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Ruby Lin
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Ruby Lin (Lin Xin Ru)


Acting Skills: B

I don't know if I like Ruby as an actress or not, I just think she always plays the same kind of characters. And, basically, all her characters are pretty weak and cries too much


Comedy Skills: B+

Since I only saw one of her funny series, which is "The Duke of Mount Deer 2000", and I am not too much about her comedy skills. But, she did a pretty good job in DOMD as the funny Princess


Crying Skills: A-

May be because of the fact that Ruby cries too much in all her series, her crying skills are the best skills she ever had. It is the skill she does the best, but it is also the skill make me think her character is annoying sometimes.


Smiling Skills: A

She looks cute when she smiles, and I do like the way she smiles. Trust me, after watching her crying on screen like non-stop, you really like to see her smile a little


Singing Skills: B

I do not know why she is even bother to fight with Vicki Zhao to get a singing position for any theme songs; I mean her singing skills are not that great. I did not like the sub-themesong she sang in "Princess Huan Zhu" at all


Kissing Skills: A-

Ruby is pretty good at romance series; therefore, she has pretty good kissing skills, it is up to her costars, which make the big differences. You know, a good kissing scene needs to work with a good chemistry


Dressing Skills: A+

Ruby looks perfect in the ancient costumes, very beautiful and cute


Improvement Skills: C+

As I said, Ruby is always act as the same kind of characters and her acting skills is the same, so I can not tell too many improvements from her. If she has different types of roles, even a villain, it doesn't matter, as long as she tries for different types of characters, she can do better


Best Breakthrough Performance:

Princess Huan Zhu




Best looking in Ancient series

Princess Huan Zhu


Best looking in Modern series

I can not think of any other than "Qing Shen Shen Yu Meng Meng", she does not look perfect in that series, that old students outfit does not fit her that well.


Best Hair Style

The Duke of the Mount Deer 2000




Best Costar

Dicky Cheung, those two are so funny together in DOMD


Best Ancient Series

Princess Huan Zhu


Best Modern Series

Qing Shen Shen Yu Meng Meng


Best Leading Role

The Princess in Princess Huan Zhu


Best Supporting Role

The Princess in The Duke of Mount Deer 2000




Birthday: 01/27

Height: 166cm

Weight: 48kg