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Dicky Cheung
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Dicky Cheung (Zhang Wei Jian)


Acting Skills: A-

Dicky is a good actor, a very good one, his performances are memoriable, mostly. The only thing I did not like too much about Dicky is that all his characters are pretty much alike. 


Comedy Skills: A+

Dicky has a very good sense of humor, looking at most of his characters, they are all funny and cute. Since all his characters are pretty much the same, sometimes you feel tired of watching his series. I just wish Dicky can do some serious roles, even being a villain, that will be cool to watch, don't you think? 


Crying Skills: A+

Dicky's tears look so real! Most of his series are comedy series, but he still shared amazing crying scenes with audiences 


Smiling Skills: A-

Such a funny person like Dicky of course have a great smile 


Singing Skills: B+

There are some songs of him are really really awesome, for example, the themesong of "Journey to the West", that is an excellent song! However, there are also numbers of bad songs from Dicky. Don't give me wrong, I do like Dicky's voice, but his songs are about 70% bad and 30% really good...


Kissing Skills: B

Dicky's best kissing scene I remembered was in "Young Master of Shaolin", he was sharing this "good-bye" kiss with his girl before he is going to "die". Amazing kissing scene and amazing chemistry of the two...


Dressing Skills: B+

Dicky looks good with his ancient outfits maybe because I am so use to see him wearing ancient outfits 


Improvement Skills: B+

There are some series of Dicky is really really good, such as "Journey to the West" and "Mystery of the Twin Sword", but there are also some series of Dicky is kind of boring, it seems like he is playing the same type of characters all these years


Best Breakthrough Performance:

Journey to the West




Best looking in Ancient series

Maybe "Journey to the West"? His face really fits that monkey face. I mean, he really looks cute with his monkey outfit... haha 


Best looking in Modern series

Since most of the Dicky series I saw are ancient ones, I really can not recall any modern series of his


Best Hair Style

I like Dicky with no hair, I guess




Best Costar

Rain Lau


Best Ancient Series

1. Journey to the West, it is a very classic TVB series

2. Mystery of the Twin Sword, which very funny and interesting series.


Best Modern Series

Most of the series from Dicky are ancient series, so I can not think of any modern series of him that is memorable


Best Leading Role

The Monkey King in "Journey to the West"


Best Supporting Role

His character in "Chou Lau Heung"




Birthday: 02/08

Height: 5'7

Weight: 132 lbs