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Raymond Lam
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Raymond Lam Fung (Lin Feng)


Acting Skills: B+

I have saw all Raymond's series so far, and I think he really can act, maybe because of the fact that he looks like Louis, people like to think him as the substitute, which I did not think so. Louis and Raymond have their own acting styles, and different skills


Comedy Skills: B+

After I saw "Taste of Love", I begin to realize Raymond really has the comedy gene; he is extremely cute when he acts funny. Also, in "Eternal Happiness", Raymond plays a very cute and dummy character, whenever you see him; you just want to laugh so badly. However, I think Raymond fits into the serious role better, don't know why


Crying Skills: B-

Don't give me wrong, Raymond can cry, but I did not like the way he cries, it just seems weird. Also, I did not see his tears when he cries, hmm, he needs to work on that


Smiling Skills: A-

Raymond has a very cute face, and he looks really handsome when he smiles. He just does not smiling too often... I really like his serious look, even the evil look in "A Step Into the Past"


Singing Skills: A

Oh, yes, I really love his sub-themesong in "Eternal Happiness", awesome job! He has a very professional voice, and I think he can develop his singing skills even more


Kissing Skills: ?

I have not see, or remember any kissing scenes Raymond did in his TV series. But, for those of you who saw "Stolen Summer" movie (starring Raymond and Rain Li), you will enjoy the kissing scene Raymond shared with Rain. Because of the fact that Raymond did not have too many kissing scenes with his costars, I do not know how to judge his kissing skills


Dressing Skills: B+

Raymond looks pretty good in ancient costumes, I like his king outfits in "A Step Into the Past" a lot


Improvement Skills: A-

From "Taste of Love" to "A Step Into the Past" and "Eternal Happiness", Raymond played three totally different characters. One is childish, one is cruel, and one is dumb. Raymond portrayed the three different characters really well, and you can clearly tell his improvements throughout these series


Best Breakthrough Performance:

A Step Into the Past




Best looking in Ancient series

A Step Into the Past


Best looking in Modern series

Taste of Love


Best Hair Style

I do not like his hair at all! The only hair style I am use to is his hair style in "A Step Into the Past". Other than that, his hair just looks so wired, no matter in modern or ancient series




Best Costar

Michelle Yip, they shared an amazing chemistry together in "Eternal Happiness", however they did not kissed! In "Lofty Waters Verdant Bow, they shared the most memoriable chemistry once again, and this time, they had a kissing scene under water... however, they did not end up together at the end, it was sad, but was a great tragic love story...


Best Ancient Series

Eternal Happiness


Best Modern Series

Taste of Love, I am looking forward to "Golden Faith", I heard he is going to act as a villain, oh yes, I hope that's true!


Best Leading Role

Wong Po Siu Wah in Eternal Happiness


Best Supporting Role

The King in A Step Into the Past




Birthday: 12/08

Height: 1.80m

Weight: 165 lbs