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Flora Chan
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Flora Chan (Chan Hui Shan)


Acting Skills: A-

The first time I see Flora was in "Healing Hands", her performance was wonderful, and because of that series, I begin to appreciate her acting skills. Then, I saw her amazing performance in "ATE", that series convinced me that Flora is a great actress. Later, I saw her another series "Taste of Love", she was so cute in that series, and I begin to like her even more


Comedy Skills: B+

I like Flora in a more serious role, such as in "ATE" or "Healing Hands", I also like her cute roles, such as in "Taste of Love". Maybe not so much for the comedy role, maybe she needs to work on her comedy skills


Crying Skills: A-

Her best crying scenes were in "ATE", great performance! I will like to see her cries more often! Haha... 


Smiling Skills: A-

Flora looks cute when she smiles, so please smiles more often! She has a very mature look, her smiles look very mature, too


Singing Skills: A-

I enjoy her songs, I think she has a great voice, if she has a album, I will buy it! 


Kissing Skills: A

Flora shared good kissing scenes with Gallen in "ATE", remember the part when Gallen is eating ice cream out of Flora's face? Haha, that was a good scene!


Dressing Skills: B+

Flora's outfits are very normal, but she looks pretty in pretty dresses, such as the one in "ATE II", you know, the one she wears at the end of the show, she looks really pretty


Improvement Skills: A

Since "Healing Hands", Flora improves really well. I enjoyed every series she was in. I believe Flora can try for different roles, even try for a villain role is positive.  


Best Breakthrough Performance:

Healing Hands




Best looking in Ancient series

I thought she only has one ancient series (correct me if I am wrong), which is A Case of Misadventure


Best looking in Modern series

Taste of Love, she looks really cute!


Best Hair Style

Perhaps her short hair in "Healing Hands" 




Best Costar

Gallen Lo, they act as couples in way too many series, so it feels right to see them together on the screen.

Bowie Lam is another costar of Flora, who seems to fit with her as well.


Best Ancient Series

A Case of Misadventure, I just saw this one, it's really good.


Best Modern Series

Healing Handss and Taste of Love


Best Leading Role

Healing Hands


Best Supporting Role

At Threshold of the Era




Birthday: 05/30

Height: 163 cm

Weight: 50kg