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Burning Flame II
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Burning Flame II (35 Episodes)
[viet name: Liet Hoa Hng Tm 2]
* reviewed by TVB Square

Main Characters

Alex Fang Tang Ming (Wilson)

Yo Yo Mung Kong Yat Ngor (Yan)

Wong He - Kei Tak Tin

Maggie Cheung - Chung Yan Yee

Stephen Au - Choi Nam Fung

Annie Man - Yip Heung Yeung

Flora Chan - Ho Po Lam (Michelle)

Kevin Cheung - Kei Hing Tin (Mark)

Guest Star: Jessica Hsuan as Wong He's dead wife Ah Ling



Who, What, When & Where

This is another firemen story after the first Burning Flame made a super hit. The storyline is totally different, the characters are totally different.


Alex is a very strict man; he wants everything to be perfect, because he did not want anyone to get hurt. You could say he is a very mean boss, but he is a very talented man, but his marriage was messed up because of him. Alex's wife Yo Yo is a very childish wife, she relies too much on her husband, and she could not take care of herself. That makes Alex feel too stressful, at that time; Alex met Flora, who is a very independent woman. Alex and Flora had a sudden feeling towards each other. Yo Yo could not accept the fact Alex betrayed her, so she divorced Alex and begin to learn to be independent.


Wong He's wife (played by Jessica) was killed by a car accident, and left Ah He a lovely daughter Kei Yiu. Ah He promised himself never try to be a hero, because Ah Yiu can not loss a father. From then on, Ah He did not try to work so hard, until he met Alex (his new boss), and the second woman in his life: Maggie.


Annie is Stephen's master's wife. Stephen's master was passed away, and Annie becomes a widow, she feels very sad because she is still very young. Annie tries to get into a relationship because she needs someone to take care of her. Stephen always there to protect Annie and helps her, then the two begin to love each other. At first, Stephen was afraid about their relationship, because Annie is his master's wife. Later Stephen realized he is very much in love with Annie, so the two decided to marry, but Annie was afraid she will loss another husband, so she would not allow Stephen to be a fireman, therefore they broke apart.


Series links

1. Episode summaries from TVB official website (Chinese)

2. Burning Flame II information in English




- Hate Factor

Wong He's little brother, Kei Hing Tin (Mark)

That's about the only character I hate, seriously, there is no one else there for me to hate. However, Mark is way too cute; I really don't feel like yelling at him or hate him forever and ever. Mark is just a young man, who always wants to be the top, I just did not like the way he tries too much, or the way he treats Maggie! However, he changed at the VERY END, not bad for him, but it cost him too much!


- Love Factor

Wong He's daughter, Kei Yiu

This little kid is very lovely, every time I see her; I just want to hug her so bad!


Annie Man and Stephen Au

I love this couple, they are so cute together, they always make me laugh, especially Stephen, I really like this actor, he is very funny!


Maggie Cheung

Maggie did a wonderful job in this series; her character has a little childhood-trouble, but she is brave enough to face it, very strong and responsible!


- Pity Factor

If you have saw the ending or don't mind I give away the ending, go on and read, otherwise, join me next time when you finish the series. I don't want you blame me for giving away the ending!


I really can not think of any pity factor other than Wong He and Maggie.

For Ah He, what a poor guy, he died at the end! We knew his wife died, and he promised his daughter he will not try to be a hero, but at the end, he died because of saving a bad guy, he truly becomes a hero and left us forever, what a sad ending for such a wonderful father, husband, boyfriend and bigger brother...


For Maggie, what a poor girl, I felt bad for the way she lost Ah He. Right before a fire accident, Ah He asked Maggie to marry him and Maggie left him an IQ question to answer, Ah He knew the answer and yelled at her, "ready to be my woman after saving the fire", but he never came back! So sad.


- How Come Factor

Seriously, if you don't mind I give away the ending, go ahead and read the rest...

Well, I did not like the way TVB producers KILLED the very MAIN character Wong He at the end! Poor guy, after all that he went through, and all the good things waiting for him, then all of the sudden, he died! Maybe, the producers tried to prove one thing, the thing Wong He's dead wife (Jessica) said to him, "Your eyebrow does not pass your eyes, could not live longer than 30." Oh well, he lived until 29... what a young life! Maybe because of the fact, Wong He is the main character, and we, as the audiences went through so many difficulties with him, and all of the sudden, he is gone, that is way too sad, don't you think? Before his death, he is trying to ask Maggie to marry him, he finally met his second one and he wants to spend the rest of his life with her and his lovely daughter, but everything is gone, it feels weird. I dont know why the producers decide to kill Wong He at the end? I really don't get it! Poor Maggie!!!!


