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Roger Kwok
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Roger Kwok Chun On (Guo Jin An)


Acting Skills: A-

Roger is one of my favorite actors of all time, he can be really funny sometimes, such as in "A Smiling Ghost" and in "Mystery of the Twin Swords"; he can be really can be really serious, such as in "At Threshold of the Era"; he can also be really EVIL, just like his character in "Instinct", don't you hate the part when he killed Nadia? Roger can play any kind of characters, and that makes him a great actor!


Comedy Skills: A-

"Mystery of the Twin Swords", this is my favorite series of Roger. You can not stop laughing throughout the entire series. Roger was so funny in it, because of that series, I begin to notice him, and like him. 


Crying Skills: B

I do not recall I saw his tears, maybe not too often I saw his tears 


Smiling Skills: A+

I LOVE to see Roger smile! He looks so hot when he smiles, I don't know if you notice that...


Singing Skills: B

I heard he singing with Kenix in one of the TVB anniversary shows, I guess his voice is alright. Also, if you saw ATV's "Po Lian Lantern", Roger sang the sub-theme-song at the end of every episode. That song was pretty nice, but his mandarin is horrible, haha...


Kissing Skills: ??

I thought Roger likes to hug people instead of kissing people


Dressing Skills: A

Roger looks really handsome; he has a very cute face. I love his outfits in "Mystery of the Twin Swords", and "Happy Ever After", the ancient outfits look good on him


Improvement Skills: A-

Hmm... how can I start with this? I love Roger, I always do, ever since I saw "Mystery of the Twin Swords", I just begin to obsess with him. He is a great actor; he has a wonderful acting talent. Every series he is in, he is doing his best. It is hard for me to choose his best series, because I enjoy all his series, mostly. I just wish TVB can promote him as the lead actor more and more, he has way too many supporting roles


Best Breakthrough Performance:

I will have to say "Instinct", because he plays a very evil character. For some reason, I do not love that series very much; I just think Roger can be a true villain sometimes. It's amazing to see how bad he can turn to be



Best looking in Ancient series

Mystery of the Twin Swords I & II


Best looking in Modern series

A Smiling Ghost


Best Hair Style

Roger looks really good with ancient hair style, really handsome



Best Costar

Perhaps Maggie Cheung in "A Smiling Ghost", or maybe with Fiona in "Happy Ever After"


I also like the love story between Roger and Carol Yeung Ling in "Mystery of the Twin Swords" series


Best Ancient Series

Mystery of the Twin Sword I & II

Happy Ever After


Best Modern Series

I like Roger's ancient series much more, but he also has good modern series, for example, At Threshold of the Era was pretty good. I also enjoy A Smiling Ghost, because he was so funny and cute in that series


Best Leading Role

Mystery of the Twin Swords


Best Supporting Role

His character in At Threshold of the Era and in Happy Ever After




Birthday: 10/09

Height: 5'8

Weight: 147