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Happy Ever After
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Happy Ever After (40 Episodes)
[viet name: Can Long Yen Tiec]
* reviewed by TVB Square

Main Characters

Bobby Au Yeung - Dai Dung Goon
Roger Kwok - Shuen Min Leung 
Marianne Chan - Sun Siu Siu 
Kong Wah - Emperor Qian Lung  
Nadia Chan (she plays two different characters) - Ngok Sum Yue and Tak Fei 
Fiona Leung - Kam Chui Fah


Who, What, When & Where

This is a comedy about love, cooking, and emperor-related stuff, since this is a very long story, and it is hard for me to put the whole thing together, so let me begin with introduction to the characters. Main character Dung Goon (Bobby) has excellent taste of food, he wants to be a royal chef and serve Emperor Qian Lung (Kong Wah). Siu Siu (Marianne) is a very "spicy" girl, who falls for Bobby and helped him become the royal chef. Min Leung (Roger) always dreamed about becoming a loyal officer for the emperor, he reads lots of books and have lots of knowledge, but he also has lots of bad lucks until he met his wife Chui Fah (Fiona). Tak Fei (Nadia) is the emperor's true love, but she was accused of trying to murder the emperor's mother, and she was innocently killed. Sum Yue (also played by Nadia) is a very kind girl who looks exactly like Tak Fei, and also has a love story with the emperor after Tak Fei died.


The love stories are excellent in this series. There is tragedy, which makes you cry like crazy. But, there is also comedy, which makes you miss the couple after you finish the series:


Bobby and Marianne

At the beginning, Bobby and Marianne are enemies (TVB likes to have a couple starts off as enemies). Bobby actually found Nadia-as-Sum-Yue very attractive, but Nadia just treats him as a great friend. Later Bobby's cooking business was going down, thanks to Marianne who destroyed his career. But, Bobby and Marianne cleared out their misunderstandings toward each other, and becoming great friends. Marianne helped Bobby becoming a great chef, and the two begin to have a great chemistry together. Later on, they met the emperor and become great friends with the emperor. Bobby finally has the chance to cook for the emperor. Of course, Bobby and Marianne got married soon after, but Marianne always afraid Bobby will betray her, so she gets really unreasonable sometimes, but that also helps their relationship grow stronger.


Roger and Fiona

Roger likes a rich girl named Cheung Wai Yee first, but she abandoned him because Roger was so poor. At this time, Fiona is the woman who always helps Roger and gives him lots of hope. When Wai Yee married to someone else who is really rich, Roger finally realized Wai Yee betrayed him. Meanwhile, Fiona works so hard to help Roger, and Roger realized he is in love with her. The two got married, and soon after, Roger finally becomes an officer for the emperor and becomes very rich. Later, Wai Yees husband was dead, and she becomes really poor, she comes to bug Roger and acting as a very innocent girl, but all she wants was Roger's money. Roger did not realize Wai Yee only loves money, he thought she is still in love with him, so Roger betrayed Fiona, and wants Wai Yee as his second wife. Of Course, Fiona felt very bad, but she also really worried that Wai Yee will steel all the money from Roger, so she secretly kept all the money until one day Roger finally realized Wai Yee does not love him. Thanks to Fiona, who saved all the money, so Roger will not be broke. Roger felt horrible that he betrayed Fiona, and asks her forgiveness, and the two finally got back together.


The Emperor and Tak Fei

Tragedy, big tragedy! The emperor loves Tak Fei dearly, but the emperor's mother hates her very much because she thinks Tak Fei was not loyal to the emperor. But, Tak Fei is a very nice person; she loves the emperor so much that she will do anything for him. When the emperor's mother tells her that her existence will only make the emperor ignores the affairs of the nation. She left the emperor and makes him believe she was dead. Three years later, the emperor finally found her and asks her to go back to the palace. Tak Fei and the emperor had another great time together. But, emperor has many other wives, and one of them is really evil, she always making unreal facts about Tak Fei and let the emperor's mother hates Tak Fei more dearly. Later, the evil one makes the emperor's mother believes Tak Fei wants to kill her. Then, while the emperor was away, the emperor's mother ordering for Tak Fei's death by suffocation...


