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The Trust of a Life Time
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The Trust of a Life Time (20 Episodes)
[viet name: NIEM TIN MOT DOI]
* reviewed by TVB Square

Main Characters

Amy Kwok Oi Ming - Ho Kei Tung
Roger Kwok Chun Onn - Chow Yiu Jo
Paul Chun Pui - Ho Tuck
Karen Tong Bo Yee - Cheung Bo Yee


Who, What, When & Where

Amy is an investigator, who works with her uncle Chun Pui on all the cases. Amy's father left her when she was really young, so she blames all men in this world. Plus, the job she does is to investigating love affairs, which makes her having plenty negative views about men, and she never trusts any men until she met Roger, who is a police. The two becoming really good friends and investigating crimes and of course falling love with each other. But, before they falling love, Roger has a girlfriend Karen, who betrayed him and had a love affair with her boss. Roger of course felt bad, but he only blamed himself for it, because he was so busy at work and always ignored Karen, and that gives her the chance to meet up with somebody else. Oh, well, Karen then had an accident and spent about 3-4 months in coma, during that time, Roger and Amy begin to have their relationship.


Overall, this series is dealing with love affairs, even the cases are dealing with the love affairs, (except the third one) let's take a look at the cases.

First case:

The first case is about Hong Wa searching for her husband who is disappeared. She hired the investigation team to search for the person. Amy's team found out Eileen Yiu hides Hong Wa's husband, and Hong Wa believes her husband left her because of Eileen. Eileen then taking control over Hong Was husband's business, that drives Hong Wa crazy. Later we found out, Hong Wa is way too nervous about her relationship with her husband, she always thought her husband is having some affairs, but he never did. Her husband was very disappointed at her because she never trusted him. Then, her husband met Eileen, and later her husband disappeared, Eileen comes to take control of everything. Later, somebody at work found out some secrets about Eileen, so Amy's team thought that somebody probably knows where Hong Was husband is. But, that somebody was murdered before Amys team can figure out why. Roger and Amy thought Hong Wa's husband killed that somebody, later, Eileen tells everybody that Hong Was husband suicide! Well, the case seemed to be over, but Roger and Amy found out there is another Eileen! So, they begin to think the case over, and as a result, they found out: Hong Wa's husband was so angry at his wife that she never trusted him, then he met Eileen, who helped him to understand his wife. But, Hong Wa just getting worse and worse, she did not want her husband to see Eileen. Her husband wants to leave her so bad, and he thought about a brilliant idea to change his sex identity! So, he dresses as a woman, use Eileen's name to keep his business running. Meanwhile, he can stay with the real Eileen and escape his wife forever. But, that somebody at work found out Eileen was a man, and "Eileen" accidentally killed that somebody. The finger prints proved Hong Was husband (the fake Eileen) was the murderer, and of course he "suicide". Hong Wa's husband uses this murder case made himself truly disappeared! Hooooo-oo

Second Case:

This one is my favorite, and the most touching one as well. It's dealing with Karen, her boss, and her boss's wife. This is my favorite case because this has the most surprising ending, and most emotional plot.

Third case:

This one has nothing to do with love affairs; it's dealing with family business, and relationship between brother and sister. Michael Tong and Patricia Lau start appearing on this case. They play brother and sister. The investigation team has been hired to work as undercover and investigates what happened in Michael's company, which is kind of mysterious.

Fourth case:

I don't know if you want to count this as a case. Amy and Michael got kidnapped in this case.



Series links

1. Episode summaries from TVB official website (Chinese)

2. SPCNET Review (English)




- Hate Factor

Karen Tong

Karen is Amy's best friend and Roger's girlfriend. All she wants is someone who cares and will spare more time on her. But, Roger was way too busy at the time, and always ignored her feelings. That's the reason she begin to have affairs with her boss. For some reason, I just hate her; her acting skills are pretty bad, which makes you hate to see her on the screen, sort of. Later, she was in the coma for couple months, and when she wakes up, she wants Roger back, but Roger is in love with Amy. The two already told her the truth, but she still wants Roger back. Stupid girl, I hated the way she wants Roger back


- Love Factor

Roger Kwok

Roger's character in this series is very much similar to his character in "A Herbalist Affair". I always enjoy his way of acting, and his acting skill is getting better and better. In this series, his character is a man with lots of responsibilities, his girlfriend left him because he cares too much about his work. When he found out about his girlfriend's affairs, he did not blames on her but only blames himself, he felt sorry that he did not spent enough time with her. Later, he found his true love Amy, but also realized his old girlfriend is still depending on him. Roger feels responsible for both girls, and tries to get the relationships work.


Chun Pui

One of my favorite older TVB actors, Chun Pui did an awesome job in here. His character is also a responsible character, who takes care of Amy very well. Every time Amy got into some troubles, Chun Pui is always the one helps her first.


The Cases

I enjoy all the cases in this series. Many twists, and surprises, very enjoyable!


- Pity Factor

To each victim of the four cases, I am honoring you guys into this category:

Hong Wa

The woman never trusted her husband, and always keeps her husband under her control. No wonder her husband wants to escape her so bad, that he is willing to do anything to leave her, even change his sex identity!

Karen's boss's wife

The woman who loves her husband so much, but only found out he had an affair with Karen. She chose to suicide and flamed her husband for her death. Can't blame on her, you got to take the man down with you!

Michael Tong

Poor guy is isolated since he was born! His father and sister do not like him, he got no friends, no one to talk to. No wonder he is kind of insane...


- How Come Factor

How come Karen agreed to marry Roger, but all the sudden, she left with her boss?





Roger Kwok and Chun Pui as I explained above.

Amy was also really good in here, she is very smart. You get to see how she solving each cases, good job!



Chun Pui's character



Roger and Amy, they seem to fit... They falling love with each other very slowly, you get to see how their relationship gets developed during the series



Here goes the list:

1. Every time Amy's team is solving the cases or conclude the cases

2. When Roger kissed Amy, thats when they realized they are truly love each other, and willing to face any difficulties

3. When Roger got shot while saving Amy, emotional scene

4. When Amy did not know what to do with Roger and Karen's relationship, Chun Pui wrote an email to her to help her.





Karen Tong, she can not act!



Karen Tong's character, you will hate the way he wants Roger back to her.


Patricia Lau's character, the one in the third case. I never see this actress before, but I hated the way she crys!



Roger and Karen



Do not have one




I enjoy this show very much, it's very interesting. The cases are excellent, you will enjoy it. There are only three major cases in the story; you will feel short after you finish the series. I do hope a sequel will come out!




For all the detective-stories'-fans out there, this is a must see!



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