Also, when I watch the series, I felt like there is something missing in this series, and I finally realized whats missing: the villain! There are certain hate factors, but they are not hateful enough to be villains. I always like villains, because I like to yell at them, such as in the first Burning Flame, Louis's big brother was a true villain, he caused Louis's wife's death, what a bad guy, till this day, I hate him! However, in Burning Flame II, there is no one I can yell at, except Mark, but he did not kill anyone, he still is a good guy after all. You might think I am cruel, but I really think villains are important factors of the story. I just feel like missing something in this series. Don't give me wrong, I really enjoy this series; I just thought the producers can last it a little longer and put a villain in there.





Maggie Cheung

Maggie is wonderful here; I totally put myself into her shoes!


Stephen Au

I begin to like him from the very beginning, I really like the way he protects Annie and takes care of Annie. Very funny and cute guy!


Wong He

He is always good, especially as a fire man. If Ah He is not an actor, he will be a fire man; this job is perfect for him!


Annie Man

We all know Annie is cute, but she also is a very talented actress. Did you notice her crying skills in this series, I can say PERFECT! Notice episode number 34, Annie and Stephen has an emotional talk, her crying skill is excellent there!



Stephen Au as I said above

Kei Yiu, because she is way too cute!


Alex, towards the end

He is a very cool guy, just a little messed up in the marriage, but you will forgive him..



Stephen and Annie

I guess Annie can pair up with anyone and still the two make a very cute couple. I really like Stephen and Annie's story, and see the difficulties they went through, and laugh at Stephen's dummy ways to get Annie back.


Wong He and Maggie, but a sad ending

Wong He and Maggie are like Wong He and Esther in the first Burning Flame. The two begin as FRIENDS, oh sure, friends, who take care of each other WAY TOO MUCH! Wong He, once again, falling love wither his brother's girlfriend!



Plenty scenes:

1. everytime you see Maggie and Wong He

2. everytime you see Wong He and his daughter

3. everytime you see Stephen and Annie or Stephen with his classmates

4. when Stephen and Annie married, but they were fighting about whether Stephen can be a fireman or not

5. when Wong He begin to date Maggie




I could not think of any, because all of them did an excellent job



Wong He's brother Mark, I hate that guy, but he is so cute



Mark and Maggie of course!



Well, I don't think I will like to pick a bad scene, because I really can not think of any out of my head. If I have to pick one, maybe the ending, I just feel that it was too rush, I mean, after watching Wong He's death for couple minutes, and all of the sudden, half of the year passed by, and Alex found Yo Yo, and that's the end. It's a little too rush, don't you think?




I really like the first Burning Flame, because that one is very classic, I also like this new Burning Flame, because all of the casts did a wonderful job, and the storyline is also excellent. However, I do like the first one a little more; here I have a table, which list out the comparison of the two Burning Flame series:



Burning Flame I

Burning Flame II

The characters we loved who died

Wong He's mother, Louis's wife, A talented fireman and Ah He's best friend. What can I say? One word: emotional!

To be strict, only Wong He. Not so strict, we can count Alex's brother

Wong He's character

I like his character in this one a little more, because he is a more responsible man, I love his character from the beginning to the end

You will like Ah He's character more and more towards the end, but not at the beginning

The Villain

The one that hurts almost every single character: Louis's brother. He is hateful, but also made the story more emotional

I can not pick any one, you can say, there is no important villains in this one. Mark is not a villain, he is just being bad

The Emotional Scenes

I guess I love emotional stories, you know, the stories make you cry a lot, this series is perfect for me

There are lots of funny and emotional scenes, its well balanced out

The Ending

I love this ending, because we can say, it is a happy ending, and a united ending. We get to see all the important casts together at the end

You can only see Alex chasing Yo Yo at the end, this ending is a little too rush, not so perfect




Yes, for all the Burning Flame fans, you should see it. It does not matter you will like this one more or the first one more, you will enjoy it. For all the Annie, Stephen, Maggie fans, you CAN NOT miss this one!




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