The Emperor and Sum Yue

Sum Yue looks exactly like Tak Fei, the emperor met her after Tak Fei was dead. At the beginning, the emperor likes her just because she looks like Tak Fei. But, later, the emperor found out Sum Yue is a very kind person, so he falls for her so dearly, but was once again rejected by the emperor's mother. Later, Sum Yue found out who framed Tak Fei, and the emperors mother finally realized she killed Tak Fei by mistake, so she accept Sum Yue, and the emperor and Sum Yue had a happy life together ever after


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- Hate Factor

The emperor's mother

You will hate her from the first moment you saw her! She is such an evil mother, you will hate the part she killed Tak Fei.


The evil wife of the emperor

She is the one accused Tak Fei, she is the one truly responsible for Tak Fei's death. She is the one to blame for. Such an evil woman!


- Love Factor

All the love stories

I think TVB scriptwriters did an excellent job of writing this script. The love stories are funny, but some sad. There are heart-break moments, such as when Tak Fei was dead, but there are also laughable moments, such as when Bobby and Marianne arguing with each other (it is really funny to see them fight all the time)


Kong Wah

He did an excellent job here as an emperor. Sometimes he is really funny, especially when he temporary lost his memory, he acts so stupid but cute. Sometimes he was really strict, of course, an emperor needs to be strict sometimes. Anyways, I think Kong Wah did really well in this series! That king style fits him very well.


- Pity Factor

Tak Fei of course, because she is such a wonderful girl, but she was killed by her lover's mother! What a sad ending for her.


- How Come Factor

Home come the story ends so rush? I did not like this ending too much, because it makes you feel you are missing something, such as what happened to Roger and Fiona? What happened to the evil characters?





Kong Wah



Bobby's character, because he is really funny and cute. Plus, every time he cooks something new, you just want to grab the TV and eat it!



I like tragedies, don't give me wrong, I am not cold-blooded, but I think tragedies make you remember the story more. I really like the love story between the emperor and Tak Fei even though it is a sad ending.


Bobby and Marianne were excellent in here, too. They are the perfect match because they always fight with each other.


Roger and Fiona are also great! They went through lots of difficulties together.



Plenty scenes, because I really enjoy this series:

1. anytime you see the emperor and Bobby together

2. when the emperor lost his memory and was saved by Bobby, that's when the two become great friends.

3. when Tak Fei died, the emperor carried her, and walks in the rain. The emperors mother tried to explain to him why she killed Tak Fei, but the emperor just did not say anything, he looks so empty inside, and he walks away from his mother, so sad!

4. anytime you see Bobby and Marianne together, they are so cute!

5. anytime you see Bobby without Marianne, you can tell how much he misses her, very cute

6. when Roger realized Fiona was keeping all the money so that he will not be broke after his second wife steels his money

7. the scene where Roger was begging for forgiveness from Fiona. She said if she poured the bucket of water onto the street, he must save every drop of it and then she will forgive him. But, he could not save single drop and failed. Fiona just walks towards him, she took out a handkerchief and soaked it with the water on the street and squeezed in the empty bucket. She looked at him and you knew everything is forgiven.

8. when Fiona has some terrible disease, Roger stayed with her all the time and begging her not to leave him, very emotional





The emperor's mother, she just can not act



The evil wife of the emperor



The evil wife and the emperor, hate to see those two together



Do not have one



This is a very enjoyable, yet very emotional series I have ever seen!




For every fan of Kong Wah, Nadia, Roger or Bobby, please do not miss this one! You just have to see it! It is funny, cute, emotional, memorable, entertaining and makes you hungry, too. Thanks to Bobby's wonderful cooking talent, Roger's knowledge, Marianne's spice, Kong Wah's cuteness, Nadia's Tek Fei and Fiona's supportive, Happy Ever After is the series you CAN NOT MISS!



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