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Charmaine Sheh
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Charmaine Sheh (She Shi Man)


Acting Skills: B+

Ok, I don't know how I begin this. First time I saw Charmaine was in DIF IV, I hated her, and she became one of the names in my hate list. Oh well, I don't know what kind of force made me watching Country Spirit, but I actually enjoyed her performances in the series. Maybe because she improves whole lot since DIF IV, or maybe she gets lucky, TVB keeps promoting her like crazy, there are lots of her series coming out one after another, you really can not avoiding her anymore. So, I just kept watching her series, and I think she can still grow stronger.


Comedy Skills: B-

I don't think comedy roles fit Charmaine, or maybe it's Charmaine who does not fit into the comedy roles. It is just very hard to imaging she is funny; I think Charmaine is the more serious type


Crying Skills: A

Oh, yeah, the best skills Charmaine ever had are her crying skills. Charmaine is a good at crying, and her tears seem real, for example, in Country Spirit, her tears can make you heart break! Charmaine does better and better in crying skills, but sometimes, you feel tired to see her cries ALL THE TIME, for example, in Seven Sisters, towards the end, you see her crying like crazy!


Smiling Skills: A-

Charmaine has a nice smile. Sometimes, you are tired of see her cry, so you will like to see her smile once an often


Singing Skills: B

Finally, I got to hear her sing with Steven Ma for that themesong of "Perish in the Name of Love", I loved that song, but didn't think Charmine's voice is good enough. I think she can do a better job singing... so, keep practicing...


Kissing Skills: B+

I enjoyed her kissing scenes with some of her coworkers, such as Roger Kwok in A Herbalist Affair. However, I did not like the kissing scene she shared with Gallen in Seven Sisters, I thought that was not a very promising kiss...


Dressing Skills: A-

Pretty good dressing style, Charmaine looks good in Moonlight with that modern outfit and short hair. She also can look really good in ancient outfits, like the one in Perish in the Name of Love, I totally love her wedding outfit


Improvement Skills: A-

Oh, yeah, as you figured, Charmaine's improvement skills are getting stronger. From DIF IV to Moonlight, you can see a huge difference, also from Heavenly Swords, she proves that she can be a cool villain. In Country Spirit, her crying skills were perfect. Anyways, I see lots of improvement come out of her, keep going, Charmaine!


Best Breakthrough Performance:

Perhaps Country Spirit, she did really well in that series. Her performance in Country Spirit totally changed my opinion towards her... Also, in Moonlight, very good series. In Perish in the Name of Love, she had a really promising performances, which proves she can act



Best looking in Ancient series

Perish in the Name of Love


Best looking in Modern series



Best Hair Style

Definitely not the hair style in "DIF IV" or in "A Herbalist Affair" or in "Seven Sisters", I really hate her hair style in those two series! Maybe I like the short hair of hers in "Moonlight"



Best Costar

Gordon Lam in Country Spirit, their chemistry seems to fit, however their love story gets way so boring towards the end. Perhaps, I like Charmaine pairs up with Gallen in Seven Sisters a little more. Or may be with Chilam in Moonlight? Or Steven Ma in Perish in the Name of Love? I dont know, can't make up my mind!


Best Ancient Series

Perish in the Name of Love


Best Modern Series



Best Leading Role

Definitely her character in Country Spirit and Perish in the Name of Love


Best Supporting Role

Does she have any supporting roles other than DIF IV or Flying Fox? I can't think of any. Anyways, I do not like her character in DIF IV or Flying Fox AT ALL, so I am not going to put down anything in here...




Birthday: 05/28

Height: 1.64m

Weight: 45kg