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Annie Man
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Annie Man Chung Han


Acting Skills: A-

Annie has always acts has the supporting roles up until "Whatever It Takes". I think she is a good actress, but TVB just did not give her enough chances to promote herself. I did not know anything about Annie until I saw "Legendary of the Four Aces", I did not begin to like her until "Colorful Life", and now I really like her because of "Whatever It Takes", and "Burning Flame II"


Comedy Skills: A

Annie has her funny side; I think she did really well in the comedy shows, I think comedy role fits her really well, especially in "Legendary of the Four Aces"


Crying Skills: A-

After I saw "Burning Flame II", I am convinced that Annie is a good cryer, her crying skill is PERFECT in "Burning Flame II"! Keep up the good job!


Smiling Skills: A+

I love the way she smiles, because she looks really cute whenever she smiles. Any big laughs or small laughs of her are really cute, just me, just look at the picture at left, you will see


Singing Skills: B-

I heard her song in "Legendary of Four Aces", and I did not think she can sing well. Maybe, she needs to try harder


Kissing Skills: A-

I always give good kissing grades to female stars, as you can tell. Annie has a pretty good kissing scene with Frankie in "Colorful Life" and even in "Legendary of Four Aces" with Macro


Dressing Skills: A+

I can say perfect, because Annie looks really good in ancient dresses


Improvement Skills: A

From whole lot supporting roles up until her first leading role in "Whatever It Takes", you can see many different changes and improvements she made. In "Burning Flame II", Annie once again proves she can act really well, I love her character in that series!


Best Breakthrough Performance:

Whatever It Takes




Best looking in Ancient series

You can not really say Annie is beautiful, but she is really cute, especially in "Whatever It Takes" and "Colorful Life"


Best looking in Modern series

Burning Flame II


Best Hair Style

All her ancient series, especially the hair style in "Whatever It Takes", that fairy's style fits her really well. I also like her short hair in "Burning Flame II", she looks cute




Best Costar

Benny Chan, I love those two together, because they both look really cute and hot together. I love the chemistry they had in "Whatever It Takes", and I wish to see them together more and more. The other costar of Annie I like is Frankie Lam in "Colorful Life", those two also make a great couple, of course not as fit as Benny and Annie, duh


I also like Annie with Stephen Au in "Burning Flame II", this couple makes me laugh


Best Ancient Series

Whatever It Takes


Best Modern Series

Burning Flame II


Best Leading Role

The Fairy in Whatever It Takes


Best Supporting Role

Legendary of the Four Aces and Burning Flame II




Birthday: 07/20

Height: 163cm

Weight: 45kg