 episodes
Jimmy Lin: Na Zha; about 8-10 episodes
Jacky Liu: The tree-eye guy; about 3 episodes
Sammi Cheung: Guan Yin: about 15-30 minutes
Lee San San: The umbrella fairy; about 3 episodes
Anita Yuen: Fairy; one episode
Yuki Xu: Hong Hai Er (Demon Bull's son); two episodes
Fennie Yuen: The snake demon; two episodes
Iijima Ai: The black spider demon; one episode
Andy Hui: The white horse; 15 minutes
Nicolas Tse: Chung Kui: 20-30 minutes
William So: The dragon king: around 15 minutes

I don't like to give bad reviews, because I know it takes a lots of effort to shot a series. Especially a series like Journey to the West III, I am sure the producers put lots of time to make the special effects and the storyline. Plus, there are LOTS of famous stars appearing in this series, but their appearances time are WAY TOO short! The only guests, who appeared a little longer are Jimmy, Kristy and TWINS. For Jimmy, who played Na Zha, which is way WORSE than Benny Chan's Na Zha. For TWINS, they can not act at all! For Kristy, she is not bad, but her character is very unreasonable sometimes

Well, I have to tell you that I am very disappointed at this series, so if you don't like bad reviews or you have to see this series NO MATTER WHAT, I recommand you not to read the rest, otherwise, go ahead...

What, when, where and who
Basically, this is a remake of Journey to the West 1 and 2. This time, Dicky came back as the monkey king, Edmond is the master, Eric is the pig and Sam is the sand monk. However, the scriptwriters tried to make the story funny, so they completely changed the stories, so you will be like, "What?!" Ok, here is what I meant:
1. Dicky's girlfriends
I have no idea why the scriptwriters want the monkey king to have lovers. Kristy, the white skeleton become Dicky's first lover, but later, Dicky falling love with Charlene Choi, and I have to tell you, their love story totally sucked, because Charlene can not act at all!
2. Three Strikes with the White Skeleton
This is the most famous, and the most classic sub-story of Journey to the West, however, in this series, the story is totally different. When Dicky is in love with Charlene, Kristy was really jealous, so she trys very hard to get Dicky bad, that makes Dicky mad, so he slaps her face three different times. Ok, whatever!
3. The rest of the sub-stories
There are lots of sub-stories, and they are shorter than the ones in JTW 1 and 2. Sometimes, two sub-storeis occured basically in the same time, and it jumps from one to another, so it is kind of confusing sometimes...

Series Links
Program Information from Jadenew (Chinese)

- Dislike Factor
The Storyline
Like I said, the scriptwriters tried to make this series so funny, and sometimes you will think the series is way too silly

Jimmy's Na Zha
Ok, I really don't like Jimmy's version of Na Zha, first of all, his story is completely different than Benny's Na Zha in "Gods of Honor", and in this series, Jimmy did not act good, in fact, I thought he had his worst performance ever!

- Love Factor
Dicky Cheung
Dicky is always performs good, especially as the monkey kings. He is probally the only reason you want to watch this series. Remember in "Journey to the West 1"? He likes to use the word, "YO!". In this series, he likes to use a longer one, "Gee... Ba Ni Ge Long Ding Dong Ah!", which I have no idea what that suppose to mean. Everytime, Dicky is mad, happy or angry, he likes to use that.

Sam Lee as the sand monk
The other character I like is Sam, in this series, he likes to study and make magic weapons. Sometimes, he is very silly, but he is also cute...

- Pity Factor
I can not think of any pity factors in this series...


- Cast
The one and only Dicky Cheung
As in Journey to the West 1, Dicky did an excellent job

- Character
Other than the monkey king, and the sand monk, I can't think of any others characters that I like. Andy Hui's white horse is pretty funny, but he only appeared for about 10-15 minutes.

- Couple
I can not think of any couples that I like

- Scene
1. Everytime Dicky appears alone or with the pig or with the sand monk
2. The ending, very funny! You will laugh like crazy!


- Cast
8 words: They can not act, they can not cry! Sometimes, you will tired of watching these two girls

- Character
Jimmy's Nazha as I said above.
Yuki Xu's Hong Hai Er, I think this character is hard to play, and Yuki is a girl, she is not good at acting either, I don't know why the producers chose Yuki to play this character...

- Couple
Dicky and Charlene
Their love story is boring! I don't like to see them together at all!


The only reason I watch this series is because of Dicky, however the series disappointed me. If you are truely, madly and deeply in love with Dicky, and you want to kill some of your time, go ahead and rend it. But don't just rent it because any of the guest stars, they only appear very little time.



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