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A Herbalist Affair
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A Herbalist Affair (20 Episodes)
[viet name: Moi Tinh Chung Thuy]
* reviewed by TVB Square

Main Characters

Roger Kwok, Charmaine Sheh, Melissa Ng


Who, What, When & Where

Roger's entire family knows medicine, especially Roger's grandfather, who is a legend of the Chinese medicine. Roger's father is a very stupid guy, who also made a mistake when he was young; he betrayed his wife and made another woman pregnant. Charmaine is Roger's boss's daughter, the two met and falling in love, but Charmaine's father rejected their relationship. Charmaine still did not give up, she continuous to help Roger even more. Roger realized Charmaine sacrificed too much for him, and he did not want her to be very unhappy and he did not want her father and her break apart. As a result, they broke up, then Charmaine got married to another guy, Roger and Melissa begins to build strong relationship. Later, Roger found out Charmaine is divorced because her husband mistreated her. Roger felt guilty because he felt responsible. Charmaine also had a disease, Roger and Melissa tried their best to help Charmaine, but only found out Charmaine is still in love with Roger...


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- Dislike/Annoying Factor

Roger's father

Sometimes, you might think he is funny, or dummy. But, sometimes he is way too annoying, and you will begin to dislike him. Every time when there is some kind of affair going on in the family, he always wants to step into it. For example, when Roger's step-brother tried to date this girl and Roger's father just going nuts and being over protective. Have you ever have an experience when your parents are being over protective and being annoying about who you are dating with? Yeah, tell me about it, this is what happens here.


Charmaine's father

I really hated him sometimes, especially when he pretends to be sick and force Charmaine to break up with Roger and marry the other guy.


Charmaine Sheh when she was sick

You will like Charmain's character at the beginning, because she did so many things for Roger, and the two look perfect together. Later, towards the end, she becomes sick, and that's when she gets really annoying! You will start to hate her character, because she thinks she was so innocent, and why all the bad things happened to her. I mean, she just a very spoiled girl, she complains too much about life. You will hate her even more when she tries to win Roger back, or when she tries to let Roger feel pity for her. What a stupid thing to do! Another thing is that Charmaine cries way too much! I mean, it is good to see her crying skills get improved, but you dont want to see she crying all the time, you will feel tired of it!


- Love Factor

Roger Kwok

I love him, I always do, and he is one of my favorite actors. I think Roger did really well in this series, his crying skills are improving. His character is really cute as well. He is a very responsible man; he also respects his grandfather a lot.


Roger's step-brother

I have no idea what is his name, he is a new actor, I guess. He does not look so hot, but his character is really cute in the story. He is way too kind sometimes, and you just want to laugh at him, but you will start to like him even more because of his kindness. His kindness also helps him to win his girl back. Very handsome character!


- Pity Factor

I do not feel pity for Charmaine even thought Roger abandoned her because he felt he was not good enough for her. She found out her beloved and trusting father was lying to her and trying to break Roger and her apart. She was married and then divorced because her husband mistreated her. She lost her only hope (her baby) when she found out she has a deadly disease. She wants Roger back but only realized Roger is in love with her friend Melissa. Oh, well, there are too much bad things happened to her, but that does not means she can give up her life and trying to be annoying!


- How Come Factor

How Charmaine can suddenly changes and becomes so annoying, and so stupid?





Roger Kwok as I explained above.



Roger's step-brother, I think. He is really funny and nice.



It was Roger and Charmaine at the beginning, because those two seems to match pretty well. So bad, they broke up.

My favorite couple is Roger's step-brother and his girlfriend. I think those two are pretty funny together.



1. Roger and Charmaine together at the beginning

2. When Roger broke up with Charmaine, and asks another guy to take care of her (they were at the Shanghai international airport, the Pu Dong Airport, I been there, ha-ha)

3. When Roger had a talk with Charmaine's husband about why did they divorce, that's when he realized Charmain's husband mistreated her. Roger felt really guilty about it, good scene!





Charmaine's father, I don't know the actors name, but I just don't like him. He can not act!



If I have to pick one, that will be Roger's father or Charmaine towards the end.



I don't know if I like Roger and Melissa as a couple, those two just don't click.



1. When Charmaine gets sick, she asks for Roger's help, and she was so dependent on Roger, that makes everyone mad, and so will you.

2. When Charmaine tries to suicide by jumping off the bridge, am I suppose to feel pity for her? I don't think so!



I enjoyed this one, it is entertaining and cute. The love relationship is pretty good even though I hated the way Charmaine was sick. Overall, it is a very good series.




I will recommend it to all the Roger fans, not so sure about Charmaine fans, because her character is kind of week in here.

Anyways, I think this one is worth your time, and I think you will enjoy it.



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