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Eternal Happiness
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Eternal Happiness (32 Episodes)
[viet name: MANH LE QUAN]
* two reviews availble by TVB Square | Nina

Main Characters

Meng Lai Kuan - Michelle Yip
Wong Po Siu Wah - Raymond Lam
Tit Muk Ee/Emperor - Joe Ma
Weng Lan - Rain Lau
Ying Suet/So Wan - Tavia Yeung
Lau Yin Yuk - Myolie Wu


Who, What, When & Where

This is a story, perhaps a true story about Meng Lai Kuan (played by Michelle Yip). It is during the Mango period, the Yuan Dynasty. Michelle is a very intelligence girl, who likes to dressing up like man in order to roam around freely. Michelle met Joe Man and Raymond Lam and the three of them become the sworn brothers. This is a story about love, misunderstanding, false identities and of course, a comedy.


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SPCNET review




Hate Factor

Joe Ma

Finally, TVB has promoted Joe Ma as one of the leading characters. However Joe's character in this series really makes you to dislike him... His character is intelligence, of course, he is the emperor, but he is so weak towards the love problem. It is no wrong for him to falling love with Michelle, but Michelle did not love him and he still tries to win her back, he even force Raymond to marry someone else! For that part, you will hate him


Myolie Wu

Ok, I personal do like Myolie, but her character in this series is so pathetic, her role is so irritating due to the fact she is so loyal to her evil family. Her brother treats her like nothing, but she still helps him again and again. May be because of her kindness (way too kind), you are supposely to feel pity for her. But I trully did not, in fact I really don't like to see her, especially with Raymond. The good thing is that she knows Raymond does not love him and she runs away so that Raymond can be with Michelle.


Myolie's brother

The true evil character in the story, I really hate to see him around, because he is really irritating!


Love Factor

Michelle Yip's character Meng Lai Kuan, about 99.9% of the series, she was dressing up like a man. Her character is strong, opinionative, sometimes rude, but she also has the female characteristic, such as jealousy, emotional. Michelle really showed the male and female side of her character well. I use to dislike Michelle because she did very poorly in "Reaching Out" and "Gods of Honor", thanks to Meng Lai Kuan's character, Michelle finally got a good role and performed much better than before. Way to go!


Raymond Lam, his character was so dumb, but funny and cute. I really like the fact that his character was so stupid. He can never tell Michelle is Meng Lai Kuan until the very end. I mean, he knew Michelle is a girl in the middle of the series, but he still can not figure out she is the true Meng Lai Kuan, he thought she looks just like Meng Lai Kuan, what a dumb person! Because of his stupidness, I really liked his character, because he is really cute! Everytime he thought he betrayed Meng Lai Kuan by falling love with Michelle, you just want to laugh and grabbing his neck and yelling at him, "why are you so dumb?" Anyways, his character is really enjoyable, lots more better than his character in "A Step Into the Past". I can see lots of improvements come out of him.


Rain Lau

I love her, she is so funny! Her character is really hilarious like it is always been 


Michelle's brother is also a very nice character because he is really funny. You will enjoy watching him with the bandit queen, those two are very cute!


Pity Factor

Myolie Wu, I suppose? But, I did not feel too much pity for her as I explained above.


How Come Factor

Thanks to the script writers, I really do not have any doubts toward this storyline





Raymond Lam, I actually begin to like him now, not the fact he is tint just like Louis, but because of his performance.


Rain Lau, I always liked her because she is very funny in all her serious.


I can not really say I begin to like Michelle because of this serious, I just changed my opinion towards her. I think she will do better in the future, we will see...



Michelle's Meng Lai Kuan due to the fact she is so strong and smart. She always said, "the boat will get straight when it arrives to the edge". Very famous saying, and everytime she says that, she has some ideas to get the difficulties straight out.



Michelle and Raymond, I really love those two together. They fit really well, their love story is very touching and yet interesting. You will probably get angry when they think they are not meant to be lovers. 



Plenty good scenes in this series:

1. When Michelle realized Raymond is Wong Po Siu Wah, this part was so funny!

2. When Michelle wants to show Joe Man she is a girl, but Joe Man did not showed up, instead Raymond showed up and saw Michelle's female look. That's when Raymond finally realized Michelle is a girl.

3. When Michelle realized Raymond is the one plays the flute all along. She actually was really shocked! Funny!

4. When Raymond is injured while saving Michelle, Michelle was crying her heart out and yells to him she is Meng Lai Kuan, but he did not hear it.

5. When Raymond finally realized Michelle is Meng Lai Kuan

6. Everytime you see Michelle and Rain together

7. Everytime you see Michelle and Raymond together 





Joe Ma



Myolie Wu's Lau Yin Yuk



Michelle and Joe because they do not fit at all! Joe is way too old for Michelle



Everytime Joe and Michelle together 



I really enjoyed this series; it is very funny and entertaining. The storyline is excellent, the casts are really good. Seriously, it is hard for me to give such a positive review for the TVB series, you can tell how much I enjoyed it, and I am sure you will, too.




I will recommend this one to all of you, no matter how much you do not like Michelle Yip, you will still enjoy this one. To all the Raymond fans out there, this is a must see!

This series was good. It was not great but the scenery was great compared to the usual tvb series where there is brick printed paper on the walls.

The cast was really good too considering that none of them are really well known. This is the first series I have seen with Michelle Yip so I can't say she improved like everyone else. I personally did not like her character, which is wierd since I usually like her character types. Her servant played by Rain Lau was hilarious, I loved her. The King was actually one of my favorite characters. He was really smart, reasonable for a king, and he had this way of smiling that I really liked. He was not really cute, but he had charisma. Raymond was a lot cuter and nicer, but he was sort of dumb.

I think both of the guys were too good for Michelle. Come on now she falls in love with a guy because of the flute playing. She is so unreasonable especially at beginning, and she is always jealous. I like Myolie better, and I did not even like her too much because she was a doormat. Her voice in the movie in the mandarin dubbed was whiny maybe that's why she annoyed me, because she had the same nice type character in colorful life which i watched in cantonese, but I did not find her annoying. So it was probably her voice in this movie.

I thought Michelle should have gave the king more of a chance, I mean he liked her for her. A lot of the people in the movie were so racist against the mongolians like her dad, I felt bad for the king. Raymond liked her because he was sort of obliged to. The king did so much for her and tried so hard to make her like him. It was not his fault he was the king. The king did some messed up things, but I think it is better then just lying around to see where fate takes you.

Overall very good movie loved the parts with the king and her.



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