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Wong He
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Wong He (Wong Xi)

Acting Skills: A
The first time I saw Ah He's performance was in "Burning Flame", I begin to like him from the very first episode of the series, because his performance was PERFECT! Later, I saw "A Matter of the Customs", I know lots of you did not enjoy the series because of Lisa and Danny's boring love story, but don't blame on Ah He and Jessica, I thought they did their best in that series, especially Ah He, he once again proves his acting skills. I really like Ah He's serious roles, like the one in "A Matter of the Customs", that character was pretty awesome. Anyway, I just think Wong He's every single performance was convincing and enjoyable!

Comedy Skills: B+
I can't really say I love Ah He's comedy roles, because I love his serious roles WAY TOO MUCH!

Crying Skills: A
I love his crying scenes in "Burning Flame", it was AMAZING! I can still remember every single crying scenes Wong He had in that series! I wish I can see Ah He cry more in his series, I really like to see his tears! Haha...

Smiling Skills: A-
Wong He does not has a great look, his eyes are way too small, but his smiles are great! I think he looks cute when he smiles. See the third picture at right...

Singing Skills: B+
Hmm, currently I am obsessed with his themesong for "Doomed to Oblivion", that is a great song! I use to love his "Love as Sea" a lot when I was watching "A Matter of the Customs". I think Wong He can sing pretty good, but his voice is too deep, that is his weakness. Plus, he only has 3 or 4 songs I really like and the rest were OK

Kissing Skills: A- (thankx to Jocelyn Ngo for giving me the information ~,~)
In the series "A Matter of Customs", Wong He shared some kissing scenes with Jessica, Shirley Cheung (Ah He helped her out when she almost dead) and Joyce Chan (Ah He kissed her in front of Jessica!). Ha, he got chances to kiss three girls in one series, what a lucky guy!

Dressing Skills: B+
I love Ah He in the fireman suit! He looks handsome!

Improvement Skills: ?
I don't know how can I write this part, because the very first series I saw from Wong He (Burning Flame) was my favorite series of all time. Ah He's performance in that series was the best! I can't say he did not do better in the other series, because all his performances were good, but the roles he played was not as good as the role in Burning Flame. I also like his new series, "Doomed of Oblivion", eventhought his character was not that enjoyable, but his performances were excellent

Best Breakthrough Performance
Burning Flame


Best looking in Ancient Series
Doomed to Oblivion, I like the older Wong He, don't know why...

Best looking in Modern Series
A Matter of Customs, because he looks SO serious! That's the type of character I love!
Burning Flame, as I told you, I love Ah He in the fireman suit!

Best Hair Style
Burning Flame


Best Costar
Jessica Hsuan in "A Matter of the Customs", they have a PERFECT chemistry! But, a sad ending for the two. I also like Wong He with Nadia in "Doomed to Oblivion"

Best Ancient Series
Doomed to Oblivion

Best Modern Series
Burning Flame

Best Leading Role
In Burning Flame

Best Supporting Role
I do not recall any supporting role of Ah He...



Birthday: 07/27
Height: 178cm
Weight: 65kg